Engaging Your Audience with Video Marketing

As per a report on the latest video marketing trends, since 2020 videos have probably become the most preferred content, they are more than able to help you build authority and give your message a more personal feel.

Most businesses have currently recognized how effective videos can be in publicizing a product or brand. It can attract audiences and communicate a brand’s message more effectively than textual content or print visuals.

While expert production value contributes significantly to a video’s popularity and virality on social networks, integrating highly unique content will be far more essential. Doing the same thing as everybody does with video will not get your brand noticed.

In order to use video in branding to assist you in standing out from your competitors, here are 10 different ways to utilize interesting clips to better engage your audience.

10 Tips to Use Video Marketing to Attract Your Target Audience

Continue scrolling down to know everything about how you can use a full-fledged video marketing strategy to drive the engagement of your customers.

#1. Be responsive to consumer comments

Clients can now provide brands with direct, substantiated feedback. Even so, many people are not taking advantage of this.

Gather and resolve most of the user feedback your company has garnered on posts on social media and adverts in your clip.

The video must appear communicative, as if it were responding to the inputs directly.

Feedback from customers can provide valuable inputs that will assist you in ensuring your message strikes a chord with your target audience.

By accumulating and acting on these responses, you can enhance your whole video making process and avoid wasting precious time on a clip that does not connect.

Based on responses, you can create videos as per needs. For example, if you want to raise awareness, a concise, entertaining social media clip highlighting your company’s core values would be a good choice.

If your viewer is in the decision-making stage, or at the end of the funnel, a FAQ tutorial will help address concerns that are blocking them from buying.

2. Consider adding subtitles

Adding Video Subtitles

Use an Amberscript auto subtitle generator to add subtitles to your videos. When you add closed captions to a clip, it becomes much more comprehensible and relevant.

Consider this: will you watch a beauty vlog in which you need to turn on your audio? Or will you be more prone to watch and interact with the same clip that includes subtitles — so that you can follow the steps simultaneously or jot them down.

We’ll go for the latter because it’s all about ease these days. Obviously, this isn’t the only reason why you should include subtitles in your video.

Other causes involve creating accessible videos usable to someone who has difficulty hearing or in a situation where they cannot play the sound.

3. Make your videos mobile-friendly

Video should be more than just flexible and entertaining. It should also be simple to view, both at home plus on the move.

It’s no mystery that along with the upsurge of social media as mobile platforms, individuals prefer watching clips on the go.

Since 2013, smartphone view numbers have increased by 233 percent, and the trend is continuing.

Concurrently, YouTube revealed that mobile multimedia consumption is increasing by 100% each year.

By making visual content available everywhere and enticing even for the most apathetic potential audience, it’s an important promotional tool to reach a large customer base anywhere anytime.

4. Showcase personal clips from contented consumers

Editing and using fresh, short-form home-made clips from satisfied customers speaking about as well as using your item is perhaps the most distinct and relevant tool for businesses to start engaging with their viewers using video.

Premium -quality, commercialized online content doesn’t really appear as actual and genuine to prospective buyers in the same manner.

5. Include whiteboard animated content

7 Smart Ways to Do Video Marketing in 2019
Illustration by Darko Vujic via Dribbble

Whiteboard animation counts among the less intrusive ways to create a video. Those kinds of clips, also known as ‘Doodle videos,’ are typically in the form of illustrations or drawings of objects and characters supplemented by storytelling, commentary, or other audio effects.

Whiteboard clips are short, simple, and precise, explaining a thought or information in a small space of time. They are extremely interactive and one-of-a-kind, and they coerce the viewers to act.

Whiteboard videos effectively replace other types of videos because they merge vital information with stories, appealing visuals, words, animation, and wit.

Whiteboard clips are a simple, enjoyable method to narrate a story. Since they are animated, they are visually pleasing and entertaining to watch.

Whiteboard videos are also typically much less expensive than video content. Again, they are simpler for audiences to remember.

These videos educate users in an engaging way, which is one of the main reasons why such videos can hold the interest of the audience for a prolonged period. Because they are interesting and funny, they are therefore more prone to be shared on your viewer’s social media pages.

6. Incorporate video content into marketing emails

A smart way for a business to effectively utilize videos is to combine them with email campaigns.

Assume you have composed a text you desire your customers to understand.

You send out an email containing video content which conveys your statement. It will assist your online marketing campaign to stand out and avoid being overlooked in the crowd.

Videos can significantly boost click-through rates (CTR).

For instance, if you are a B2B software company, decide to showcase your workplace culture by producing 200 clips in four months for prospective email content. This strategy may double your CTR.

This is a way of using videos in email campaigns: use it to highlight your brand image and boost CTR.

7. Produce emotional and cinematographic videos

Creating empathetic and cinematic videos is an excellent tool to interact with your brand’s audiences.

Animation can sometimes be thought to be amateurish. However, multiple award-winning animated short clips have proven that this is not always true.

Therefore, embed your animation with some emotion-inducing clips or phrases. Again, videos should deliver a cinematic experience – to hold the viewer’s attention.

Apart from clear graphics and visuals, your video should include a good background score for added effect.

It is also critical to carefully select your soundtrack. A fantastic story with a wonderful backdrop of melody and harmony would always win over viewers.

8. Go live

Go Live Image
Illustration by Xiyong Li via Dribbble

While conventional Instagram features enable users to upload short clips online, novel live functions on Instagram and Facebook offer an alternative, letting users upload live video feeds about what they are doing at the time.

Ensure that you follow the correct steps while creating video content for Facebook and Instagram Live. When you do the above, you would have much greater quality online streams, that will distinguish you from other brands.

9. Collaborate with influencers

Video is an extremely popular content category currently, thanks to TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram Reels. This provides a great chance to connect with audiences.

Collaborating with influencers counts among one of the superb ways to accomplish this. Since they already have a substantial follower list, using them in your clips will increase credibility and visibility.

Influencers provide brands with straightforward and smooth exposure to communities, allowing them to begin relevant and engaging dialogues with the viewers they would like to contact.

For example, A “how-to” clip is essentially a step-by-step item demonstration. An influencer demonstrates how to utilize a product whilst also explaining various beneficial details – allowing the viewer to begin using it convincingly right away.

In the glamor, wellness, as well as food industries, “how-to” video content are by far the most prevalent. Many good makeup manufacturers, for instance, hire influencers to demonstrate how their items can be used creatively.

10. Produce a series of video clips

A single video can amuse and motivate, but a series of videos centered on a particular topic can drive engagement.

A viewer, as we’ve witnessed with binge-watching Netflix series, has an insatiable appetite for consuming.

Watching a slideshow that narrates a tale can exhaust the spectator. Whereas the viewer desires everything right away, staggering the accessibility not only helps to keep the watchers on the edge of their seat, but also turns the expectation into a viral aspect.


Right now, you could be starting to feel a little swamped. Don’t be concerned; you’re not the only one.

Initially, video marketing may appear intimidating, with just a bit of practice and time, you can conveniently create premium-quality content that is exceptional to your company.

With so many consumers watching videos on the internet, businesses cannot afford to overlook their rising popularity. Fortunately, developing quality content is simple with multiple tools at your disposal.

Utilizing video to highlight data in a different and informative manner will certainly pique the interest of your audience.

Select a camera, begin capturing, and observe your levels of engagement rise.

It’s time to implement video into your marketing plan!

Let us know in the Comments section below what other strategies do you implement to engage your audience with video marketing campaigns.

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