The Ultimate Guide: Get a Creative UI/UX Logo Designed with 10 Unique Ideas

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Creating a logo is hardly ever a top priority when starting a new company. You may wonder if a logo is necessary for a successful firm among high-quality commodities, excellent referrals, and branding.

However, you could not be more mistaken. 75% of adults recognize a brand by its logo.

Now, consider any of the leading brands and then envision their logos. Did they immediately pop into your mind? The swoosh from Nike, the M from Mcdonald’s, or the bird from Twitter.

Whatever the brand, their logos are etched on our memory. That is the power of a great brand logo.

A logo can communicate more about your platform than words ever could. Apart from that, a good logo conveys a more profound message. Take the Twitter bird. A bird represents freedom and limitless possibilities.

So clearly, as Paul Rand quotes,

“Design is the silent ambassador of the brand.”

Thus, it’s intended to evoke a pleasant memory or emotion in your customer’s mind, which can lead to additional positive (and profitable) experiences with your brand.

Thinking about how to get there?

Don’t fret! In this guide, we will go above and beyond the basics of creating a captivating and creative logo. Continue reading.

Golden Rules To Create A Unique And Memorable Logo

A visually appealing logo is always a work of art. So, when creating an awesome UI-UX Logo design, it is critical to consider some golden rules and tips that make it memorable and unique.

Here are some of them:

#1. Understand Why A Logo Is Essential For The Brand

Since the logo is the initial thing people see, it should be appealing enough to pique people’s curiosity and entice potential buyers. You might be amazed that a memorable logo can attract new clients and propel the firm’s business.

So, a logo is an impactful way to inform the world about your company. It will assist your brand in standing out from its competitors and express what your firm is about. And since the logo is such an essential aspect of your business, you want it to be designed well.

#2. Begin With Brand Identity

“A logoless company is a faceless man” – David Airey.

The role of a creative logo is to represent a firm; it is like the face of the brand. However, it cannot encompass some of a company’s features. A logo is only one component of your business’s wider brand identity, which develops from your brand story.

Consider why your firm does what it does, who it provides, where and how it will impact, and what it represents.

Evaluate these questions to help you develop a successful brand strategy and well-thought-out graphics and message that will support the message of your unique logo design and make it unforgettable for the people.

Since it is a crucial step, it is advisable to take help from an expert, and a professional UI UX design services company can help you with this.

#3. Understand The Basic Forms And Types And Decide On One

Before you design your unique, creative logo, it’s crucial to understand the three fundamental forms of logos to determine which is appropriate for your specific brand.

The most innovative logos are:

  • An image-based symbol, e.g., Twitter
  • A text-based symbol, e.g., Google
  • An image and text-based symbol, e.g., Puma

#4. Decide The Color Scheme

Each color represents a different meaning. While color psychology is complex, all colors are associated with specific emotions and thoughts. When selecting a color palette for your logo design, ensure it fully portrays your company’s ethos.

You may choose bright, vibrant colors to show bold and maximalism, whereas white, cream, and gray to show minimalism.

#5. Focus On The Creative Logo Characteristics (Kiss)

Innovative and unique logo design attributes include

  • Simple
  • Relevant
  • Memorable
  • Versatile
  • Use color thoughtfully
  • Reference trends smartly

Also, designers must follow the KISS principle.

The abbreviation KISS, which stands for “keep it simple, stupid,” was coined by the United States Navy in 1960. This is one of the most critical logo design ideas that every Graphic Designer should be aware of.

After all, if you can’t explain your design, it’s probably too complicated, or you need to express it better.

#6. Make Sure It IS Relevant

A logo design must be appropriate for the ideas, messages, and products it symbolizes. An attractive typeface will look better in a high-end eatery than in a children’s daycare.

Similarly, a color scheme of brilliant pink is unlikely to help your message connect with males. And regardless of the industry, creating a mark that resembles a swastika isn’t likely to be successful.

#7. Stay On Top Of The Trends

Catching up with trends is essential to garnering attention, but it is equally important that trends should not be followed blindly. Moreover, they are an excellent source of unique, original logo design inspiration and concepts.

