Which Is The Best Canon Printer For Your Photography Business

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As a photographer, one of the most vital equipment you will need for your photography and business is a printer. And not just any printer, but a good printer for images. You’ll need to have a reliable printer that will give you the outcome of the images you captured with your camera or mobile phone. Canon is one of the most reputable printer brands out there, so finding a good Canon printer would be very beneficial.

Gone are the days when digital cameras were the only reliable gadgets for photography. Today, many high-quality phones come with a fantastic capability of taking awesome photos. But remember that phone photography needs some proper skills so that you can come up with good pictures in the end.

Now, after you have captured your images, it will be time to print them and here is where you need a good printer and run your business. But which is the best Canon printer for images out there? Honestly, it would be unfair to point out one single printer because there are many Canon printers out there that are good for images. But what we can say is that the best printer is that which has the right qualities.

Here are qualities of a good printer for photography business:

#1. Proper Printing Technology

Any photographer will want to know if the printer they are about to purchase has the right technology to deliver high-quality images as they look on the phone or digital camera. The printhead technology will determine the final quality of the print. Plus, it will determine if there will be any wastage of ink or paper during the printing process. The printing technology will determine if you will need to maintain the printer time and again.

One of the technologies used on Canon printers is the Full-Photolithography Inkjet Nozzle Engineering (FINE). This is a technology that enables printing with microscopic droplets. Plus, it allows printing with high resolutions of up to 4,800 by 2,400 dots per inch. That assures you of high-quality final images.

#2. Functionality

As a photographer, you also need to know if the printer’s photo printing capabilities can match your specific needs. Always ensure that the printer that you choose is designed to print the type of images you want. Specifically, it should be able to print colored and high-quality prints that come in different paper sizes. The paper sizes that the printer should be able to handle include 4×6, 5×7, and 8×10.

However, choosing a multifunction printer can also be a good deal for you. If it can send and receive faxes, it should also be able to receive emails, photocopy, and scan documents.

#3. Maximum Print Size/Image Quality

We decided to include these two points because they are very much related. Yes, you want a printer that can handle the large print size, but it should not compromise with the image quality. Whether you are a professional photographer or you are just photographing for fun, you need to consider this factor.

Ideally, consider a printer that has a maximum print size of 17 inches. This is the default size needed in most galleries. Nevertheless, a 13-inch wide printer wouldn’t be a bad option if you need a large print size. All in all, ensure that the image quality won’t be affected if you print the large image size.

#4. Monochrome Prints

A monochrome printer is that which prints using black ink only. In most cases, it will be cost-efficient than the colored printer. They also come with a fast print speed and low cost per printed page. In general, they tend to deliver high-quality prints.

Even though you may want a printer that can deliver colored prints, sometimes a monochrome print can come in handy. Here, you should go for a printer that has ink tanks with dedicated nozzles for black-white printing. Always consider if the printer comes with dedicated matte and photo black nozzles if you need to switch the printing media. If the printer lacks dedicated nozzles for black and matte black, you will have to spend more money whenever you want to switch between media. This is because some ink will be wasted in the process.

#5. Portability

Why would you need a portable printer in the first place? Well, you may want to print images instantly on your field trips. In this case, a portable printer would help you produce your images on location. There are a few Canon portable printers out there, but you must ensure that the printer you choose will not compromise with the print quality. Yes, you want a travel-friendly printer, but never choose portability over the print quality. It is better to wait a few minutes or hours for you to get at home or your office to print good images rather than print them on location with a poor-quality printer.

#6. Connectivity

Since mobile phones are the most dominant gadgets in today’s world, you need to get a printer that will let you connect easily with it. Some printers will support cloud printing, WiFi connectivity, AirPrint, USB, and some are even compatible with mobile phones. This way, you can print remotely from your mobile phone.

#7. Roll Feeder

For those that tend to print a lot of panoramas, you should consider getting a printer with a roll feeder attachment. This will let you print on paper rolls of up to 129 inches long based on the printer. Nevertheless, keep in mind that you may have to buy a roll feed adapter to get the best of the panorama printing.

#8. Print Speed

Last but certainly not least, you will need to consider the print speed of the machine. However, this is only important to the photographers that want to deliver a lot of photos in a short time. If you are using the machine for business or something professional, always ensure that it has a high print speed. Preferably, the printer should deliver a high-quality 17-inch photo in less than 5 minutes.

Don’t forget to pick a printer that meets your printing needs. Furthermore, ensure that the printer falls in your budget and that you can maintain it perfectly. With the proper tips, you can be sure of printing high-quality images at home or in the office.

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