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Note: this article based on a true story and it reflects reality exactly how I perceive it myself. I am an active blogger, having more than 300 guest posts published on various web design blogs. (Not trying to be modest, but it gives a clearer image about myself).

At the beginning of my blogging career I read tons of blogs to understand the fine details of this activity, and across time I became more experienced, I wrote much and shamefully, read less. This doesn’t mean that I didn’t read enough, but taking into account that I was involved in many projects at that time and while a day is (still) 24 hours long, I wasn’t able to stay connected with the many updates of the blogosphere.

I was still writing about theory colors, how to match words better with colors, about logos and icons and judging according to the number of tweets and “likes” in addition to the comments I consider that people were appreciating my works. Some months ago, I remarked that all the blogs in the field contain more and more posts about responsive design and gadgets but I was somehow reticent about it. I considered it a new trend, but I didn’t pay too much attention to it. Even more, I embraced the mentality that responsive design is for developers; I am a pure designer and a blogger loving to share his impression with other designers.

Few weeks ago, a radical movement was happening in my online activity, I must accept that responsive design isn’t only for developers and mobile gadgets are useful (I was totally disregarding mobile gadgets, in my opinion these were for fun and maybe to check my e-mails). The web design blogs publish almost weekly something new about what responsive design supposes or showcases presenting some cool applications for various devices.

Responsive Blogging

Is the new trend changing how we are blogging? I am not sure and no one has a precise answer. Personally, I think it is still not the case, but in the future, the blogging activity must react to the new provocations. Instead, willing or not, the plateau of subjects holus bolus varied very much. Let’s analyze the new challenges and establish what we, the bloggers, should do.

1. Responsive Design

‘Responsive design’refers to all ideas behind the new websites that must be perfectly rendered no matter the devices and the size of the displays. It designates a very important term in the new web design and it’s logical to have explained some tips in various posts from blogs treating this subject. There are many uncovered aspects or issues, partially resolved; therefore, it isn’t a trend, but it is a necessity to discuss about these.

Conclusion: none should consider responsive design as a new trend, it is an obligation to discuss with the entire community what is new or in fact, how to make websites, isn’t it?

2. Smartphones, Tablets, Mobile Operating Systems

The internet evolves, until not long time ago only from the number perspective, now we have wireless connections and very intelligent phones able to access various websites and social networks. The mobile gadgets are still not very useful for work but for fun activities and quick Internet access these are perfect. The biggest players in online environment noticed this massive movement and immediately adapted to the new preferences of the users.

A blogger that not long time ago was very passionate about theory colors, graphics and everything strictly related to web design, nowfaces a new challenge: technology. I am not a 21st century Jules Verne but in few months, maximum a year, the majority of the blogs publishing posts related to web design will have inserted categories/sections named probably “Gadgets”, “Tablets” or “Mobile devices”(some already do it). The idea is that now, both designers and developers should take a new factor into the equation of a new website – the new gadgets represent it.

I am not very interested in the tablets and mobile operating systems but, in case that I want to endure as blogger, it’s mandatory to study the technology and use the tablets and smartphones (which turned to be very enjoyable).

3. iOS vs. Android

I believe that history is repeating itself, as we were twenty years ago when the dispute between Microsoft and Apple was the base of an informational revolution, now we have another similar situation. Nowadays, we have two new (but mobile) operating systems, iOS and Android and I believe that this “fight” will bring new and new innovations that help us work better and sometimes relax. Another direction that will be embraced by many designers and bloggers is to delve more seriously into the substrates of these operating systems. Yep, sooner or later all web design blogs will have another new category: mobile OS or Android/iOS…this is the future. The web designers and bloggers must understand that they design and write about the future but they can’t create the future.

4. Desktop and Laptop are “old” but Gold and they will Never Die

People enjoy the design of iPad or the nice applications for Android but, if someone is really working, the new technologies can’t be compared with desktops or laptops. Surely, these won’t ever die and the software that are pretentious can’t offer satisfactory results by using a tablet/smartphone. Paradoxically, the huge majority of apps for mobile devices are created by using desktops and laptops. I think it is enough to form a clear opinion, isn’t it?

In conclusion, I hope that you get my point of view, the design and web design blogosphere won’t ever disappear but it should answer to the needs of users, else it will became something abstract having no value. Do you have another opinion, are you agreeing with me? Please use the comment for to let us know what you think.

– Written by Daniel –

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