Some trendy Logo design styles may include:

  • Embrace simplicity
  • Rejoice in bold and vibrant colors
  • Use innovative typography
  • Experiment with shapes and geometry
  • Combine and mix colors and shapes

#8. Learn and recognize the competitors

Analyzing the logos of organizations both within and outside your industry is a terrific way to gather creative logo design inspiration and develop your innovative design ideas.

When looking at simple creative logos, consider whether they reflect the six principles of good logo design. Do you notice any similarities between the logos of businesses in your industry? If yes, how, and if not, how do they stray from the path?

If this is the case, consider how you may break new directions and set yourself out with unique logo ideas.

#9. Experiment

with Creative and memorable logos takes time to happen! They are a result of numerous experiences. So, it is more likely; you’ll come up with interesting logo creative design ideas through experimenting and trial and error.

Don’t be disheartened if you don’t instantly come up with the perfect Design—just keep working on your innovative design ideas until they’re settled.

Select the best company for UX designers who can help you whether you need a new UI/UX design website, redesign, or a UI/UX design software/ UX design software app.

Don’ts of Designing a Creative Logo

There are some basic mistakes to avoid while designing your logo. Here are some things to avoid:

#1. Don’t Make It Too Complicated

A memorable logo must be simple. Simple logos are more memorable and noticeable than complex designs. Furthermore, simpler logos are easier to read on small phone screens.

#2. Avoid Being Too General

Irrefutably simple logos are tremendous, but being too general is not always a good idea.

For example, having a cake on your logo is not always ideal if you own a bakery.


Since there are already so many businesses that use cakes as part of their branding! So avoid using too generic graphics for your logo because it might not help customers to recall your brand.

#3. Don’t Make It Too Trendy

Try not to be too trendy. Trends are great, but make sure your logo remains current for three years.

#4. Never Compromise On Quality

Don’t settle for a poor-quality logo to save money. Your logo is not the place to cut corners, and you typically get what you spend money for. It is advisable to hire a professional UI UX design company that excels in Ux UI services to get your logo designed.

How To Find Inspirational Ideas For A UI UX Logo Designing?

Aside from learning the tips and rules to design a logo that stands out from the crowd, you must also know where to look for inspiration.

Here are some tips to get started:

#1. Explore The Websites/ Social Media

Inspiration is an integral ingredient in logo design. Explore design websites and social media pages to spark your imagination.

Additionally, you can browse photography websites for inspiration if you’d like. This will inspire you to create a remarkable, one-of-a-kind logo design.

#2. Analyze The Business, Products, Services, and USPs

Always concentrate on the business, its products, and its USP before designing the logo.

First and foremost, you must consider the corporate principles and comprehend the basic concept of the organization.

It is also necessary to know the message they are aiming to send to their customers. Building a logo that best represents the business is much easier if you know it from start to finish.

#3. Analyze/ Explore the competitors [But Don’t Copy Them]

You can get ideas from other businesses in the related industry.

For example, assume you need to design a logo for a clothing line. You might browse for other places, particularly ones that sell similar things.

However, make sure to remember it is not about copying but only getting inspiration. It is about discovering ways to differentiate yourself from your competition while remaining similar enough for your audience to recognize your niche.

#4. Brainstorm And Think Like Your Audience

Brainstorming is writing down your ideas (even the truly awful ones). Even a lousy suggestion can start a discussion that leads to a brilliant idea.

Moreover, you can also create a list of terms that characterize your brand and how you want your audience to perceive it.

Consider yourself as a part of your key audience, and remember what is important to them.

#5. Seek References From Art, Technology, Or Science

Art by great painters can serve as an inspiration for logos. Moreover, innovations, science, and technology are the future, thus making them the best source for your logo design.

#6. Take The Help Of A Professional

A professional UI UX design services company will provide a creative logo and a complete collection of UI/UX services.

Hiring a company will help ease your branding, responsive web design, mobile app design, user experience consultancy, and promotional design needs by utilizing cutting-edge tools and techniques.

