Generating Blog Post Ideas that Drive Traffic to Your Website Brand

It can be a vicious cycle.

Search engines reward sites that always contain fresh content with higher rankings. Which means if you want your site to rank highly, it has to be updated on a daily basis at least. How are you supposed to keep up with that when you’re one person trying to figure out something like how to sell ebooks on your own website?

Generating blog post ideas that drive traffic can be a time-consuming proposition, particularly when you consider you have to then produce them.

To help you with that first part, these ideas have been proven effective for coming up with attractive topics around which to produce posts.

#1. Ask Your Readers

One of the best ways to ensure you’re serving your audience in the manner in which it would like to be served is to ask them what they want. Yes, this assumes you already have an audience—and it’s a great way to keep them engaged if you do. People love to be included and they get a thrill when one of their ideas makes it into “print” so to speak. They’ll share it with friends, which in turn will net you more traffic as it gets passed around within their circles of influence.

#2. Harvest Broken Links

Within your niche there is bound to be a number of high traffic sites. Gather a listing of them, visit them and look for broken links. You can automate this process somewhat with an application like Check My Links. When you find a broken link, you can create a story around the topic and a new piece of content for your blog. You can then get in touch with the webmaster of the site upon which you found the broken link, let them know about it, and offer your story as a replacement.

#3. Follow Forums Pertinent to Your Endeavor

It’s amazing how many misconceptions get passed around in forums as fact. Because of this, every community out there is a gold mine of story ideas just waiting to be prospected. Look for the top trending topics; do some research and craft factual blog posts correcting fallacious information. You can then return to that forum, politely point out the misconceptions and place a link to your story offering a more accurate perspective.

#4. Search Social Media

Sites like Quora are also rife with story ideas—when you know how to read between the lines. In much the same way as you’d monitor forums in the above suggestion, you can scan these platforms for story ideas.

Quora, for example, can be searched by topic. Find questions pertinent to your area of expertise with a significant number of followers, create posts based upon them, and go back to the original question with an answer within which you place a link to your article. Similarly, when you see a ripe topic on Facebook, you can leave a comment with a link to your story.

Your Turn

These four ideas for generating blog post ideas that drive traffic will help you “keep the monster fed,” while establishing you as an authority in high profile areas.

Whether you’re trying to determine how to sell ebooks on your own website with an ecommerce platform provider like Shopify, or market any other product, this will get your stories read by more people, as well as shared and generating backlinks.

If you’re careful to create well-researched and meaningful content, everybody wins. These efforts will improve your search engine rankings, bring you more traffic and lead to more conversions for your ecommerce site.

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