Why Photo Editing is Important for Online Clothing Store Success

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Clothing brands that want to advertise their products need images of their clothing of the highest quality. Consumers of e-commerce prefer images that are of high quality.

Those who own large online shops will have enough data on what type of commercial images are suitable for their clothing items: dresses, sweaters, tops, bottoms, suits, etc.

There are many seasoned eCommerce entrepreneurs who mix and match all types of images to have enough content to distribute through different channels: brand websites, marketplaces, social media, ads, etc.

E-commerce is now the biggest market for apparel. As much as possible, if you want to win the competition, create an environment that attracts more customers. An effective way to succeed with your apparel photos is to edit or retouch them.

Photographing and editing apparel comes in different varieties. It can be tough to manage everything for a web-shop owner. Professional photographers and image editing service providers are doing these jobs for you.

What is Fashion or Clothing Photo Editing?

An apparel photo editing technique involves improving the appearance of clothes in an image through image processing. There is more to apparel photography than just clicking and pointing. It needs a setup and plan before shooting.

Keeping your plan in place is vital for creating images that are beautiful and effective for generating sales.

Apparel image editing can effectively increase sales, maximize revenue, support growth plans, and stand out in the competition. Though editing apparel images is not as challenging as retouching jewelry, it still needs good hands to produce the best results.

You need to know some techniques to shoot and edit images because apparel images are a special kind of image. All clothing brands that want to sell their products online need apparel photo editing.

Type of Apparel Photo

Before going to editing or retouching, it is apparent that you must capture high-quality images. A successful apparel photography shoot requires balanced lighting and covers the entire scene to capture every detail.

Not every project necessitates a professional. It is also possible for you to shoot your own apparel images. Basically, it depends on certain factors whether you want to take the pictures yourself or hire a photographer (Self vs. Hiring Blog).

Apparel photos can be of two types – Flat Lay and Ghost Mannequin. Here are some quick facts about each of them.

1. Flat Lay:

Flat Lay Photography
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Flat lay is a style of photography that involves arranging various objects on a surface and then shooting them from atop. It is the easiest and most cost-effective way to capture your clothing items. Clothing such as shirts or trouser-style apparel looks best with flat lay.

An excellent idea for presenting your clothes is flat lay photography with a creative and unique look. Flat lay photography can be done on any product, but it is most effective on apparel products, so it becomes the product of choice among clothing retailers.

Doing flat lay photography is not a very difficult task. You can either capture the images yourself or hire a professional photographer. In the case of a beginner web-shop owner, flat lay is the best option.

An effective flat lay calls for some basic equipment. First, you need a suitable flat surface to start your flat lay photography. There should be enough space to place the apparel properly.

Next, setup a background. It is a key to make your images attractive. It is always recommended to use a white background. A seamless white paper, fabric, or poster board would work as a background.

Lighting also plays an important role. If you have a budget, set up the light like professionals do, and if you don’t, let the natural light do the job. Your apparel should be placed in a room that receives adequate sunlight.

The camera you use to shoot your flat lay can be any DSLR. As well, you can use a smartphone to capture. Make sure that you use a tripod. There is no substitute for it.

Now that everything is in place, it’s time for the frame and shot. Prior to taking pictures, it is important to set them up properly, because this will help streamline the post-processing process.

Post-processing will be particularly difficult if your pictures are blurry, inaccurately lit, and have an incorrect background. A simple image becomes a masterpiece because of the tiniest detail it shows and emphasizes for its audience.

2. Ghost Mannequin:

Ghost Mannequins
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The web-shop owners always think about how they can show their dresses in an exact way when they need to show their attire for the attention of their customers. It is the ghost mannequin that holds the key to solving this problem.

A ghost mannequin image can be used for the promotion of clothes like blazers, jeans, jackets, and shirts for customers to visualize themselves wearing these garments.

When you have enough budget to hire a photographer or make a setup to shoot yourself, you can go with the ghost mannequin because it is the most effective way to make your product photo more attractive.

Most invisible mannequin images are constructed from only two other images, but sometimes additional images are needed. Your product’s cut and shape, as well as how much detail is covered by the mannequin or model in the on-body shot, determine how much detail you need.

Due to the presence of an actual mannequin, viewers become distracted. It is therefore recommended that editors eliminate the neck joint and symmetrical neck joint from the mannequin. Since the mannequin’s head and limbs will be removed, the customer’s focus will be solely on the dress.

Ghost mannequins may be difficult to reproduce, especially for non-professionals. You may have a simpler time than you think, and there are tons of tools available that can help you enhance your product photos for little or no cost.

There are not that many differences between ghost mannequins and flat lays. The technique and the equipment are almost identical. It is only the mannequin or dummy that differs. The garments are on the mannequin in ghost mannequin photography.

An invisible mannequin helps your customers relate to your clothing by showcasing their form. It demonstrates what the product looks like in real life.

During the post-processing phase, the dummy is removed so that the audience can only see the dress, which is significantly appreciating in order to boost sales.

Furthermore, ghost mannequin services give clothing product images a 3D appearance that will attract the attention of potential clients.

Importance Of Photo Editing

There is no dress that will look attractive and catchy in raw photographs. Since you want to use the dress images for advertising clothing, they must be gorgeous and appealing.

As a result, your sales will increase as well as your company will reach a broader market. Because of this, you will need clothing image editing for your brand advertisement.

Editing apparel photos is the second most important step after . The goal of doing apparel photography cannot be accomplished without photo editing or retouching.

Photo editing includes many types, but for apparel products, the basic editing includes recolor, retouching, removing backgrounds, and clipping. Without these basic adjustments, photos will not be able to entice customers.

Photos of flat lay are often accompanied by backgrounds, pins, tapes, wrinkles, etc. The perfection of photos cannot be achieved without photo editing.

On the other hand, the dummy in ghost mannequin images cannot be removed without editing. As well as these must-dos, editing also reveals the true color of the products.

There are millions of e-commerce websites on the internet. The best of them have special requirements in uploading images on their website.

Different websites allow different templates, frames, sizes, and backgrounds. It is not possible to maintain solely through photography. Only editing can do this.

The color of the product can be maintained with the right lighting, but retouching creates a sharp appearance. Sometimes, there are some products that come in different colors.

It is costly and time-consuming to shoot all the products of different colors one by one. You can shoot only one photo and recolor it with other colors in post-processing.

In the apparel industry, image editing is mainly concerned with increasing sales. Compared to raw images, edited images can be more attractive.

Now, how can you edit your apparel images?

Don’t worry. Since maintaining both photography and editing will be difficult and expensive on your own, you don’t need to do it yourself. The web is full of professional photo editing service providers that can assist you.

The professional image editing service provider knows the requirements of the e-commerce sites. Additionally, they can edit your photo according to your specifications.

Besides editing, they can also guide you on how to boost your online sale but be wise before choosing to take services online.


Having good photos is okay, but having great photos generates sales. Investing in photo editing has proven to be a potent strategy in the world of e-commerce.

This service enables you to turn a non-professional photo into a professional one and boosts a website’s ranking and branding by making the image more appealing to the eye.

The knowledge and experience you will gain in product preparation, lighting, and the session itself will equip you to make better use of the conveniences and features that modern photography and editing provide.

About the Author!

Omar Faruk is the Marketing Executive for Color Clipping Ltd – A Company Provides Photo Editing and Retouching services for Brands, Photographers, and E-commerce businesses.

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