What Are The Top 10+ Unique Ideas For A Creative Logo Design?

Do you need more creativity to create a new logo design? Do you feel stuck and need clarification with so many ideas around? Don’t be troubled!

Look at the creative and modern logo design ideas below that can help you meet your logo requirements.

Explore some creative ideas listed below to help you design your logo perfectly.

#1. Simple and Minimal or Monogram

Minimalism is a worldwide design idea that has long been popular. However, this idea is popular with using monograms in branding. Monograms are an excellent choice if you want your logo to have a distinctive look that cannot be simply imitated or copied.

Luxury apparel businesses and high-end stores frequently utilize monograms.

However, don’t mix simplicity with generic icons, as general logos get lost in the crowd, whereas monochromes with minimalism stand out.

Chanel, YSL, and Louis Vuitton are some popular examples of this.

Simple Minimal Monogram Logo Example
Source: Pinterest

#2. Bold and Colorful

Colors and fonts that are loud and clear assist you in expressing your brand identity. Bold colors will not work for every business, so think about your target audience and how they will react to bold colors or typefaces in your logo.

You can try out unconventional aspects, such as vivid neon colors, which can be eye-catching and unforgettable when used correctly.

NBC and Honda are examples of this idea.

Bold Colorful Logo
Source: Pinterest

#3. Imaginative Typography

One of the fascinating advances in modern and creative logo ideas is the innovative use of typography, which has seen many firms abandon image-based and text-and-image logos in favor of entirely text-based logos.

Typography is applied creatively to represent the company’s complete name, monogram, or initials in this logo style. Etsy and FedEx are popular examples of this idea.

Imaginative Typography logo example

#4. Get Creative With 3D/Animated/Stencil

3D is one of the trendiest UI design ideas and is here to stay. While 3D is more aesthetically attractive and eye-catching, it is also more time-consuming.

Another idea is Animated logos.

Static logos are no longer the norm, thanks to advances in technology. Adding motion to your logo adds interest and helps you stand out from the crowd.

More designers have utilized them to create amazing typographic logos. Stencils are generally made up of islands (the visible sections) and bridges (the unseen parts), and incorporating this visual contrast into logos can make them appear smoother and more visually appealing.

3d/animated/stencil logo example
Source: UXstudioteam

#5. Hand Drawn Or Handwritten

Other creative ideas gaining attention include handwritten fonts, childish drawings, doodles, and crooked lines. You can have variations that show unfinished, unpolished appearances than standard perfect, and polished designs.

This trend is best suited to brands having a natural, raw, or DIY business brand.

Handwritten Logo example
Source: Pinterest

#6. Infuse Some Geometry/Shapes

Different geometric arrangements in logo designs are another creative idea. They can be combined with a symbol, initials, or brand name to alter the brand image. Also, hard shapes such as triangles, squares, and rhombuses can produce an appealing pattern with line art or stripes.

This can be seen in HSBC, Mitsubishi, and Adobe logos.

Geometry/Shapes Logo Example
Source: Pinterest

#7. Letter As Symbols

Wordmarks is creative ideas to use the logo. One can utilize typography to form the shape of the object. In wordmarks, letters are employed for more than just spelling.

Their placement, style, shape, and arrangement combine to form an image that adds context to the wordmark’s expression or meaning.

Another strategy is to disrupt the text’s order or organization. This is accomplished by skewing one or more characters in the wordmark to portray movement or form a symbol.

For instance, in Pinterest, P is used as a pin symbol.

Letter as symbol logo example
Source: Pinterest

#8. Utilize Negative Space

Another idea is deliberately using negative space or “unused” design elements. It’s a fun way to help build a shape representing an important aspect of your business.

For Example,
The dashed line between the letters’ E’ and ‘X’ in the FedEx logo indicates an arrow heading in the forward direction.

Utilize Negative Space Logo example

#9. Convey Business Purpose

When creating a logo for your company, make sure to express the picture of your product or service to your audience. Through your logo design, new visitors can anticipate your firm.

