An Introduction of a Brand New Logo Design Awards Site

We recently came across a logo awards site called Logo Wave International.

Logo Wave is a unique logo design awards site that rewards designers in “waves”.

The best part?

A generous $300.00 prize to the winner of each wave at an industry low $12/logo entry.

logo wave international website

Here’s how it works:

25 designers represent each wave and enter the best logos in their portfolio.

$300.00 is awarded to each wave’s first place winner based on the judges final scores. The top five winners of each wave have their logos featured on the Logo Wave website and receive winning digital badges.

The highly respected judges panel includes Jacob Cass (JUST Creative), Ian Paget (Logo Geek) and Nadir Balcikli (Logorado).

Kyle Courtright is the founder of Logo Wave International and also part of the judges panel. He authored The Ultimate Guide to Logo Design, a definitive, 100+ page eBook about logo design and branding. Which to date, has been purchased in 34 different countries around the world.

ebook the ultimate guide logo design

Kyle has worked with hundreds of companies and organizations big and small, including National Parkinson’s Foundation, Faith Comes by Hearing and New Mexico Homeland Security.

After a number of different business ventures (a design company, the eBook and a the Logo Inspiration Generator Tool) he wanted to create a unique site geared towards his fellow designers:

“Being a graphic designer can be such a thankless job. Creatives are hard workers who deserve a pick-me-up. A resulting prize-heavy, wallet-friendly logo design awards solution was born.”

The Logo Wave mission statement says it all:

“To offer passionate designers from all walks of life a user-friendly logo awards solution at a revolutionary price in order to deepen portfolio value, resulting in positive career impact.”


Logo Wave isn’t like some of the other logo awards sites you may have seen. Here are three major differences:

#1. Higher chance of winning

With multiple chances to win throughout the year, this high-profile logo awards site is automatically set-apart. Many logo awards sites make you wait an entire year to find out if you’re the winner.

Logo Wave not only gives you a higher frequency of winning, but also a higher percentage of winning.

For example: Each wave, 5 out of 25 are recognized and featured as a past winner on the website—not to mention those winning digital badges as well.

This means you have a 20% chance of winning.

#2. Affordability

Logo Wave has (by far) the lowest logo awards entry free in the world at only $12/logo. This gives everyone from students, to freelancers and agency designers a shot at some amazing prizes and recognition at a low price.

#3. Ease of use

The website is straightforward and user-friendly.

As a side note…

When you have a chance, check out their logo. Did you notice the creative subtlety?

More of the seasoned veterans will pick up on this, but the Logo Wave logo actually has the word “logo” within the character’s face. Pretty slick!

Also, the smile aligns with the positivity and encouragement the brand represents.

As mentioned on the website, Logo Wave strives to,

“…add value and credibility to your portfolio resulting in positive impact on your career.”

All in all, Logo Wave International is a noble company that we at iBrand Studios want to support.

Check out Logo Wave now and get your best logo designs awarded, rewarded and recognized!

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