How Video Marketing Increases Conversion Rates

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Video marketing can be a powerful tool for creating higher conversion rates. In fact, if you take a second to look around the internet, you’ll notice video is everywhere, and that’s for a good reason—it works. If you’re ready to integrate video marketing into your overall campaign strategies, here’s what you need to know to create optimal success with your video content.

Why Are People Using Video Marketing?

Video offers you a great way to engage with your future or existing customers. But how does it help you increase your conversion rates, you ask? Great question! Video can help your customers better understand the products and services you offer.

This, in turn, builds trust at the important stages of the sales funnel. When you use video at the right time for certain audiences, you can address their problems, questions, and pain points in ways that garner attention for your brand, and position yourself as an authority in your industry.

Although different organizations use different titles, the sales funnel is generally comprised of four steps:

  • Awareness and discovery: At this stage, people are trying to figure out if they have a problem and, if so, what they can do to remedy it.
  • Researching solutions: As people work their way down the sales funnel, they start asking “how” questions — as in “how can your business benefit their needs?”
  • Education on purchases: By this point, your potential consumers know they have a problem, and they know there are solutions. They’re at the stage of choosing which business, brand, product, or service will best suit their needs.
  • Action taken: The consumer has purchased a product or service.

Each of these steps requires a different type of communication. In other words, you don’t want to target people with solutions who haven’t even discovered they have a problem. Instead, you want to meet them with content that’s relevant to the stage they’re at in the sales funnel. When you do so, you’ll increase your conversions.

There’s another reason marketers are using video in their campaigns: People have shortened attention spans and are constantly inundated with information. Between work emails, the 24-hour news cycle, social media, and everything else we face every day, people don’t have the stamina to pay attention to many old-school methods of marketing.

This is where video makes a difference.

Video, because of its visually engaging and entertaining qualities, helps you grab and keep the attention of your audience.

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What Can You Do to Improve Your Conversion Rates Using Video?

#1. Digital Ads

Chances are, if you’re a marketer, you probably already have some form of digital advertising for your brand. This is an awesome way to present targeted messages across multiple phases of the sales funnel.

You can give the unaware customers insight into a problem they didn’t even know they had while also highlighting features that set your company apart from your competitors for those who are further down the sales funnel. This can’t really be done with written content very easily, but with video, you can target multiple types of audiences at the same time.

Video ads are attention-grabbers and tend to work more effectively than static images. Consider the fact that mobile users spend less than 2 seconds with pieces of content; grabbing their attention immediately is downright imperative.

#2. Recorded Videos and Webinars

Webinars and recorded videos are great for conversions because they’re highly engaging. Webinars can take attendees through the entire customer journey, allowing you to help identify problems and offer solutions at the same time.

They also tend to generate high-quality leads—people who have already demonstrated an interest in what you still by virtue of singing up for the event. With each webinar attendee, you can gather lead and engagement data that will enable your sales team to provide personalized outreaches.

#3. Landing Pages

For landing pages focused on people who are product aware, add instructive, engaging video to show people how to best use your products. When people see a product in action and getting the job done, they acquire the confidence to make a purchase.

#4. Product Pages

Your website’s product pages afford you a great chance to showcase your products’ best features. Video allows you to incorporate motion, highlight key features and benefits, clearly explain complex aspects of the item or how it is used.

#5. Emails

Sending videos in emails can be a little tricky, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. In fact, if you’re able to master this art of video email campaigns, you’ll stand out above your competition and be top-of-mind when consumers consider moving down the sales funnel.

How Do You Get Started with Video Marketing?

Now that you know how important video can be to your overall marketing strategy, it’s time to get started.

  • Hire a professional. Use a professional video marketing to shoot your product videos. You’ll want the benefits of a proper setup, great lighting, and outstanding gear and equipment. Yes, you could use your iPhone, but would any successful marketer recommend it? Not if you truly want to showcase the your brand in the most positive way, you need to work with professionals who do showcase brands for a living.
  • Show your product from several angles. People want to see the ins and outs of what you’re offering. Utilize video to show your product from several angles, and let people see how it’s put together, if possible. Be sure to zoom in on your products’ best features so people can see what sets you apart from the competition.
  • Involve brand evangelists. Look for ways to bring your biggest supporters into the video-making process so potential customers can hear from real humans about their experiences with your brand.
  • Segment your audiences. Get the most mileage out of your videos as possible by segmenting them by geography, age, or other demographic information that might make your messages more focused and hard-hitting.

The great thing about video is that people vastly prefer viewing over reading, and with these tips, you can soon have your brand shown in the best light online.

How Video Marketing Increases Conversion Rates Infographic
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