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Branding is essential in business, so your logo is a crucial part of your entire startup brand. A logo is a symbol that communicates your business values, quality, and ownership, in one word- your whole brand. When it comes to startups, designing a logo is the biggest challenge. Why?

It’s because success or failure depends on your brand’s popularity first. Every image, icon, symbol, or mark should present your entire business- simply and uniquely. When potential customers meet a logo that represents your business, they connect immediately with the brand you offer.

A logo may be just a tiny image, but it carries much more than a simple design – it also brings a lot of responsibility. Since many new companies want to provide great impressions to the target audience, a logo is crucial. A well-designed logo makes your company’s identity looks professional, intelligent, and attractive.

What makes a great logo

Today, there are many existing logos, so it’s quite easy to find examples of both well-designed and clumsy logos in use. However, what makes a great logo? How can you know if your company’s logo represents your business effectively?

To answer these questions, we provide you with the following features of technology company logos great designs that are crucial in the startup business:


Simple Logo Example

Make it simple. It means that you don’t need to overcomplicate your logo design anatomy for small businesses.


Your logo needs to be recognized easily by your potential customers and remember your brand. If your logo is unclear and complicated, it will be difficult for your target audience.

If your logo is complicated, it will be difficult to recognize, but it won’t also engage your audience. In other words, a simple designed logo is the one that people immediately see it. The logo communicates the essential aspects of your business and services to your potential partners.


Distinct Logo Example

If your logo looks too much like other logos, customers will need more time to recognize your brand or confuse it with another. Most importantly, they can end up choosing services from another company instead of yours. Avoid looking like your competitors.


Memorable Logo Example

A well-designed logo has a significant impact. If you want to have your potential customer’s attention and leave a positive impression, making a memorable logo is crucial. A well-designed logo will remain memorable only if a person, who sees it once, could explain the logo to anyone else.

Making a memorable logo could be a complex process, but it is worth it. Maybe it is not the easiest way to impact your audience, but it is an excellent way of creating a unique logo that everyone will remember.


Versatile Logo Example

Consider various applications before designing a logo. When creating it, it should look nice on any web device, like your startup website, and print material, like a business card or on a glass door.

Professional graphic designers know that if a logo looks good on a website, it might not work on a brochure or vice versa. So, graphic designers need to design outstanding logos considering all the factors.


Timeless Logo Example

Being too much trendy doesn’t sound good. Why? Because trends come and go. For example, when you change a pair of jeans or buy a new dress, that sounds good, but if your brand identity is questioned, then sustainability is crucial.


Relevant Logo Example

If your logo is relevant to your practice, then it is a great one. Your business logo should have a meaning that relates to the services you offer. An appropriate logo communicates a brand’s personality and identity.

What does a relevant logo mean? It means that font, color, and symbol are crucial when building connections between your brand and ideas.

Startup Logos Examples

The logo is the key to your startup. Great design and concise message: All your logo needs is to show customers who you are and what you’re about. Here are some examples of inspirative startup logos:


Flatbread Co. Logo

One of the best examples of a well-designed logo is of Flatbread company. It has a striking eye-catchy image that shows what the brand is about. A vintage color palette is the main characteristic of its design.

This company is based in Hong Kong, and it is a flat listing service for renters and landlords. It has a unique logo that leaves you without a breath.


Snapchat Logo

Did you know that one of the most popular social networks, Snapchat uses a mascot for its logo? Those who use this application know that messages sent between users disappear after viewing them.

The ghost logo represents the story behind it, and the most exciting part is that the app has two logo variations– one with a face and one with a blank ghost.


Moozicore Logo

Moozicore is an application of streaming music for venues. The music here is essential for customers, and they can control music from their smartphones. The logo has three vertical bars with rounded edges that form the letter M. The bars symbolize sound waves, and the orange color is a perfect fit because of its brightness.


Squarespace Logo

Squarespace is a company for website building and hosting. The logo of the company has an elegant and recognizable design. It’s extraordinary, designed, and casual at the same time. Most people use it to create cool portfolio websites with it.


Calendly Logo

Calendly is an appointment booking software and pretty much one of the most popular ones. Still, even if it looks so dashingly nice (maybe because most people use the free version), there are still lots of users that want something more out of it. And this is why you’ll see a lot of Calendly alternatives out there.

Green Spork

Green Spork Logo

This company is a rare type of meal planner. It works to reduce leftover ingredients with great recipes. The green color of the logo seems an excellent alternative for a startup business with the word “green” in the name.

The design with the letter “g” and a spork in it is a beautiful idea. The name and design are obviously with purpose; it correlates green with nature.


HubSpot Logo

To say that HubSpot is just a lead generation software is an under-statement. This company is now a mammoth and has promoted its brand through various ways, mostly through the blog content they have, but also through the many partners that it has.


42Floors Logo

42Floors is a company that helps small businesses in renting office space. Their logo contains vertical lines in the number “4” that look like windows representing an office block. Interesting, isn’t it?

Shipyard Games

Shipyared Games Logo

Another great logo is of Shipyard Games Company. This company focuses on building location-based mobile games. The stylized logo is similar to nautical fonts, echoed by S’s similarity of a shipyard hook. It plays into both the startup’s name and the business’s nature: a virtual shipyard for the development, not of ships, but mobile games.


EventsFrame Logo

This company is a great startup and powerful events ticketing system for organizers and attendees. It has a beautiful logo design too. The E/F shape on the left side is an exciting spin on the brand’s initials and works as a recognizable independent logo.


To sum up, a carefully made logo can make a unique impression on your potential customers. They will feel like your business has an identity. You are a fantastic company, and so your product is. So, make an outstanding logo while playing with words and colors, and get your unique designed logo.

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