Ice Cream Branding And Packaging: A Collection of 50 Deliciously Creative Designs

Creative Ice Cream Branding and Packaging Designs

Standing out in a market with so many players takes more than just tasty flavors, It also requires smart business strategies and finding a way to differentiate yourself in the marketplace.

Here we’ve picked out 50 ice cream branding and packaging designs to inspire you.

For more awesome branding & packaging designs:

Blueberry Frozen Dessert Branding by Millimeter Brands

Eyes Cream Truck Branding by Millimeter Brands

Over the Stone

Pipiri Papiri by The Branding People

TAIYAKI NYC by Ching-Tat Lee

Wauw! by Snask

Van Leeuwen Artisan Ice Cream by Pentagram Design

SYRENA Ice Cream by Agenza

Winter Milk by Anagrama Studio

Gelato Ice Cream by Doris Advertising

Roll di Gelato by Pedro Pires

O Fabuloso Armazém do Sorvete by Vínculo Design

Suomen Jäätelö by Werklig

São • Fruit Ice Creams by Mariana Gonçalves

Caramello – Gelato & Patisserie by Collettivo Mare

IceCream Confetti by nuket güner çorlan

Framboos Handcrafted Ice Cream by Carli Badenhorst

Arktis Gelato by north™

Sincelo by This is Pacifica

Gelateria Piccolino by Rustam Gareyev

Icecreame by Mohanad Ba’arimah

Helados Milos by Plastico Estudio

Western Tea Room by Gulor

Gelateria Monte Pelmo

SOYO Frozen Yoghurt

Lovells by Suyog Singh Thakuri

Malvasi ice cream by Marcelo Alvarez

MiiRO ice cream by IWANT design

Subisú by Futura

La luz del Día by Yeye Design

Spice Ice by Alexandra Motovilina

Ice Kitchen by Robot Food

Rain Or Shine Ice Cream by Glasfurd and Walker

London Gelateria by Camila Nascimento

Rey Cacao


Mint Elephant by Logo Machine


Pipersglass by Camilla Danielsson

Picolittos by Bradda Design

FRO FRO by Bravo

Muse Ice Cream by Mo Kalache

De Makery by Daniela Casso G

Naturis by Austli Design

DOCE CONE by Sara Silva

Maison Pistache by Greg Ellinger

BIKE ON THE BEAR by Rope Wardrobe

Misegreta by Saturna Studio

Stew’n’Drew’s by my creative

Yüp Frozen Yogurt by my creative

Pardal by Abracadabra Branding + Design