Top 10 Web Creators for Building the Perfect Website

The process of building a website has evolved from a tedious process of countless hours and huge lines of code to the possibility of having a site built in literally minutes by drawing a few lines and objects. This was made possible by the new website builders that provide a user friendly interface between the code and the user. This way, the user doesn’t interact with the code and doesn’t have to know any. This makes web designers double happy, as they won’t be depending on a programmer anymore. Websites can be drawn directly on the dashboard, avoiding all the inconveniences of incompatibility and other code related hassle. While these web creators have been around for a while now, we can say they are at their peak – so much in fact that one would have difficulties choosing one. Let’s take a look at ten of the best website builders on the market today.

Website Builders

IM Creator

Top Website Builder

IM Creator is a professional and reliable web builder, but it also puts great importance on accessibility. Along with the top menu that’s very easy to use, the building process starts without registration. Aside from the usual templates, you can also build your own vision from zero, or just modify the existing ones. The templates cover many domains, from arts and entertainment to architecture and real design themes. The top menu and dashboard contain everything you need: pictures, slideshows, videos, texts, all as easy as drag and drop widgets, which materialize in real time. If you still can’t part ways with some HTML finesse, there is an HTML moveable frame as well, inside which you can add your modifications. The customer service consists of a FAQ, a community forum and live chat support. Tutorials are also available in video as well as pdf format. And most importantly, the service is free of charge, making it a favorite.

Top Website Builder

WebStartToday have made business websites their specialty. They might plan to lead the market in the field, and so far they seem to have succeeded. They have more than a thousand templates designed for the widest variety of domains: dry cleaning, dentist cabinets, nail salons, law firms and so on. If you think that someone else who owns a similar branch might use the same template as yours, think again. With their templates you can change the main colors with one click. Besides, the templates have the text in place, all you have to do is replace it with your own.

Top Website Builder provides a good web creator with free templates, no ads, free domain, personalized e-mail, SEO optimization and many more. Creating a website is very easy, as it is with most code free web builders: in real time what-you-see-is-what-you-get fashion. Plans come as basic, professional and managed, with the last one including assistance and monthly maintenance. Other features include stock photos, website analytics and the possibility of having a custom domain.


Top Website Builder

Wix is an elegant and easy to use web builder with an interesting feature for beginners: beside recommending templates, it matches them by your domain of choice. Another good aspect is that its trial has no limit, allowing you to build your site at your own pace, without pressures. Publishing your website coincides with choosing a package. Prices are competitive and they include the option of having a custom domain name.


Top Website Builder

When you are building a website, the design is what’s important. As a designer, why should you have to spend a countless amount of hours writing tedious amounts of code when all you want to do is make a beautiful website. That’s why Webydo was created – so designers can focus on what’s important, the design.  Every element in editable, which makes every site unique. With its amazing CMS, you can have full control over the design and layout and at the same time, you can give access to specific control to your clients on elements that you pick yourself.
Creating an account on Webydo is free, and you’ll have total access to every design tool that’s available using a Webydo subdomain, however when you upgrade to the premium account, you’ll be able to use your own domain.


Top Website Builder

MadeFreshly is a web builder for online stores that’s very on point and easy to use. The first thing you do is add your products on the shelves. Then you sign up and then it’s about customization. The service offers six templates so far, out of which three are free of charge. You can choose either a free and or a premium package. Premium packages are priced at $11.99, $19.99 and $34.99 respectively.


Top Website Builder

Webzai supports both computer and phone/tablet platforms, has templates for both of them, and is very intuitive and easy to use web builders out there. Whether you start from scratch or you modify a template, every thing is, of course, code free and very dynamic – the results are displayed in real time. The service has cloud hosting, SEO optimization, Google Analytics, custom domain service, and a very important feature today: cross platform compatibility.


Top Website Builder

Wopop is a free site creator with many templates that can be filtered by either color or domain. What I really liked about it is that they show you the templates before signing up, so you can get an idea if this is for you or not. In terms of packages, Wopop has two premium offers beside the normal one (which includes ads). Prices start at $3.18 per month.


Top Website Builder

No list of popular website builders would be complete without uCoz. This SaaS (software as a service) platform was launched seven years ago, and now serves more than 2 million websites in 16 full-fledged language localizations all over the world. The platform is simple to use and packages are availabe at resonable prices.

You can start exploring uCoz feature set for free right now – registering and building a website is completely free. You can even use your own domain name there without upgrading to a paid plan. Apart from the feature-laden free plan, there is another remarkable characteristic of uCoz: the modularity of the system. This means you can change your website functionality seamlessly just by switching on modules you need (Forum, Blog, Gallery, Polls, Mini Chat, E-shop, etc.).


Top Website Builder

Aircus is a web builder that makes the “less is more” cliche truer than ever, with its futuristic touch and simple designs, dominated by stern big fonts and discreet yet stylish colors and shapes. It doesn’t believe in huge lists of templates, nor in a lot of time spent in front of the computer for building a site. Thus, its availability has spread to tablets and phones and in the century of communication speed creating a website should be possible anywhere, anytime. It’s ideal for busy entrepreneurs who can now create a website in their lunch break – for free!

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