Logo Design Inspiration: 30 Creative Full Color Logos

Color plays a very important role in the process of logo design. But in choosing colors should exactly communicate about the brand and company’s mission and vision. Because every color has its own meaning and each color describes different purpose and idea.

Below are 30 examples of creative full color logos. Maybe from here you can learn, examples of a combination of various colors and symbols to produce a unique logo.


Full Color Logo Design


Full Color Logo Design


Full Color Logo Design


Full Color Logo Design


Full Color Logo Design

Agent Orange Logo

Full Color Logo Design


Full Color Logo Design

Brite Click

Full Color Logo Design


Full Color Logo Design

Collective Feedback

Full Color Logo Design

instituto portugues

Full Color Logo Design

Andy Fiord Studio

Full Color Logo Design


Full Color Logo Design

Star Creative

Full Color Logo Design

101 princess St

Full Color Logo Design


Full Color Logo Design


Full Color Logo Design

Be The Star You Are

Full Color Logo Design

Vivid Vogue

Full Color Logo Design


Full Color Logo Design

Leescafe Raalte

Full Color Logo Design


Full Color Logo Design


Full Color Logo Design


Full Color Logo Design

Brand Events

Full Color Logo Design


Full Color Logo Design


Full Color Logo Design


Full Color Logo Design

Action Now

Full Color Logo Design


Full Color Logo Design

We hope this logo design inspiration will help you to come up with some excellent ideas. We would love to hear your thoughts so please comment below.

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  1. Dave van Hoorn says

    Wow! Cool list of really good looking logo’s. I really like the spherical ones. Thanks for sharing

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  3. Yahya says

    @Dave, glad you like it ^_^)>. We always try to share good things here

  4. djavupixel says

    Thanks for these colorful logos! Great Collection

  5. Eko S says

    @djavupixel: Glad to see you here..thanks 🙂
    Anyway, your blog is great.

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  7. […] Logo Design Inspiration: 30 Creative Full Color Logos […]

  8. Le Post du lundi 3

    […] une tripotée d’icônes assez variées. Vous allez certainement trouver votre bonheur. ibrandstudio va vous en faire voir de toute les couleurs! De quoi vous donner de l’inspiration. Hey […]

  9. Eko S says

    @Houston web design company: Yes we like their color combination too, very creative. Glad you like this post 🙂

  10. Bryan says

    Thanks for sharing. I am really bad at thinking of creating logos and this gave me inspiration and ideas.

  11. Eko S says

    @Bryan: Hi, we are glad this post inspired you… 🙂

  12. Konstantin says

    Lovely collection 🙂

  13. Giacomo Colddesign says

    Great collection.. thanks for sharing!!

  14. Eko S says

    @Konstantin: Thanks for your love in this post 🙂

    @Giacomo: Your welcome :), we try to give our best..

  15. LogoOnlinePros.com says

    Its a awesome and looks so fantastic logo design work.
    thanks for share this beautiful collection of logo design work. this logo give me better idea to design a logo with creative style.
    thanks once again.

  16. Eko S says

    @LogoOnlinePros.com: Hi, Thanks for the comment, give us motivation to give the best we can.

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  18. […] Logo Design Inspiration: 30 Creative Full Color Logos […]

  19. […] Logo Design Inspiration: 30 Creative Full Color Logos […]

  20. […] Logo Design Inspiration: 30 Creative Full Color Logos […]

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  22. […] Logo Design Inspiration: 30 Creative Full Color Logos […]

  23. […] Logo Design Inspiration: 30 Creative Full Color Logos […]

  24. viventi says

    Wooow. Very nice full color logos. Thats the inspiration i searched for. Thankx a lot for this great collection!

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  26. LogoBlog.org says

    Very nice collection of logo design you have here! this was so impressive to see them, as a logo designer it would a very useful to getting more creative ideas. thanks for this great job!

  27. hemant says

    Great collection of logos. Exactly what I’m looking for. I liked that most are very simple yet great. Thanks a lot 🙂

  28. John Smith says

    Thanks for this amazing article it will help the designers to take help from these ideas and portray it. I am Also a Logo designer at logowizpro which is a website where you can design your own logo for free and make stunning logos with hundreds of templates.

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