What Mistakes You Can Probably Make in Branding Your YouTube Channel?

YouTube, you might have heard the name of this platform or maybe you are among those million users who have a channel on this platform. YouTube is the name of the name website where you can post videos regarding anything whether it is information, training, entertainment or anything else.

People gain fame and money through the platform if they have enough viewers and subscribers to their channel but it is not easy for everyone to gain the attention of the viewers and you have to do a few things as well as avoid a few to get the best attention of the users. People who get successful do look at different things and it is not just about what they are posting.

Here are five things that you need to do or avoid in order to make the branding of your channel to be effectively branded to the viewers.

Mistake #1. Generic Channel banner

The banner of your channel is not just about showing the logo that you have made but it is just more than that. It is about making the people know about what your channel is based on and how often do you post or what genre do you cover and such other things.

When you add more information to the banner it makes people know more about it which is one of the ways to gain the interest of the viewer’s towards your channel and making them choose if they wish to see your channel or not.

Mistake #2. Inconsistent Thumbnail designs

Thumbnails are one of the ways to express what is in the videos. It makes people know about the video without accessing it and this is one of the best ways to gain the interest of the viewers. When thumbnails and captions are interesting and able to create curiosity they are likely to create the viewership on your video or channel.

Being inconsistent with thumbnails or using unattractive thumbnails could make the viewer’s lose the interest and eventually it will impact the viewership on your channel.

Mistake #3. Using an unattractive logo

Logos are said to be important in any of the branding purposes even if it is business or a YouTube channel. If you have a logo that is too mainstream and is unable to make you be differentiated among your competitors then there is a chance that you will lose the viewer after a video or two. Creating a logo to create an identity is thus important for a YouTube channel’s branding.

Youtube logo maker free could be able to create an amazing and eye-catching logo or if not a YouTube logo maker a professional designer would be able to pull this off amazingly.

Mistake #4. No channel Trailer

How about introducing to each of the viewers by shaking hands with them? Well, it might make you introduce yourself effectively but that surely is not possible for a YouTube channel and thus a channel could get a trailer to introduce itself to the viewers and make their attention to be grabbed.

Just like a trailer of a movie a channel trailer could be able to communicate what is coming up and what is the content that channel is creating or generating. It might make people with relevant interests to get to the channel for viewing their desired content.

Mistake #5. Being like everyone else

Can you imagine how many channels are there on YouTube? The number is above 1,300,000,000. Yes, around 1300 million people have their channel on YouTube and it is really difficult to stand out among this much channels. Thus, you need something different to get into the notice of the people.

Maybe some colors that could be able to differentiate between you and other channels or maybe something in the logo or in the identity of the channel could work here. But being same as everybody else will surely not help you in the cause of getting the attention or being able to be differentiated.

Your Turn

Like every other platform YouTube also needs a branding strategy to make the best benefits to be extracted through this platform. The excessive use of the platform has made the users and content creators to be identified and thus branding has become an important part of the YouTube content promotion. Thus, if you avoid these mistakes or make these things to be effectively done then there is a chance that your content could be seen by more viewers and could create more impact.

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