10 Ways on How to Get Free YouTube Subscribers

Getting YouTube subscribers is more accessible than most people think. You don’t need to know a lot of web programming or have deep pockets to succeed. You need to know how to get them subscribed on YouTube. In this article, I will explain exactly that.

YouTube is one of the most popular websites in the world. You’d be hard-pressed to find somebody who has never watched a YouTube video, mainly because it’s everywhere. It’s people’s go-to platform for when they want to post a video, whether it’s something silly they wish to send their friends or something full of information that they wish to send out to the world. It’s the number one place to go when you want video content, good or bad.

#1. Advertise your Channel

You can advertise your YouTube subscription through the channel itself. For example, please create a new video series about your niche and upload it on YouTube. When you have posted the video on YouTube, you can then leave a link to it at the end of your series.

Now whenever anyone clicks on the link in your video and wants to see your new videos, they will see your YouTube subscription link at the end of the video. In turn, people who want to watch those videos will see your YouTube channel.

#2. Promote Your Channel on Social Media

If you want to attract more subscribers to your social media marketing efforts, you can consider using YouTube and Instagram. Both of these social media websites allow you to create videos that anyone can view in the world.

While it may not seem like a good idea to have your videos viewed by all people who have MySpace or another social media platform, you should keep in mind that you have millions of real YouTube subscribers by brsm.io and millions of users on Instagram. Those people likely have the same interests as you, so why not add your channel to their sites?

There are a couple of ways you can use YouTube and Instagram to promote your network. You can either record two videos that are relative to your niche and upload them onto YouTube. Then invite your friends to join your network by sharing the link to the videos on your page.

Your viewers can then view the videos, and when they have finished watching your videos, they can click the “subscribe” button at the bottom of your YouTube videos or on your Instagram page. Your subscribers will likely watch more videos from you if they know they can share them with their friends.

#3. Ask Your Viewers Directly for Subscribing

If you have a business website, you can ask your subscribers to sign up for your e-mail list. You can then offer an offer to those who sign up for your e-mail list.

Offer them a free six-week membership to your website or give them a coupon for six months of free subscription to your website. This allows your subscribers to sign up to your list, watch all of your videos, and even provide them with a place to buy your products.

#4. Release Videos on A Consistent Schedule

Another way to get free subscribers is to create a YouTube channel and add content regularly. This will encourage people to view your channel when they want to stay updated with your updates and watch videos about your niche.

It also gives your subscribers something to look forward to each day because they know they won’t miss any of your videos. You can record a video each day and post it on your channel. It’s important to ensure that the content on your channel is informative, interesting, and entertaining.

#5. Snag Subscribers from Other Social Media

You can use social media websites like Twitter, Facebook, and StumbleUpon to market yourself and your network. Social media websites enable you to interact with your subscribers and gain the trust and support of your audience.

When you use social media for marketing your website, you can ask your subscribers to follow you on Twitter or to Like your page on Facebook. When they do, they will see your network and your website address every time they see your updates.

If you maintain a good relationship with your followers and the people who have left comments, you will find it easy to build relationships that will help you earn loyal viewers to your channel.

#6. Use Subscribers from High-Traffic Channels

When you see a high-traffic channel broadcasting online, reach out and ask if you can use their subscribers for signing up your channel.

These are often the most effective strategies because they come directly from a popular YouTube creator. More subscribers are likely to be always active than inactive people who don’t subscribe to channels frequently enough.

#7. Join Groups for Increased Exposure

Joining YouTube groups will help give you exposure for your channel because more people in the same group are likely to see your link and click on it to check out what it’s all about.

Some of these groups have tens of thousands of members, so it’s worth joining some if you’re looking for free YouTube subscribers in a short amount of time.

#8. Make an Interesting Title

You have less than 8 seconds to grab the attention of people who see your videos. An interesting title alone might even make them click “I want to see it!” Of course, the content should be eye-catching as well, but if you catch their interest in the first few seconds, they will most likely stay around to watch your video until the end.

#9. Create a Successful Channel Trailer

Some people think that the trailer is only used for movies and does not apply to YouTube. But the fact of the matter is that your channel trailer is one of the best ways to get free YouTube subscribers.

Ensure your channel trailer (or promo ) has good quality, a catchy song, and interesting information. It should be 1-2 minutes long and show how interesting your channel content will be. Some of the most successful YouTubers don’t even bother with promotional videos in their playlists.

In other words, they don’t waste time making promo videos for their non-gaming channels like beauty, fashion, food, or travel channels.

#10. Don’t Forget to Tag

You need to include the best tags for people to find your videos. Try using “free youtube subscribers” as one of the tags. Other popular tags include “free subscribers,” “how to get free YouTube subscribers,” and so on.


Once you have established a relationship with your audience on YouTube, it’s easy to convert those subscribers into buyers. The secret is engaging your viewers in interesting conversations. One way to do that is by asking your viewers for their opinion on a certain topic.

For example, if you are launching a video about the pros and cons of selling real estate, you can ask your subscribers for their opinions about whether or not the real estate market is “feeling” good right now.

You can then follow through with your promise to give them real estate tips that they can use to buy a house, or if they don’t want to buy, you can give them great ways to sell their houses themselves. Once you have converted your subscribers into buyers, you can then offer them any product you are promoting.

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