Why You Should Personalize Your Personal Blog with Custom Colours

Before going into the reasons of customising your own blog with custom colours, one must know what the meanings of custom colours are. Custom colours allow a designer as well as a customer to select from a various array of colours from the colour palette in order to change the website as per requirements and preferences.

The website you make will be viewed by various kinds of people. It is thus very important that the website should be impressive so that there is maximum number of footfall.

Personalized Blog with Custom Colours

Different people like different colours and colours are selected based on the type of website that you are making for a company, a small firm, or an individual website made to showcase your newly launched products. Most people use the help of website to promote their products. So try and make your blog exclusive so that people are drawn to the same. Try adding some custom colours to your blog and see people getting drawn to the same. Custom colour is also used and is well known for providing the best display for merchandise as well as promotions. They are very effective as well as cost efficient if appropriately used. How will you make your own personal blog stand out from the rest of the crowd? Here are some reasons why one should personalise blogs with colours. There are numerous benefits of personalising blogs with custom colours.

Custom colours are liked and preferred by everyone be it an individual or a company. It also facilitates you to choose from a wide range of colours from a pre defined palette containing an array of colours. The easiest way is to choose your colour and then draw and drop the colour in your preferred place. Good colours have a very soothing effect on the eyes and loud colours like florescent, black and very bright colours do not impact majority of the people.

#1. Help to attract more amounts of customers

Custom colours help in creating a centre of attention for customers because they are soft as well as calming. Loud colours are not preferred especially in websites that have been specially designed for official purposes. Soft colours like peach, baby pink, yellow, light blue and beige are preferred colours. Loud colours dish up as a reason for distraction and thus the main purpose of the program is not met. For amounting to more customer footfalls in the blog, it is important that you use soft and soothing colours as custom colours for your website.

#2. Put emphasis on your personal blogs with custom colours

Try highlighting your personal website with custom colours so that it also enhances the website along with the background, wallpaper, fonts as well as images. Great custom colours can also be put on the fonts so that people take delight in reading them. Contrasting fonts should be used in the wallpapers. For e.g. white fonts in white wallpaper will be useless. Again dark fonts in a dark background will not highlight the text.

#3. Augments the representation of the company

It is known by all that the impression that is first met lasts for a lifetime. People who visit the website for the first time, has to be impressed so that people keep on coming back again and again for more information. Suppose one opens that website and they see a florescent yellow or pink font or image popping up. They will definitely be irritated. A good colour depiction will automatically draw customers to your website increasing in enhancing in company image and also helps in increasing the revenue of the company.

These are few of the grounds of why a blog should have custom colours which can be altered as per customer requirements and tastes, and will also help to improve footfalls in your website.

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The above article is written by RP who is associated with Themes4CMS, a Magento Development Company. She loves to write articles related to web design and magento. She practices web designing when not writing articles.

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