Buying TikTok Followers In 2021: Yes Or No?

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When asked what two key lessons 2020 has taught us (and COVID19 in particular), we’ll definitely answer that:

  • Sometimes the worst does happen, and when it does, it comes at full speed right when we least expect it.
  • Secondly, any marketer should guarantee their business sports a social media profile because one could never know when some lockdown will be brought upon us and ruin all the fun. And just like that, we’ll lose the ability to spend money in a shop or the mall altogether, and be forced to do this online.

With such changes and update rules to play by, it’s no surprise why TikTok’s usage has grown significantly, and it’s no wonder why the internet is filled to the brim with guides for TikTok growth, as well as the dream of becoming influential on TikTok.

If it were as easy as it sounds, anyone could buy TikTok followers to their heart’s content. And perhaps it is true, and it is as easy as pie; just pay a couple of bucks, and you’re good to go.

Therefore, our team has gathered the most insightful notions and truths about the true face of buying TikTok engagement, so the unknown will be much less scary and vague than it could.

If our advice isn’t enough for you, you can also expand your knowledge with these 10 social media tips to develop your brand.

Are You New To TikTok?

A useful tip to apply in other fields besides TikTok marketing; whenever you’re about to do something for the first time, why not hit Google with a question about it and read a review outlining effective and harmless ways to do it.

TikTok likes, comments, views, and shares (or ‘engagement’ in one word) play a crucial role in helping your account grow. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the endless hunt after TikTok engagement is the core principle the app runs on (you’re not the only one who has this deja vu moment; this is also what happens on Facebook).

What Happens When You Buy Tiktok Engagement From ‘Honey Trap’ Sources?

The outcome of making a deal with the devil (excuse us for the dramatic tone here, but sometimes it does escalate to such levels) could evolve in any of these two directions:

For one, you might find yourself paying for any said ‘magic service’ to boost your TikTok presence without getting any return for this investment in the end (believe us, it does happen when you fall into the wrong hands!).

Secondly (this is probably the worst-case scenario that might develop); by offering free followers/likes for filling an innocent-looking survey, you practically give up your credit card’s most vulnerable details.

When this happens; someone you don’t know getting access to your credit card and could take advantage of it at any time and spend as much money as they like at your expense; you really have nothing to do but pray. Quite frightening, isn’t it?

Before You Give Up All Hope; There Are Also Honest Ones Out There

How does the expression go, ‘it’s always darkest before the dawn?’ Don’t let our pessimistic forecast bring you down just yet, because it’s time to read some good news for a change.

Believe it or not, there are people in the industry who actually care about their customers, who truly mean business, and won’t try to steal your personal details.

If you’re keen about powering up your TikTok page with new fans and followers, it’s time you become acquainted with a couple of authentic sources that do just that with no ifs or buts.

Take, for example. This website will distribute the service you buy at a healthy pace that won’t put you in a problematic position in the eyes of the app’s’ algorithm.

Are There Any Alternatives To Buying Tiktok Engagement?

Fortunately, buying TikTok engagement isn’t the only way to promote yourself on social media. If hard work doesn’t scare you, and you’re willing to devote any amount of time and energy needed for helping your business grow, there are other ways to get there.

Social media is all about content and making sure that it is of high quality should always be your forefront concern; otherwise, what makes your page any better than your rivals’?

The key lies in addressing your audience’s pains and needs and giving them what they look for. Anyone who fails to acknowledge the latter’s importance shouldn’t complain that their page doesn’t get anywhere.


Buying TikTok followers is very tricky and isn’t something that’s recommended for newbies at all. What we usually like to say is, why not both?

You could blend between organic promotion and posting valuable content regularly and using the service of third-party providers simultaneously, thus enjoying the benefits of each method to the fullest.

About the Author!

Yuval Zilberfarb is a content writer and editor at SEOMADEZ LLC. The company manages several sites, and TikRoyal is one of them. In his free time, Yuval listens to Indie-rock music, and bides his time until Haruki Murakami releases his next novel.

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