Top 10 Expert Branding Hacks for Construction Companies

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Branding is every detail associated with you company and if you do it right you may become a big household name. For example, do you ask for a tissue or do you ask for a Kleenex? When someone asks you a question do you say “search for it on the web” or do you say “Google it”?

Notice how the brands have replaced the generic terms for items and actions? These terms are described as proprietary eponyms and have become the epitome of brand awareness. To get to such a high level of brand awareness for your construction company, you’ll need to expand your knowledge on branding.

We’d like to help you create a brand that stands out from your competitors so that it’s easier to develop brand awareness. To help you with the process we’ve given you 10 branding hacks that will put your construction company on the map!

#1. Create a Construction Logo

For you to create brand awareness clients will need to know how to identify your company. The only way to create a brand that sets you apart from your competitors is to create a construction business logo that defines your mission and vision.

Before you create your logo, define what type of construction you’ll be doing:

  • Residential building: The construction of homes in suburban areas.
  • Institutional and commercial building: This type of construction encompasses sports arenas, schools, hospitals and shopping centres.
  • Infrastructure: Building infrastructure encompasses building or upgrading roads and railways.
  • Specialized industrial construction: This type of construction requires specialized equipment and technical skills to build higher structures such as skyscrapers.

When you’ve identified the specific construction industry you’ll be working in you can incorporate the appropriate imagery into your logo. If you’re building houses you can use imagery such as a roof with a chimney for your logo. On the other hand, if you specialize in building skyscrapers you can place an image of a high-rise building in your design.

While designing your logo make sure you incorporate the following features:

  • Neutral colors: If you look at some construction logos they utilize neutral colors such as grey, black or white. You can also combine cool or warm tones with your neutral colors but avoid using neon tones.
  • Shapes: Construction logos rarely use rounded shapes. Images and shapes have straight lines or geometric patterns. If you want to be different you can incorporate circular or curved shapes in your design.
  • Utilizing negative space: You can use negative space in a logo to create another shape or image. This type of style has become quite popular in construction logo designs.
  • Fonts: Fancy writing with curls and twirls should be avoided when creating a construction logo. Use clean fonts that are straight such as Garamond or Europe.

#2. Create a Slogan for Your Construction Company

Construction company logo design and slogan
Logo design by Md Abdul Hakim via Dribbble

The purpose of a well worded slogan is to highlight the benefits of a specific product or service. You can use a slogan to attract a client’s attention to a specific feature of your business and to reinforce your company’s brand.

When you create a slogan for your construction site ensure you consider the following:

  • Is your slogan concise and to the point?
  • Does it match your company’s identity?
  • Is it memorable?
  • Does it focus on what makes your construction site different?

Take your time when creating your slogan because you don’t want it to sound wishy-washy. You want your slogan to attract people to your brand. Here are some slogan ideas for your construction company:

  • For apartment construction: “Building the future one block at a time”
  • For road construction: “Let’s pave the road to paradise”
  • For school construction: “A strong foundation for tomorrow”
  • For house construction: “Hard hats for houses”

#3. Sponsor YouTube Videos

After creating a unique logo and a memorable slogan you can now start putting your brand out there for the world to see. The best way to do that is to sponsor YouTube videos using your company logo and name.

Did you know that 5 billion YouTube videos are watched every day? Those numbers are expected to increase year over year. This large audience is the reason why most brands utilize YouTube to promote their brands to increase subscribers.

You can incorporate an ad into a YouTube video that’s as short as 5 seconds or as long as 40 seconds. Or find a YouTube influencer you’d like to sponsor so they can promote your brand to their millions of viewers. The YouTuber should talk about your brand and feature your company logo in the video to spark an interest in your construction company.

#4. Take Your Advertising to the Streets

Street art is one of the best ways to showcase your brand to a wider audience. Coca-Cola and Pepsi do this by painting their logos on large building walls. Just because you’re in the construction industry doesn’t mean you can’t use creative ways to develop brand awareness.

With street murals you’ll have an opportunity to embed your company into the fabric of your community. This is why you must create a unique logo that will look incredible in a larger scale and painted on the side of a building. You want it to intrigue your audience so they’ll want to know more about your construction business.

#5. Become a Champion on LinkedIn

Become a Champion on LinkedIn
Illustration by mokaroka via Dribbble

LinkedIn is a professional social media platform that has over 600 million users and it’s the ideal platform to showcase your construction brand. You can use LinkedIn Publishing because it’s one of the major hubs for news on company brands.

With LinkedIn Publishing you can write, edit and share articles about your construction business directly through the platform. This is a sure way to create brand awareness and to reach people in your target audience effectively.

You can also take videos of your construction process and post it on the platform for your viewers to enjoy. What’s more, you can showcase any changes to your brand through LinkedIn to keep your viewers updated and informed.

#6. Guerilla Marketing is Ideal for Construction Sites

Digital marketing is an affordable way to market your brand but there are so many creative ways to showcase your branding. You should utilize all options when advertising your construction business. One of the best forms of creating brand awareness without digital means is guerilla marketing.

A guerilla marketing campaign uses fun and out of the ordinary advertising techniques. An example of this type of marketing is when a person stands on a busy corner with a branded sign that they spin around or flip into the air to grab people’s attention.

Another example of guerilla marketing is using flash mobs inside hardware stores or malls. No matter what type of guerilla marketing you use, make sure your logo is showcased so that people know who you are when advertising your business.

#7. Try Co-Marketing Campaigns

Co-Marketing Campaign
Illustration by Serj Marco via Dribbble

If you’re struggling to get noticed in the construction industry then you should consider co-marketing campaigns. Become partners with another business that’s in a similar field to your company such as hardware store owners or with places that hire or sell construction machinery.

Co-marketing is ideal for start-up construction sites that want to make an impact in their industry. To be a success you want to become partners with similar brands but not direct competitors. Ensure the brand you partner with has a large audience so you can reach more people.

#8. Participate or Host in Local Events

Are you a small construction business that wants a breakthrough in the industry? Then why not participate or even host a local event? If you’re hosting an event make sure you can connect the event to your brand.

For example, if you’ve just built a golf course or a large shopping mall then host your event on the property or landscape you’ve constructed.

On the other hand, if you’re participating in local events make sure you have a stand or stage where you can showcase your construction business. Put up screens to show blueprints of the structures you’ve built, hand out flyers and engage with your audience.

#9. Brand Your Vehicles and Machinery

You’ll need trucks to transport construction materials such as concrete, panes of glass, door frames and even scaffolding. You’ll also need many construction machines such as bulldozers, cranes and excavators. These vehicles all have empty spaces that you can use to showcase your branding.

Place your logo and slogan on the sides or rear of your vehicles. Make sure that it’s big enough for people on the road to see. Additionally, you should have all contact details on your vehicle for potential clients to contact you.

#10. Give Users Freebees

Whether you’re at local events or you’re outside of your construction site with a stand you should have branded merchandise to give out to the public. Water bottles, flash drives, and t-shirts are the most popular items to brand and give out as freebees to people that pass by your stand.

While you’re giving out merchandise engage with your users. This is an excellent way to gain leads to potential clients and build a strong social following for your construction site.

Final Thoughts

Are you ready to create a construction brand that that sets you apart from your competitors? Use the hacks mentioned in this article to get you started. If you’re a start-up construction business these branding hacks will boost your brand awareness and push you ahead of your oppositions.

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