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Want to know the process of a logo design by a professional? or the strategies behind designing a successfull and memorable logo? so for this week we have a roundup of great and very useful tips also tutorials about logo design process. As the favorite links of the week, a weekly column which we share our favorite articles, tutorials, and resources about brand identity – logo design with the readers.

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creative process of the design cubicle logo

View the links : The creative process for The Design Cubicle logo

brand identity design

View the links : My brand identity design process, by David Airey

logo design process fitucci

View the links : Logo Design Process for FITUCCI

successful logo design

View the links : Steps of a Successful Logo Design Process

how to design logo

View the links : How To Design A Logo

  1. sarfraz raza says

    Yeah, i must say superb collection, it has been great to see this. As we know company is recognized by it’s own logo which must be very unique and well created. I had seen all this Logos and find it really very impressive.

  2. Admin1 says

    @sarfaz raza : We are glad you like this post. Thanks

  3. Alex Barton says

    Great selection. I look forward to reading more of these and your tweets. Just the kind of stuff we are looking for 🙂

  4. Admin1 says

    @Alex Barton : This blog and the tweets is dedicated as a resource of brand identity design. We will try to give our best.
    Thanks Alex, very nice comment 🙂

  5. […] Great Logo Design Tips and Tutorials Want to know the process of a logo design by a professional? or the strategies behind designing a successfull and memorable logo? Check this articles […]

  6. Creative Logo Designers says

    We are LogoProDesign as a Creative Logo Designer, We checked your artwork collections. Those are amazed us. Thanks for that type of good work collections. We regularly checked your website for good artwork example.

    David Thomas

  7. John Stark says

    Well, I must admit this is a really good collection of websites, and not just for the logos. In fact, I was

    surprised to find most of my favorite sites listed in here and going by that token I should like the other ones

    as well. Thanks for taking the time out to give us this list.

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