Top Video Marketing Trends and Companies in 2021

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As technology advances, digital and internet marketing undergoes a great deal of change. Whether you have a local business or a huge enterprise marketing is the main pillar that plays a crucial part in promoting the business, increasing sales, or making a reputable name of your brand amongst the competitors.

One of the most effective methods to engage with your targeted audience in the digital environment is through video marketing. Nearly on all internet platforms, videos have become the most popular and desired sort of content.

Videos transmit information more quickly and efficiently than any other source; it is evident that people prefer watching videos to get answers for their queries over reading long paragraphs on websites. In 2021 many businesses have started using video marketing to boost their conversions extensively and drive audience engagement.

However, just because video marketing is becoming more popular, it does not mean you can publish any material and expect it to reach your target audience. With continual adjustments in viewer tastes, platform offers, and advertising possibilities, video marketing continues to evolve.

Therefore, it’s critical to comprehend which video marketing strategy would be useful for you to use for your business.

Most Productive Video Marketing Trends in 2021:

  1. Animated Explainer Videos
  2. Social Media Posting
  3. Sponsored Brand Videos
  4. Testimonial Videos
  5. Video Ads

#1. Animated Explainer Videos

Animated explainer videos are one of the most trending video marketing strategies considered by virtual enterprises in 2021. Animation has a unique and charming effect of its own which sets it above any other form of marketing, it allows you to have a grasp of people’s emotions.

People will always prefer a detailed animated video that is short in length over reading long paragraphs to get an idea about the brand they are looking forward to working with.

Explainer videos are indeed a powerful tool in terms of marketing but they are also very entertaining and that is why they are able to develop a certain kind of interest in people regarding the brand or the products.

In comparison with regular marketing videos, explainer videos are cost-effective and do not require multiple shoots or huge productions. Explainer videos can also be made on short notices all that it requires is a creative, skilled, and hardworking animator.

Since the demand for animated videos has increased, the number of animators has also increased globally; making it difficult for people to find an animator with such skills.

These are the two leading Video Animation companies that are trustworthy and have employees that possess legit skills that are needed to create a captivating explainer video.

  1. Animation Barrel has made a reputable name in a very short time for itself by selling its exclusive services globally. According to the reviews given by their clients, the company creates the most fascinating explainer videos and is proven to be the best video animation company in the industry.
  2. Animation Iconix is a leading video animation company based in Houston, Texas, San Francisco, and California. With its unique style and striking animation, the company has made a huge impact in the animation industry. Their professional team has assisted numerous enterprises to setup virtual portfolios.

#2. Social Media Posting

Video Marketing through social media has always been the most trending strategy of marketing. There are over a billion people that use social media websites and apps daily for hours.

Social media has made marketing easier and convenient for people in many ways. Especially the people with startups take complete advantage of social media as it does not cost anything to market products or services on social media.

Social media video marketing can bring a strong upturn to your brand. Social media platforms never stand back in terms of increasing sales and promoting the brand.

A well-structured promotional video posted on social media can become a powerful tool for the business. Over the past few years’ social media platforms like; Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat are constantly being used for marketing purposes so people often ignore most of the textual and picture content but a well-structured video never gets ignored.

Therefore, it becomes a source of information for people about the brand, develops a certain kind of interest in them, and gives them a gesture of trust that the seller is legit.

Social media management and posting is not a job that everyone can do, analyzing the audience’s response and engagement requires certain skills. People with startups often hire freelancers for this kind of work but having a professional Social Media Manager by your side can do a far greater job than any freelancer.

Below are the two leading companies that offer the finest social media management services to brands and enterprises.

  1. Digital Iconix is a leading agency that offers countless digital solutions to brands and startups. They have the expertise of creating high-quality videos that are relevant for the social media audience. The company has given its assistance to some of the nation’s top brands and is also associated with award-winning Social Media Specialists.
  2. Hycon Digital LLC is a US-based digital agency, it is a multi-potential company having expertise in a variety of fields. Social Media Marketing and Posting is the key skill of Hycon Digital, the company is known for creating social media presence of brands for years, and on top of that, they offer 100% client satisfaction.

