All You Need to Know About Three Popular Messenger Logo Designs

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In the current unprecedented times when nothing is sure and we all are restricted to our homes, have no where to go and cannot meet anyone, these times call for the alternate solution for meet and greet. There is no denying to the fact that different Messenger sites have been a great source of communication in the current times.

Earlier when Zoom and other applications were not given much importance and thought, today they have been a biggest savior for all of us. The outbreak of COVID-19 has been a huge hit economically, socially and most importantly emotionally. People were losing jobs and their loved ones left and right and there is literally no stopping to it.

In such distressed times one thing that stayed with us and gave us the courage to carry on with our lives is the virtual meetings with our friends and families whom we could not meet in person. The famous messengers have been the great source in these times of tension and COVID-19. However, who here would have noticed the story behind the logos of these messengers?

We all are pretty aware of the fact that there is always a story, a concept and idea behind every logo. A pretty long process that brings a logo from its initial stage to the final stage. The whole ideation, creation and execution play a huge role in making the brand image. Everybody would agree to the fact that without a logo it is almost impossible to identify any brand.

A brand logo can make or break the overall brand, you cannot let a lousy logo define your brands image. To save your brand’s image it is important to take on board someone who is good at logo designing, who knows all the nitty gritties of it and can make a whole concept of behind the logo. There is no one better in the market than Ingenious Gurus as they are pro at it and can-do logo designing in the best possible way.

Coming right to the point, the logos of various messengers that we have a lot to say. The main purpose of messengers is to send the message across, to connect people from all over the world. Therefore, it is important to design the logo that communicates the message perfectly.

Design of Logos of Popular Messengers

Here we will be discussing a few of the messenger’s logo and understand the main logics behind them.

#1. Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger Logo

Facebook is our go-to-place for all kinds of activities. Its like a morning newspaper that we tend to read the first thing in the morning. Apart from Facebook the one thing that we regularly use is its messenger, Facebook messenger is the perfect place to stay in touch with your loved ones.

And there is no denying to the fact that the main reason why we have still not given up on our loved ones is because we are still pretty connected with them. All credit goes to the Facebook Messenger.

We all know how Facebook was founded, how the founder created Facebook in a small university dorm and today it has the biggest head quarters in the world. The current Facebook Messenger logo has recently been uplifted which has signified that the application is quite related to Instagram and it further symbolizes the strategy of parent company to evolve the platform beyond the exchanges.

Future of messaging

The Facebook Messenger founder Mark Zuckerberg conglomerate has recently rolled out an update that has infused the colorful and vibrant tones in the message bubble icon that has looked same for almost 7 years. The refreshed logo is the perfect combination of different shades of orange, pink and purple that seamlessly reflects the future of messaging.

In the recent times, the Messenger has got a new look that marks their continued evolution from a simple way to message your Facebook friends, to a place to chill out with your most favorite people on your most favorable applications and devices.

There have been many times when Facebook revamped the logo of its messenger in the last few months. Not only that, they have gradually introduced various features which includes group video calls known as “joinable”. This new feature has many more ways to keep the overall family engaged among each other.

The new logo of the Facebook Messenger shows the amalgamation of both Facebook and Instagram by integrating the colors of both platforms.

Despite Facebook’s claim for the logo to reflect a transition to the future of messaging, which will be a more integrated, fun and dynamic way to stay linked and closed to the people we love. However, the color selection does not portray the same thing as both the blues and purples are not really fancy shades.

#2. WhatsApp Logo

WhatsApp Logo

WhatsApp messenger has taken the place of text messages and I-messages. In the current era, people do not generally text message anymore, it is always some Whatsapp messages.

Even if we receive any text message these are from the major brands promoting their products or services. Nevertheless, there is no denying to the fact that WhatsApp logo is etched in our minds, only a glance at it is enough to tell us what brand it is.

However, there is not much known about WhatApp logo, its design appears to have been in the market since its launch. One thing should be noticed that there have not been many changes in the logo since its launch. It explains the designs effectiveness and longevity and shows that logo does not really need to have interesting story in order to serve its purpose.

If you closely look at the website logo and its icon feature you would notice many interesting elements of designs that directly communicate the functions of applications within a comparatively simple design.

We all are aware of the main purpose of the WhatsApp which is the instant messaging and audio and videocalls. In order to do that two main design elements were used.

Text Bubble Notification

The primary design element is seen as the text bubble. Since the era of instant messaging has begun, the text bubble has become the most used way of indicating a sent message or received message. Even in the current era, almost all the text message that is received shows one of these text bubbles.

Text bubbles shows the received messages have a symbol of tail that points to the left. On the other hand, the text bubbles showing sent messages have a tail pointing to the right. By adding a text bubble with a left pointing tail in the logo, WhatApp has showed that the messaging application lightly tapped into the excitement that people generally experience while they receive a message from their loved ones.

The logo designer of WhatsApp further placed the logo inside the text bubble in order to send over the message of the secondary function of the application. One of the most interesting aspect of WhatsApp is that the application was mainly designed for the modern people and smart phones, replacing the traditional landlines. Since the main job of the landline phone is to make various calls instead of using smartphone with hundreds of functions.

WhatsApp logo is pretty popular all over the world, since people prefer more organized and attractive user interface. Mobile application needs to have an aesthetically pleasing and crisp logo that can attract a person with a single look.

#3. Hangouts Logo

Google Hangouts Logo

Hangouts is another most used messenger that people have been making the best use of since 2013. The application was launched by Google in 2013. There are two main products in the range of Hangouts which are Google Chat and Google Meet.

It was created in 2013 the original visual identity based on the logo of its predecessor. Google Talk was initially launched in 2005 and it had a pretty friendly vibe composed of the wordmark Talk in the lower case and each letter has its own different color.

There have been various changes in the logo since 2013 till now. The logo type of Hangout was initially launched in 2015 and was used by the company until 2020 with the addition of the white and green graphical version. These two logos were separately used fully dependent on its placement.

Now coming to the typography of the logo, it is divided into two main parts which is the bold sans serif for Google and the lighter Hangouts inscription that is placed on its right. Both the parts of the typographies are shown in more of a greyish color that shows professionalism, stability and points on the brand expertise and authority. Apart from this the typography also shows their ability to give users the best possible services.

The combination of white and green is instantly known all over the world as the friendly and bright color. However, the grey logotype shows more of a corporate image that adds power and solidness to the whole identity.

Wrapping up

Messenger’s logo has a huge message to convey, a wrong logo can literally ruin your brand image. Therefore, it is recommended to go for the experts only. The blog mentioned above discussed three most used Messenger applications and their logos.

Each application had its own story and a well-versed thought behind it which explained why the brand is the way it is. It is the right and the best approach to go about it. Brands literally put their image at risk when they hire a lousy logo designer only to save some bucks. They fail to understand while saving bucks here they are actually spending a lot more in the long run. Do not fall for this scam.

The Ingenious Gurus are the best in the market, they know how to make the design and how to create a self-explanatory logo that indicates and symbolizes the brand story and the thought process behind it. The experts at Ingenious Guru go through a detailed process when they are given the task of doing a logo.

When we say Ingenious Gurus are the best at what they do we mean it, due to their extensive clientele and the kind of creative work that they have done. Our extensive portal of logo designers have been our best resource, the credit for our big clientele goes to none other than our creative team of designers.

If you are looking for some kickass designers to give you a new and crazy brand image then look no further because Ingenious Gurus are in the market now showcasing their designing talent through their logo designs.

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