Best Freebies Compilation from Freepik to Celebrate Flat Icon

Hi, today we launch an amazing freebie, six of the best at Freepik sets put together for you to download in iBrandStudio: 400 Ultimate Arrow Vector Pack, 200 Beautiful Flat Icon Set, Monster Pack, Vector Multi-Touch Gesture Icons, Happy Birthday and Vintage Ribbons and Labels Vector Pack.

Amazing Freebie Compilation

All of them contain high quality icons and vector graphics free for commercial use, saving time and money. That is why, you know, in Freepik we love freebies and want to offer you the best resources.

This is one of the reasons why they have created Flat Icon, a new site to find free icons on a flat design style you can download as webfont, PNG and SVG, ordered to make your experience as a user as easy as possible.

The Packs

#The 400 Ultimate Arrow Vector Pack gives you a huge collection of vector arrow icons to use and customize.

Amazing Freebie Compilation

#The 200 Beautiful Flat Icon Set contains 200 flat icons to use in flat webs and apps. The site contains the files in eps and ai formats. Adapt and enjoy them.

Amazing Freebie Compilation

#The Monster Pack allows you to create amazing vector monsters with over 1000000 different combinations.

Amazing Freebie Compilation

#The Vector Multi-Touch Gesture Icons includes these useful vector icons for your web designs in Ai and PNG format.

Amazing Freebie Compilation

#Create your own Birthday invitations with this pack of colorful and joyful vector elements.

Amazing Freebie Compilation

Grab it yours for Free!

download free compilation


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