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13 Best Portfolio Web Templates

Posted September 28th, 2011 in Inspiration by Eko S

The best way to showcase your portfolio and attract attention to your prospective clients is by having a great-looking portfolio site. And your portfolio also known as your work identity that you are capable of high quality work.

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5 Tips to Build your Unique Brand Identity Design

build brand identity
Posted September 26th, 2011 in Tutorials by Eko S

This is a guest post by James Smith, if you want to guest post on this blog, please contact us.

Creating an unique brand identity is very important if you are in the process promoting online products or services. Building a brand identity is the right technique to convey to potential clients about the products and services in a speedy manner. As far as web marketing is concerned, time spent by the visitors on a web page is very short and unless your website impresses the visitor within seconds, all the efforts are futile. This is why experienced web developers often recommend Continue Reading »

7 Great Tips to Create an Original Logo

Posted September 21st, 2011 in Tutorials by Guest Author

A logo is a small graphical element that has as the main scope to represent the identity of a company/website/product; in other words it’s the binder that makes the connection between an entity and the rest of people. The wrong mentality (still widely spread) is based on the fact that being small may be easily neglected. Is it wrong? Unless you are in doubt try to find a decent answer to why people are more interested in buying clothes than they are inserted in the logos of Adidas, Nike or Tommy Hilfiger? Is it because Continue Reading »

Giveaway: A Coupon Code good up to $250 from Esigns.com

Posted September 13th, 2011 in News by Eko S

Hi today we’ve another cool giveaway, sponsoring by Esigns.com a digital printing company specializing in vinyl banners and outdoor signs. In this giveaway a lucky readers will get a COUPON CODE good up to $250 worth of custom banners and signs from Esigns.com.

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Three Things to Be Wary of With Payday Loans and Cash Advances

Three Things to Be Wary of With Payday Loans
Posted September 12th, 2011 in News by Eko S

In today’s gruesome economic climate, money woes plague nearly every individual’s consciousness in some way or another. While not every individual is struggling to make ends meet, with an economic atmosphere as turbulent as the one we are living in now, money is a concern regardless. As more and more people struggle to make payments, pay rent, and pay off debt, more and more people are seeking quick fix money solutions. Payday loans offer quick relief for short-term payments that need to be made. Also known as a paycheck advance, a payday loan is a small short-term loan that is given to a borrower to cover expenses until his or her next paycheck. While these loans can no doubt be useful (if not necessary) at certain times in individuals’ lives, they also come with a certain amount of risk.

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Office Showcase: Inspiring Web Design Agency

Posted September 10th, 2011 in Inspiration by Eko S

To stimulating creativity and productivity, the design and layout of an office is an essential consideration and usually more important than the time and money companies put into it.

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How to Recharge your Inspiration

Posted September 10th, 2011 in Inspiration by Eko S

This is a guest post by Rasha Fahim, if you want to guest post on this blog, please contact us.

For designers, the most important thing to us is the creativity & inspiration it is like our legacy, air breathing and without it we can’t produce ideas that make us feel satisfied about it.

As we know this important legacy (creativity) had 4 major stages:

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50 Creative Food Logo Inspiration

Posted September 2nd, 2011 in Inspiration by Eko S

Have a logo is must in the process of building your brand identity, and have a good logo can make users always remember you or your business. Let’s look creative food logo inspiration below, how each of these logos can tell you something about the company that it is supposed to represent.

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Freebie: Desktop Wallpaper Calendar of September – October 2011

Posted August 29th, 2011 in Freebies by Eko S

Today we have a cool freebie, a desktop wallpaper calendar of September – October 2011. The calendar design will remind you to take a short break from your daily activity, with a beautiful illustration. A design by Rochmanu Yahya.

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The Viability of Google+

The viability of Google+
Posted August 25th, 2011 in Inspiration by Eko S

This is a guest post by Alvina Lopez, if you want to guest post on this blog, contact us.

