Why you Shouldn’t Opt for Free Hosting and Free Domains?

Cheap web hosting and domain registration has made it very possible for even newbies who have less or no startup investment to begin a website without much hassle. Previously things weren’t so easy and when someone wanted to start some business or some venture online, he or she had to overcome tremendous financial barriers the most major one being setup equipment cost; here referring to web hosting. While this wasn’t much of a hindrance for established firms and affluent people, but the newbies had to face a uphill battle.

Fortunately now things have tremendously changed and companies now provide more affordable options like cheap web hosting and domain registration so that you can start and grow your online business.

Cheap Web Hosting

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Now although there are now cheaper options available, but certain people specially newbies opt for free hosting and free domain. You must have heard of free web hosting services such as freehostia etc. These so called free web hosting options which lure can prove costly for you. Often it has ben seen that these free web hosting companies place their own ads on your website as a compensation for you using free web hosting. Moreover, there is no deying the fact that the uptime of such hosting is pathetic. The problem is this free hosting won’t allow you to use more resources which you would need to expand your website and make it big. Thereby it caps your bandwidth and as a result website is down.

Cheap Web Hosting

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Now talking about domain. Not long ago many people started with .co.cc domain as it was free and see today, google has deindexed all .co.cc domains. This confirms that relying on free options do not lay a good foundation for a successful and stable online business, and this is very bad for your brand building strategy.

One should always opt for paid quality web hosting. Now by quality it doesn’t mean that you need to shell hundreds of dollars each month on web hosting. A meagre 5-6 dollars a month can fetch you a decent hosting, the most recommended ones being hostgator and bluehost. As far as domain registration goes, its recommended that you opt for Godaddy, Namecheap or networksolutions.

These are quality names In the industry and its almost certain that you won’t need to worry about website uptime as these companies offer 99 percent uptime and unlimited bandwidth.

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