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Giveaway: 5 Free One Year Web Hosting Accounts from Zyma.com

Free Web Hosting Accounts
Posted January 30th, 2013 in News by Eko S

Hi, a cool giveaway contest just release today. Zyma.com a web hosting company have partnered with us to giveaway a free one whole year web hosting account for 5 lucky iBrandStudio readers (each!).

UPDATE: We just got the winner for this contest, please see below this article.
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Tips to Protect Your Digital Reputation

Posted January 30th, 2013 in Articles by Eko S

In the recent times, social media and the internet offer new avenues to promote yourself. With this, they also open up new ways of malicious attacks. When you are working online, you have an online reputation which you need to save. Do you know this? Online reputation can be damaged very easily. Hence, you should be proactive in securing the digital reputation. If you lose your reputation once, it is very hard to regain it back to its old place. Continue Reading »

How to Improve Your Resume

Posted January 29th, 2013 in Articles by Eko S

Sometimes you are just unlucky in your job search. Sometimes it feels like you may as well send your resume straight to your email recycle bin, because your efforts for getting a job are having no effect. But, you have to understand that luck does play a very large role in getting a new job. Sometimes your resume is not even read because the employer has chosen another. Sometimes the employer is looking for something you are not offering, and sometimes jobs are only posted online because it is a corporate rule that they “attempt” to gain an outsider, when in fact they already have a person in mind. Nevertheless, if you are fishing it never hurts to change your bait every now and again. Continue Reading »

An Amazing Envato Mobile Bundle

Amazing Mobile Bundle
Posted January 27th, 2013 in News by Eko S

The Mobile Bundle has arrived! You’ll found in this bundle 39 fantastic items from Envato marketplaces that more than $500 worth with the price only $20. Act now! Since this bundle will ends at noon on the 31st of January AEDT. Continue Reading »

5 Main Things That Made Nokia Declining Popularity

why nokia declining popularity
Posted January 26th, 2013 in Articles by Eko S

Who don’t know Nokia? Finland is a home Nokia companies who already dominate the mobile phone market more than 14 years, the glory Nokia certainly will not be easy to forget. However, as time passes, the last few years Nokia has begun to lose its popularity. According to data from iSuppli that we can see in the table below: Continue Reading »

WordPress Theme Builder – Make Your Own Professional Blog in No Time!

Best Deals - WordPress Builder
Posted January 25th, 2013 in News by Eko S

You searched the web and you couldn’t find the right theme for your blog? Or would you like to make some adjustments to your current one, but you don’t how? Well, thanks to Ultimatum you can now create limitless layouts for your site. Thus, you can have a new layout each month! And the best thing is that you don’t need to know any coding at all. That’s because Ultimatum is a drag-and-drop template builder in which you can integrate unlimited fonts, forms, slideshows and SEO throughout all of your sites. Continue Reading »

The Best Logos of December 2012

Best Logos
Posted January 24th, 2013 in Inspiration by Eko S

The time is passing so fast that we almost didn’t noticed that 2012 was here. It’s true, some of us were really scared that the end of the world would come in December 2012 but it proved to be just a false supposition. Fortunately, the logo designers didn’t care too much about the end of world and last month created some new exciting logos. Continue Reading »

Business Lessons – 5 Things that Happened After Samsung Lost Apple

Samsung vs Apple - Business Lessons
Posted January 23rd, 2013 in Articles by Eko S

Do you still remember the case of Samsung vs. Apple? Just a reminder, case Samsung and Apple are about patents owned by Apple that are used by Samsung. Apple alleges Samsung violated used about 7 patents. Generally there are two types were debated by Apple and Samsung, the first is a utility patent that controls the features of smartphones and tablets and physical design patents covering outdoor display device.

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A Collection of 25 Free Abstract Photoshop Brushes

Free Photoshop Brushes
Posted January 22nd, 2013 in Inspiration by Eko S

Photoshop brushes is one of your important tools when it comes to adding design flourishes. Photoshop brushes can save your time and will make thing a lot easier for you when designing a web or print.

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5 Sales Marketing Lessons from The Joneses Movie

Sales Marketing Strategy
Posted January 19th, 2013 in Articles by Eko S

What is the first thing you would do in doing sales marketing a particular brand products that you sell? The question is simple but it is quite difficult to answer.
There are a variety of literatures that can helps us to answer the above questions. One of that is a film, not necessarily websites, newspapers, magazines or books that can teach us about how to be a good sales. Sometimes a film is almost the same as real life, many intelligent films have been created, one of which is The Joneses, Continue Reading »

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