Google+ has been available for a few months now and it’s proven itself as a worthy entry into the ever-shuffling lineup of social media tools. If used properly, a person can integrate Google+ into their social media lifestyle with ease. The service has been designed with such an eye for user friendliness that comparable social media titans like Facebook seem clunky by comparison. Don’t worry if you’re new to Google+ or if you’re on the fence about starting your profile; here are some tips to familiarize yourself with what may be the next big thing in online social media. Continue Reading »

Giveaway: 300 Creative Business Cards from MOO

Posted August 24th, 2011 in News by Eko S

Hi, today we’re pleased to have the guys at MOO provide us with 3 X 100 business cards for three of iBrandStudio lucky readers! If you have not come across MOO before, they love to print – they offer business card printing, Stickers, Postcards, MiniCards, StickerBooks, Greeting cards, and much more!

UPDATE: We just got the winner for this giveaway contest, please see below this article.

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What to Consider When Getting a Theme

Posted August 23rd, 2011 in Tutorials by Eko S

Have a website as a personal website or corporate website is become more popular today, besides for brand identity purpose, with a website our products will spread widely throughout the world with cheap and fast. And today wordpress gains more and more popularity within blogger, with the variety of themes available. But the problem is how do we choose the right wordpress theme for our website? There are tens, probably thousands of wordpress themes out there and you can get some of them free of charge but you will find it hard to find professional looking themes, that’s why there are tons of premium wordpress themes that you would have to pay for.

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13 Best Corporate Website Templates

Posted August 16th, 2011 in Inspiration by Eko S

In order to to attain a solid and lasting impression to users, a corporate website design must capture the feel of the company and its purpose to the users in the most direct, clean and usable manner. Today by using a website template is the fastest and efissien way to build our corporate website.

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Giveaway: 250 1/4 Page Club Flyers from NextDayFlyers

Posted August 13th, 2011 in News by Eko S

Today we have a great giveaway contest, for all iBrandStudio readers sponsoring by NextDayFlyers.com. In this giveaway, a lucky iBrandStudio readers will get a set of 250 1/4 Page Club Flyers. Check out the details below.

UPDATE: We just got the winner for this giveaway contest, please see below this article.

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Improve your Typography Skills with These Tips Articles

Posted August 12th, 2011 in Inspiration by Eko S

As a designers we should know that typography is really important in a design and should pay more attention to it. And making the right typographic choices for your brand identity design is absolutely critical to successfully capturing the image you want to project.

Today I’ll be going over some of useful typography tips and tutorial articles, that can improve your typography skills and you can apply to your current design projects. Continue Reading »

Hot News! Get 50% Off for All Themify Themes – Limited Time!

Posted August 11th, 2011 in News by Eko S

Hi, we have a good news. Recently I just got a notice from Themify, that today is marks of their first anniversary. And to celebrate their big day, Themify running the biggest sale ever starting from today till Sunday August 14th, 2011. Just enter coupon code “happybirthday” you’ll get 50% off any theme. On top of that, they also make an all-theme Anniversary Pack for just $69. In this pack you’ll get 19 themes along with photoshop file and unlimited domain usage. Read more for the deal details.

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26 Useful Brand and Business Tips Articles of July 2011

Posted August 8th, 2011 in Inspiration by Eko S

This is our monthly series were we share useful brand and business tips articles all from the previous month. We hope this series can help you in building your brand and growing your business.

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Freebie: Beautiful “Batik” Twitter Background

Posted August 6th, 2011 in Freebies by Yahya

Today’s freebie is a twitter background theme, we use “Batik” art for twitter background style. Batik is one of unique Indonesian traditional art. It’s like a pattern but more unique.
The design come with 2 different batik style and 4 custom color in each style, gives you the freedom to choose and make your twitter background looks beautiful.

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Logo Design Inspiration: 30 Creative Bar and Cafe Logos

Posted August 2nd, 2011 in Inspiration by Yahya

Do you like coffee? I love coffee, the Coffee itself for me is a very rich source to be active and make my mind healthy to be more creative and innovative.
Let’s look at these beautiful bar and cafe logos you probably won’t be surprised to find that most of these cafe logos use a cup or more and brown/chocolate color element, making it easier for people to know their business.

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Designing Beautiful vCard Website – Useful Tips and Photoshop Tutorials

Posted July 28th, 2011 in Tutorials by Eko S

A vCard is a mini one-page website that basically acts as an online business card, with just basic information like about, social media profiles, portfolio and contact. And most of them build with javascript animation effect like sliding, lightbox, fading and tab navigation.

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