Top 5 Mobile App Design Trends in 2021

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When it comes to creating an effective mobile app, failing to incorporate the latest features and design trends can place app designers at a real disadvantage. From a streamlined user interface to voice optimization, several 2021 app trends have the potential to be real game-changers.

The design of digital products in 2021 will focus on improving people’s lives and meeting business goals. This suggests that simple design with asymmetrical layouts, a mobile-first approach, and a special focus on page speed are likely to prevail.

So without any further ado, let’s have a look at the top app design trends you can expect to see more in this year.

#1. Intuitive Interface

Mobile apps have quickly grown from a niche market to become the format most users prefer for conducting business. While past users may have been willing to put up with a clunky interface or tolerate apps that were difficult to configure or navigate, such issues are no longer a liability that designers can afford to ignore.

A more streamlined, intuitive, and user-friendly interface is a non-negotiable feature for today’s mobile apps.

Intuitive Interface
App design by Filip Legierski via Dribbble

#2. Dynamic Swiping

User engagement is of critical importance for ensuring a successful app. Apps that fail to offer a more dynamic or engaging swiping experience are less likely to hold a user’s interest for very long.

Resources, like the Adobe XD content hub can provide designers with the tools they need in order to create a more lively, exciting, and engaging mobile app.

More than that, swiping is a powerful and fun tool that makes the mobile app experience even better. App developers in 2021 will cash on this feature by including swiping experiences that make the app journey memorable, easy, and interesting.

#3. Enhanced Graphics and Visual Design

Visual designs and aesthetics that are flat and uninteresting are other features that modern apps quickly move away from. The right app design tool can provide designers with everything they need in order to overhaul and enhance the graphical elements of their mobile app.

The knowledge and expertise that Adobe XD can bring to the table can allow both seasoned and novice designers alike to create the stunning graphics and enhanced visual design that will allow their app to stand out truly.

It will help app designers making app that will make users’ cravings for a more comfortable viewing experience that reduces eye strain, creating easily comprehensive designs paired with soothing colors and visuals that are easy on our eyes.

Enhanced Graphic and Visual Design
App design by Ceptari Tyas via Dribbble

#4. Augmented Reality

Adding even a relatively simple augmented reality (AR) layer to an app can drastically expand the range of features, uses, and even interface options that users can utilize.

While not every mobile app may be able to benefit from an AR layer, those that can, may soon begin to look obsolete should they not continue to adapt to these advancements. AR is one trend that designers can expect to see a whole lot more of in the days ahead.

For example, IKEA’s AR app lets you see how furniture looks in different places in your room, saving users the trouble of heavy lifting to find the right spot.

Augmented Reality
Image via IKEA

#5. Voice Optimization

Voice operation can provide users with the means to enjoy the hands-free operation of a mobile app. While voice integration is by no means a new feature, the growing sophistication, superior consistency, and improved performance that voice operation has seen in recent years have quickly turned it into a must-have feature.

Voice User Interface is supposedly going to be the future of customer communication that would also have the capability to predict the future.

Final words

The app design trends of 2021 all follow the shared goal of making app usage more comfortable, engaging and pleasurable. Apps aren’t merely tools anymore, they’re evolving into pocket-sized companions that we like to spend time with.

Limiting the range of ways that users will be able to interact with a mobile app could end up being a more costly oversight than many developers might expect.

Crafting a full-featured mobile application that uses next-generation features and the latest design trends can go a long way towards ensuring user satisfaction.

Designers would do well to stay informed regarding the latest mobile app design trends and seek out the resources and solutions that can allow them to incorporate the latest features with greater ease.

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    Mobile Application Development has changed a lot in recent years and have a lot of new technologies as well as tools coming up. People now prefer mobile searches for their product and service requirements. This has lead to a great demand for mobile applications to be responsive, creative as well as appealing to attract more and more customers. The introduction of Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality have brought drastic change in mobile application’s perspectives. Users prefer mobile applications because they give feasibility to access products and services on online basis with creative and appealing interface which leads them to use that application for a longer time.

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  4. Mr Malik says

    In 2021, the design of digital products will be centered on enhancing user experience and achieving corporate objectives. This shows that a mobile-first strategy, simple design with asymmetrical layouts, and a focus on page speed are likely to succeed.

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