Use your imagination when placing photos of your company’s products or services into the logo. Instead of including precise photographs, think creatively for spectacular effects.

The fruit image in the logo below indicates the business’s connection to the food industry and helps readers understand your offerings. A tagline with a logo gives Sureshot answers to “what the brand does” to all the customers.

Convey Business Purpose

#10. Depth Gradient

Gradients have been prominent in website design for several years. They’ve also been prominent in logo design in recent years. Vibrant spectral combinations or appealing color changes highlight this idea.

Gradients in logos can make your logo stand out and be noticed. Instagram and Tinder are the most popular examples of Gradient logo design.

Depth Gradient Logo
Source: Pinterest

#11. Playful Logos

Making your logo designs more playful will indeed win you points with your target audience. However, a playful logo is an apparent choice for businesses that cater to children; it isn’t the only firm that could benefit from incorporating playful elements into its logo design.

Playful Logos
Source: Pinterest

#12. Mysticism and Mythology Inspired

Another idea that can help you design a creative logo is, employing the visual style of disciplines like astrology, tarot, crystals, and mysticism in their logos.

Planets, eyeballs, astrological glyphs, and nature-inspired themes are among the visuals in this language.

Mysticism and Mythology Inspired

#13. Sci-fi Inspired

Science fiction from yesterday is a reality now. Completely digital worlds and far-flung space travel are no longer science fiction; they are a reality in our day. Space exploration is a popular science fiction theme.

Thus making sci-fi a new creative trend in the world of logo design.

SciFi Inspired Logo
Source: Pinterest

Examples Of Brands With Unique Logos

Here are some examples that can inspire any professional, UI/Ux design agency to craft a creative logo.


Nike Just do it Logo

Swoosh! That’s what Nike’s tick mark-shaped symbol is famous for! Nike’s logo is extremely creative and unique and matches so nicely with the company’s catchphrase “Just Do It,”


Apple iconic logo

The Apple logo isn’t just iconic or immediately recognizable. It is a prestige symbol, a symbol of elitism and elegance that many people aspire to. The bitten Apple logo is as well-known as the company’s products and for a good cause.


Toblerone Logo

The iconic Swiss chocolate brand displays Matterhorn, Switzerland’s most recognized peak. Fewer people know that a bear can be seen within the mountain’s white gap. The bear symbolizes the “canton” of Bern, from where Toblerone originated.


Amazon Logo A - Z meaning

Amazon undoubtedly has one of the most inventive logo designs ever seen! The site’s current branding, the smiling arrow logo, was created in the year 2000.

The arrow-shaped yellow smile that extends from A to Z in Amazon’s spelling represents the brand’s dedication to bringing all the products from A-Z and smiles to people’s doors as rapidly as possible.


A logo is an essential tool in your promotional toolbox. It represents the company’s basic principles and what it strives to provide.

A well-executed logo guarantees that your firm is identified, loved, and remembered. Thus, all in all, a logo can do a lot for your business. Thus making it essential to invest in designing a creative UI/UX logo design.

Hopefully, you got some inspiration from the above-mentioned ideas, rules, and tips.


#1. What are the 3 rules of good logo design?

Here are the key rules to follow while designing your logo;

  • Appropriate – logos should convey the appropriate emotion.
  • Distinctive and Memorable – It must be different enough to stick in our minds.
  • Simple – Logos must be simple to understand and memorize.

#2. What Should You Avoid In A Logo?

Here are a few things that every UI/UX design agency or designer must avoid while designing a logo;

  • A logo should not be too complicated to understand.
  • It should not be copied from other brands.
  • It should not be irrelevant to the business and its services/products.
  • Furthermore, it shouldn’t depict an imbalance of color scheme and font.

#3. What is the most important thing in a logo?

A logo must convey the brand’s identity and message. A great business logo requires beautiful typography, basic colors, and a striking visual aspect.

#4. What is the future of logo design?

Given the fast pace of technological innovation, the graphic design business will become immersive. In other words, graphic design will go digital in the coming years, while paper will fade away. So, any UI UX design service company looking to stay relevant in the future should consider logo design in their portfolio.

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