#3. Sponsored Brand Videos

Sponsoring your brand video is an exclusive way that aids the products to stand out amongst the competitors. It instantly brings results as it is very effective in multiple terms. These videos are more than able to give an amazing value to your audience and also, make it easier for you to reach your targeted audience.

Most companies have started collaborating with social media and internet influencers to reach a higher audience. Sponsoring influencers to market brand videos can immediately build trust between you and your customers as well as enrich the content strategy of your brand.

Influencers usually have a huge audience that they interact with on daily basis attention so it gives the brand owners a chance to connect with that audience and turn them into consumers.

Since this sort of marketing is already tied up with a huge audience therefore it benefits both the brands and influencers equally in terms of gaining profit.

The contributions that these sponsored videos make in the expansion of your brand are one of the prominent advantages of the internet.

However, sponsored videos are not just a powerful tool for increasing brand awareness and building trust but they also drive sales of the brand and have a great probability of bringing potential customers to the website of your brand.

#4. Testimonial Videos

Videos that are referred to as “corporative video” or “test commercial” are usually testimonial videos, these videos illustrate good experiences with your product, brand, and from your customers.

Testimonial videos are one of the most powerful tools you have at your disposal, you can’t afford to lose out on such a strong marketing tool. More than 80% of the consumers watch these testimonial videos in order to gain knowledge about the brands.

The more details in testimony, the more trustworthy it is. A powerful testimonial video is about establishing a narrative. These videos give your customers a chance to see how other individuals feel about your items in an unscripted, unfiltered manner.

To make an effective testimonial video you need to make sure that the opening of your video is distinctive. Testimonial videos across the internet are usually from 30 seconds to several minutes whereas you can sum up everything you need in 45-60 seconds while keeping the viewers entertained.

Testimonial videos are often more effective as they are not heavy-handed sales pitches. It is more like demonstrating the success of your product or service by using facts and people linked to your business. An efficient testimonial video is more than able to convert prospects into customers.

Brands usually avoid considering testimonial videos as the production of these videos is far expensive than any other video production. But according to most surveys, more than 79% of internet users watch testimonial videos over comments and reviews to get an idea about the brand they are willing to work with.

#5. Video Ads

Adverting videos on different social media platforms and websites can bring huge traffic to your brand’s official website, most of the organic sales of a virtual brand are the result of video adverts. A short intriguing video ad can do a great job of promoting a brand amongst mobile users.

Since users do not like being bothered these ads can work better if they are 10 or 15 seconds long and mainly if they are about a certain product or a guide to keeping the viewers is informed.

Video adverting is the most effective way of reaching out to customers. Customers are more informed about the brand’s availability and the range of its items because of these ads. It also aids the growth of a company’s revenue and sales. The more fascinating and enlightening the video is the more sales it will generate.

Utilizing the benefits of video advertising has become very common in virtual businesses, but with popularity comes complications. Therefore, it has become a difficult job for startups and developing businesses to get professional video advertising assistance as the internet is full of unqualified service providers.

However, Website Iconix is the foremost company that provides video advertisement services, the company has an incredible reputation in the industry. And it is no doubt that they have earned this reputation, they have the most qualified professionals that will create custom-made video ads that best meet your brand’s profile.

If you are looking for a custom-made video ad Website Iconix is your, go-to company as their services are not only incredible but also cost-effective than other service providers.


Since 2020 videos have probably become the most preferred content, they are more than able to help you build authority and give your message a more personal feel. Visitors prefer to watch videos over textual content as they are entertaining, informative, and less time-consuming. People use videos as a marketing tool because it allows them to connect their brand with the audience on an emotional level.

Videos are also the most engaging and addictive type of internet content; video marketing is an excellent way to inform or educate people about your business. A good video is more than able to tell a story or deliver a big amount of information in a short time. Customers often prefer watching videos of their favorite brands and as a result, it increases the sales of the brand.

Video Marketing lets people gain a better understanding of several things about a brand or product. At the same time, it lets the brands improve their relationships with the customers, a well-structured video is capable of doing unimaginable miracles at a minimal cost.

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