Best Photo Editing Services online: How to Outsource It

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Photo editing services now have become so popular and significant as the demand for photo editing is increasing day by day. With the evolution of the eCommerce business, product photography, food photography, and apparel photography has become a crucial part of the marketing, advertising, and branding for your business.

In every step of marketing platforms like social media, photography matters a lot that also may lead you to go for a professional photo editor. Because professionally edited amazing photos can help to increase the scope of your business.

Apart from business purposes, wedding photos, vacation pictures, family pictures can also become worthy of taking photo editing services.

Now the question is, how can you easily get professional photo editing services? Though online photo editing services have become popular, many of us don’t have a clear idea of how it can be done so easily through online photo editing companies.

In this article, we are going to tell you how easily you can get every type of photo editing service and how cheap & affordable it is. We are going to name and present to you the best top ten photo editing companies.

We have enlisted these companies by a parameter based on their service quality alongside the affordable prices they offer. Before we get into it, let me give you the definition and meaning of photo editing.

What is the Meaning of Photo Editing?

Photo editing means modifying or improving an image to enhance the aesthetic and removing errors by using software or any other tool/technique. In simply a lower case, altering an image is also called photo editing.

But in an upper case definition, Manipulating an image by altering, resizing, color balancing, unwanted things removing, or changing anything at any aspect can be called photo editing.

Photo editing is also known as image editing, image manipulation, photo retouching, photo enhancement, or post-production/processing.

People need to edit a photo for many reasons, but the goal remains the same, which is to enhance the beauty and aesthetics of the photo in order that it looks attractive to its viewers to fulfill the users’ target.

11 Best Photo Editing Services Online

You will find tons of photo editing services online. But it will not be so easy for you to choose the best photo editing company if you never outsource these services before. So to make your task easier, we are going to present a list of the top 11 best photo editing companies. Without any confusion, you can rely on these companies to outsource photo editing services.

#1. Offshore Clipping Path

Offshore Clipping Path

Offshore Clipping path is another reputed USA-based photo editing service provider, founded in 2010. Offshore Clipping Path has attained its reliability through providing professional photo editing services.

If you are running an online-based business and you need product photography editing services, Offshore Clipping Path would be one of the best choices for you. They earned popularity for providing professional eCommerce Image editing at affordable prices.

You can take drop shadow services, ghost mannequin services, clipping path services, background removal, photo retouching services from them. Offshore Clipping path offers so many advanced types of services such as Amazon infographic services and photo restoration.

You can get started with a free trial. We recommend you outsource photo editing services from them if you are struggling with eCommerce branding and marketing or advertising your product for an online business.

They have a team of expert photo editors and they edit pictures by the instruction of a group of eCommerce specialists. Offshore Clipping path has a reputation for delivering the services on time. You will get the option for an urgent order of 12 hours turnaround.

Pricing offshore is also affordable. They offer a Calculator to estimate the price, which sounds good.

#2. Removal.AI E-Commerce Photo Editing Services

Removal.AI E-Commerce Photo Editing Services

Removal.AI is a cutting-edge solution that enables you to automatically remove background from images through the use of Artificial Intelligence. In addition to this, it also offers specialized image editing services to elevate images for your e-commerce needs.

Whether you need background removal, retouching, clipping paths, shadow effects, color matching, liquifying, invisible mannequin, or resizing and cropping, Removal.AI can provide comprehensive services, enhancing product images for a captivating online presence.

Removal.AI’s skilled editors are proven to be proficient in delivering fast, precise, and high-quality services. They are honed through extensive experience from collaborating with e-commerce businesses globally.

The editors have a streamlined process that ensures consistent results with a deep understanding of the challenging image needs of e-commerce businesses and addresses them.

Aside from the guarantee of efficient handling of various image volumes, Removal.AI is very affordably priced at a minimum of only $0.85/image and a guarantee of 300 images daily for its Business price offer.

#3. Paper Boat Creative

Paper Boat Creative

Paper Boat Creative is one of the reliable photo editing services. They offer product photo editing, fashion photo retouching, architectural photo editing, jewelry photo retouching, wedding photo retouching, etc.

They have been providing professional photo editing services for 7 years. They claimed themselves as a specialist for high-end image editing and bulk editing for e-commerce businesses. So you can get clipping path services, color correction services, image masking, background removal, shadow effect, hollow man mannequin services from them.

Paper Boat Creative has engaged a team of highly skilled and professional photo editors and design & craft specialists. They are well capable of fulfilling your demands.

One good part of Paper Boat Creative is, they deliver the services on time. They also offer a free demo so that you can get an idea for free of how professionally they provide photo editing services.

#4. Clipping Path Studio

Clipping Path Studio

Clipping Path Studio is one of the best digital photo editing service providers. They offer every type of photo editing such as image masking, clipping path, background removal, drop shadow, color correction, ghost mannequin retouching, photoshop retouching, etc.

If you need high-end image editing and bulk editing for e-commerce businesses, Clipping Path Studio would be one of the best choices for you. Clipping Path Studio has top-class skilled and expert photo editors who provide you extremely professional editing.

And they will ask you for details about what you want. And they can easily understand your demand and purpose of editing. And deliver exactly the same that you want. Plus, they offer an affordable price, starting from 0.23 USD only which sounds really cool.

Clipping Path Studio always remains concerned to fulfill their client’s demands and deliver their services on time. You will get the services delivered within 48 hours. For any urgent case, you can order to get within 24 hours and even 12 hours. But you will have to pay some more to get the facility of urgent delivery.

Clipping Path Studio can be the best option for you if you want to hire any kind of product photo editing service.

#5. RetouchGem


RetouchGem is a Finland-based professional photo editing service provider. It has been operated since 2009 and its international website retouchGem was launched in 2013.

