When Is It Important To Contact A Personal Injury Lawyer?

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If you are involved in an accident, and it causes you some kind of injury, one of the best things you can do is to contact a personal injury lawyer and claim for compensation. However, some people are concerned that if they do this, they will be making a fuss, causing a problem, and generally being a burden.

This is not the case; personal injury lawyers are there to help you, and if you have been injured and it has affected your life in some way, then compensation is something you should be entitled to. With this in mind, it’s useful to know when it’s important to contact a personal injury lawyer. Read on to find out more.

Your Injury Is Life-Altering

Some accidents are those you can walk away from and that you’ll have no long-term effects from. Even these, of course, might be something you can claim for after they have occurred.

However, some accidents are much more serious; they cause life-altering injuries, which mean that your life is changed – and made worse – in some way because of what happened. Perhaps you can no longer do the job you loved and that you trained for years to be good at. Maybe you can no longer enjoy time with your children. It could be that a hobby you used to enjoy is no longer possible.

When Is It Important To Contact A Personal Injury Lawyer?
Illustration by Konrad Szlapa via Dribbble

Whether you suffer financial hardship, a physical injury that you will need to deal with for life, or a mental issue that means your life has to change, if these things came about as a result of an accident, then compensation may be due.

If this is the case, a personal injury lawyer such as the experts at Horst Shewmaker are the perfect people to get in touch with. The sooner you speak to a professional, the sooner your case can be started.

Fault Isn’t Clear

In some situations, the person at fault when it comes to an accident is clear. In other situations, the opposite is true; there might be no clear fault at all. This is a problem because, assuming you want to claim on your insurance, the process is going to be a long-winded one.

Plus, since insurance companies will want to reduce their payouts – and even not pay out at all if possible – they will look for ways to show that they can’t process the claim since there is no clear fault.

A personal injury lawyer will help you in this situation. They can give you plenty of advice and look more closely into the case. They will even deal with the insurance company on your behalf, meaning you don’t have to go through the stress of trying to explain what happened and the trauma of re-living an accident that has already caused you a lot of pain.

Your personal injury lawyer will want to help you as much as possible and will have your best interests first and foremost in their minds, so it makes sense to engage one to help you, especially if there is no clear fault.

Your Claim Is Denied

After an accident, the idea of getting a personal injury lawyer on your side might not be the first thing you think of. We’ve mentioned insurance above, and it’s this that is likely to be your first port of call; that’s what insurance is there for, after all.

However, what would happen if you claimed on your insurance and then that claim was denied? Would you have to just manage without the compensation that you feel you are owed? What if that meant seriously lacking any income or not being able to buy the medication or specialist equipment or therapy that is required to help you feel better again? It wouldn’t be fair.

Luckily, there is another option. Even if your insurance claim is denied, engaging a personal injury lawyer can help you. The insurance company who denied your claim might assume that you won’t take things any further, or at the very least, they are hoping this is what will happen.

However, with a personal injury lawyer to take over from you and deal with them, presenting all the facts and even digger deeper into what happened, you have a second chance, and the outcome could be very different. Even though a personal injury lawyer will cost you money, it will be money well spent if you can win your claim and receive the compensation you are owed.

Speaking of compensation, a personal injury lawyer can also assess whether what you have been offered is a fair amount, and they will help you with the question of whether you should accept the money or not, which is another helpful reason to hire a personal injury lawyer even if there are no specific complications in the case itself.

Multiple Parties Are Involved

If there were multiple parties involved in the accident in question, things can get rather complicated. You will have many different insurance companies to deal with, and there will be lots of variations on what happened; everyone is going to have their own perspective and no one will want to take the blame.

Having a personal injury lawyer to help you means that all of this confusion can be cleared up, and you won’t have to worry about it. Plus, if you are owed compensation from more than one person, this can be organized as well. It makes a difficult situation much simpler and less stressful.

The Statute Of Limitations Will Run Out

There are legal limits on how long you have to bring a claim when you have suffered some kind of injury. What those limits are will depend on the state you live in – or where the accident happened – as well as the injuries received and how they occurred. The last thing you want is to spend so long making your case that you miss the deadline and then can’t claim at all.

If you have a personal injury lawyer with you, you will not miss that deadline. They will ensure that everything is prepared ahead of time and that you don’t miss out on any potential compensation you might be entitled to.

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