How To Attract More Customers with Video Marketing

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Video marketing strategies in the industrial sector are of great importance for all companies that want to take advantage of their potential to impact their potential clients, partners, or consumers positively. One of the most modern and striking ways that companies use to attract the attention of their target is called video marketing.

It is a discipline that uses video as a format to convey messages to its clients in a highly studied way. It can be said that it is a kind of bombardment of the client with the most important aspects of the product or service in an audiovisual way.

Advantages of video marketing

#1. Videos elicit emotions

The main advantage of video marketing is that it manages to connect with the target audience more effectively since it helps to highlight the unique characteristics of a product or service. By the sector to which they belong, industrial companies are considered a little less accessible and close than those of other niches.

Therefore, using a format as attractive as video is a great help to convey the value proposition of this type of organization. Keep in mind that generating feelings in the mind of the end consumer or the client makes the brand solidly positioned, providing a unique value that only that company can offer.

The positioning of companies can be modified to a greater extent thanks to the good use of video marketing, especially when it is mixed with Inbound marketing and storytelling strategies. In this way, customer loyalty is easier since video marketing in the industrial sector helps potential customers get to know the company quickly, immediately and entertainingly.

#2. People are more attracted by video content

Large companies have seen and carefully studied that their impact on potential customers is greater than other types of strategies. As a result, they now spend a good part of their marketing budget on creating quality video content.

The industrial market is aware that by 2021, more than 20% of traffic will be dominated by videos. This is seen in the increase in time spent on platforms like YouTube. In the industrial sector, it is very common to set up channels on this platform since it allows them to create educational content that is easy to consume and understand by their target audience and, in this way, send traffic to their website.

Recent studies indicate that people are more attracted to video content than other publications, especially on social networks. 90% of users say that watching a video helps them when making a purchase decision.

This is particularly interesting for the industrial sector since their sales process is very long and this helps them to show their product and their activity in detail. It’s no wonder that 85% of industrial companies are already using this marketing strategy to get closer to their customers.

#3. Videos help build trust

The numbers do not lie when analyzing the impact that a certain strategy can have on the market, especially in the industrial sector. What’s more, 76% of engineers, technical buyers, production managers, and maintenance managers have agreed and confirmed their interest in hiring a service or buying a product after watching a video.

But the biggest impact that video has in the industrial sector is that it is a strategy that helps these companies build trust in the public. Keep in mind that this is the sector with the slowest digitization of all. And, until a few years ago, they weren’t much inclined to share the details of their activity.

However, everything has changed, and it is necessary to use the new digital channels to improve the performance of companies and find new business opportunities. Consumers are now much more aware and more concerned about the social responsibility of the companies they consume.

Due to its intrinsic characteristics, industrial activity tends to have a greater impact on the environment: emissions, waste, exploitation of raw materials … Therefore, they must have a higher level of transparency regarding their activity. Video marketing in the industrial sector is particularly useful to convey your commitments regarding the different areas where you carry out your activity.

How to attract more customers with video marketing?

If it is the most attractive format, capable of building trust, improving reputation and getting traffic, or there are reasons why your company should not take full advantage of it. Still, there are many different ways to take advantage of it. Also, there are a few elements that should not be missing in video marketing campaigns in the industrial sector:

#1. Corporate video

One of the most common strategies is the creation of a corporate video. Thanks to storytelling, it is possible to show customers the company’s history from a more human point of view. Corporate video can be one of the main letters of introduction for any company, and it is common to find them in the website’s headers. You need to find more creative corporate video ideas to make your video unique and stand out from others.

#2. Call to action

Among the most important aspects to consider when creating a video marketing campaign in the industrial sector is the use of persuasive CTAs. As you already know, on YouTube, it is common for the videos produced to include these CTAs at the end of said audiovisual content. This is done to provoke a reaction from the audience.

The objective may be to follow a certain product on social networks, subscribe to a newsletter, or directly contract the service. The goal is to encourage the audience to make a move that your campaign has previously studied.

#3. Links

Another element that should not be missing in a successful video marketing campaign for industrial companies is the use of links or links that take the user, for example, to a landing page or home page where they can learn more about the product. or the service being promoted. It can serve as a kind of CTA without the need to be invasive during the video transmission.

#4. Custom videos

In a marketing campaign, no video is the same as another. And much less in terms of its audience. For this reason, the creation of videos must play with the creativity of designers and content creators to achieve a quality product. But, above all, with the proper segmentation of the audience.

That is to say, on the one hand, it must contain the identity seal of the brand in question. For example, through bright colors related to the company, brand logos, sounds and original music, or a message or phrase always associated with the company. On the other, the content must be planned based on who it is aimed at and its objective.

#5. The transmission channels of video content

There are several ways to make audiovisual content known to the target audience, consumers and target. For example, it can be achieved by creating a YouTube channel, or through social networks or on the company’s official websites.

Although the networks are a great lever for the virtualization of content, including it on the website is also a good idea. Keep in mind that Google positions video content much better, so it can help improve your visibility and SEO positioning.

#6. The video on landing pages

The idea of doing video marketing campaigns in the industrial sector is also to increase the conversions of potential customers into effective customers. For this reason, industrial sector videos are designed and created to sell industrial technology, technical solutions, and engineering projects.

But do you want to capture those prospects even more effectively? Combine them with your landing pages and you will notice the difference in the results. Thus, you can offer products and services visually and persuade your visitors to leave their data and start a new business relationship.

To sum up

In short, video marketing is the perfect opportunity to attract traffic to your website, promote services or products. Obtain leads and, of course, increase the reach of your brand as well as the positioning.

It is a matter of time for many competing companies to take up the task of exploiting this important form of business. Whether or not you have prior knowledge of this type of content or activity, videos can help you discover the full potential for your brand.

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