RetouchGem provides portrait retouching, body retouching, wedding photo retouching, and products such as jewelry, apparel, shoes, accessories, furniture, make-up, cars, food photography retouching services.

RetouchGem is one of the best for portrait image editing and product photography retouching.

If you need simple typed image editing you can get their services. Their skilled team is capable of meeting your demands and delivering the service within 48 hours. But you will not get any free trial advantage there.

#6. FixThePhoto


FixThePhoto is a place where you will probably find everything about photo editing. Tons of categories offer almost every type of photo editing that you may need. FixThePhoto provides High-end retouching, body retouching, wedding photo retouching, Clipping Path, product photo retouching.

They even provide some rare kinds of fine editing such as teeth whitening & eye correction, Skin smoothing and toning, etc. But these services are a little bit costly, about 5$ per photo. Their price range is 2-25 USD per image.

You can visit their website and view the before and after retouching examples which is nice. And you will get a free editing sample service called `free quote’ via email; you may also like this. Though you may need to pay FixThePhoto a little bit more compared to other editing service providers, you will get really good service from them.

You can get the service delivered from FixThePhoto within 24 hours. The expert photo editor team of FixThePhoto specially cares about the unique style of photography while image editing.

#7. Cobwebs Design

Cobwebs Design

CobWebs Design is another international graphics design & photo editing service provider. For the reputation of providing perfect photo editing services, CobWebs Design attained a huge client base in the USA and other western countries.

They offer every kind of photo editing service like clipping path, multi-clipping path, photoshop masking, color correction, image shadow, etc. They offer all these services at lower and attractive prices, starting from 0.39 USD. But you will get extremely professional services on time.

The professional photo editing team delivers its output according to the client’s demand. With a huge experience of providing photo editing services for a decade, their expert photo editors understand the clients’ demands accurately. So you won’t need to be concerned about anything.

If you need bulk image editing for eCommerce purposes, CobWebs Design would be a good option for you and you will get professional output on time. You will get a free trial service here. So have a try and experience their professional editing service.

#8. Weedit Photos


If you need to edit wedding photographs, then Weedit Photos is one of the best options for you. It is so popular for providing wedding photo editing services. They also offer portrait photo editing, color correction services, and advanced editing services like glamour retouching services.

You can also choose Weedit Photos to get a modeling photography editing service. Their price chart is also attractive. They have a skilled team of photo editors and provide 24 hours client support. They also protect your privacy.

You can get basic photo editing services like color correction at the cost of 0.2 USD. They also offer advanced photo editing services like acne removal, red eyes effect removal, teeth whitening, etc. But unfortunately, they don’t offer any free trial.

#9. Photographer’s Edit

Photographer's Edit

Photographer’s Edit is another photo editing service provider that offers professional edit services at a low cost. It offers color correction and advanced retouching services such as skin blemish removal, Basic flyaway hair removal, face skin softening, etc.

If you want to edit any personal photo editing, portrait photo editing, or any basic level photo editing services at a low price, then you can go for Photographer’s Edit.

Their price starts from 0.14 USD only for color correction. So Photographer’s Edit can be the best option for basic photo editing at the lowest price. Though you will not get any free trial advantage, currently they are offering 30 percent off on the first order.

#10. Image Work India

Image Work India

Image Work India is a professional photo editing service provider located in New York, America. It is popular for providing high-volume professional photo editing at affordable prices.

They offer product shadowing, product reflection, image cropping & watermark, eCommerce optimization services along with basic editing of color correction, advanced editing services like wrinkle movement, invisible Mannequin, and ghost mannequin effect.

You can get a free trial offer to experience their professional editing services. Their price range is 0.49-5 USD.

#11. OMS Photo

OMS Photo

OMS Photo is a reputed photography studio and professional retouching service provider. OMS has the strongest brand value in this industry. They have a huge skilled team of experts who have worked with companies like Gillette, Hershey’s, and Olay.

OMS Photo offers product photo editing, which is extremely professional. And they also provide food & drink photography editing. You can hire OMS Photo for any professional photo editing without thinking twice.

But the problem is, OMS Photo charges extremely high, and that is more than overpriced for sure. Each piece editing can cost anywhere from $50 to $450 to edit! But you will get extremely professional editing.

If you need some eye-catching product photos to attract your potential clients and the price doesn’t matter, you can get their services.

How to Outsource Photo Editing Services

Now we can proceed to explain how to outsource photo editing services. To make the outsourcing process easy, try to get the service from the aforementioned companies. Now, every business considers the outsourcing process as an important factor while enlisting their product images in different marketing platforms and e-commerce sites.

The companies we have mentioned are reliable enough to work on the post-production part. Most of these companies have an easy outsourcing process which is one of the reasons that we include these companies in the top ten list as well as suggesting you.

Just visit the website of the editing service provider, select the category and then select the specific service that you want to take from them and create an order.

Before doing so, have a clear idea about the pricing. There are different prices for different editing services. The cost of online photo editing is measured by the nature of editing, turnaround time, image quality, etc.

Typically reputed photo editing service providers deliver their services on time. But still, you need to be concerned about the following things before creating an order and taking online photo editing services:

  • Ensure the communicating way to express your style & demand
  • Make sure that you can give instruction & guideline in that way
  • Know the way to rush your order
  • Ask them clearly about their policy of responsibility
  • Ask too who is actually editing your image

Ask them about anything which seems confusing to you and get clear answers from the service provider; then, you can place the order. To avoid any inconvenience, we remind you to try to take editing services from reputed companies.

Final Verdict

We have tried hard to give you an idea about the top ten best photo editing service providers. We also have discussed the way to outsource photo editing services. You can visit all the suggested companies’ websites and check everything to find the perfect match for your demand and budget. Goodluck.

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