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How To Create A Presence Of Your Brand On YouTube

Posted November 5th, 2012 in Articles by Eko S

This is a guest post by Lior Levin, if you want to guest post on this blog, please contact us.

Creating an online brand of your organization is very important, as a brand value gives you a decent amount of market goodwill and recognition. Whenever you see people buying a product or subscribing to a service, you will find that they are, to some extent, influenced by the value and name of the brand. A brand is a name, design, symbol or any other feature which Continue Reading »

6 Ways to Promote Your Business Online without Spending Penny

marketing concept with pen paper and cup of coffee
Posted November 3rd, 2012 in Articles by Eko S

This is a guest post by Mark, if you want to guest post on this blog, please contact us.

There are lots of ways to Promote your Business Online, but unfortunately some ways cost a huge bucks. But If you are the business owner, who don’t want to spend money on Promoting your business or You don’t have the budget to promote your business. No matter, here I am going to share some of the best ways to Promote your business Online and hey even without spending a penny. Continue Reading »

45 Beautiful Juicy Orange Websites

Posted November 1st, 2012 in Inspiration by Eko S

Colors have a unique charm which if used in the right way can liven up a dull looking and boring thing. One such vibrant, bright and vivacious color is orange. Though this color is considered to be too bright by some, but if the ideal shade of this color is used with the precise contrasting colors, then it can produce a truly attractive website.

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Freebie: Wallpaper Calendar of November 2012 (for Desktop & iPhone)

Posted October 31st, 2012 in Freebies by Yahya

Hi, as usual at the end of the month we have always released a free beautiful desktop wallpaper calendar for the next month. And today we have a beautiful Indonesian landscapes as a wallpaper background. The picture that we have shoot from the airplane ;)

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Giveaway: 3×1 Year Free Web Hosting Accounts + Domain Name on WebHostingBuzz

Posted October 31st, 2012 in News by Eko S

Hi, we have another great competition for you that sponsored by WebHostingBuzz. In this giveaway contest, 3 lucky iBrandStudio readers will win 12 Months free hosting, with a free domain name, 750GB disk space, 10,000GB bandwidth, free migration/transfer and much more.

UPDATE: We just got the winner for this contest, please see below this article.
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How To Overcame Bad Tech Reviews

Posted October 31st, 2012 in Articles by Eko S

What is internet reputation management? The short answer is that it’s the system by which you make sure that your online reputation stays as highly regarded as possible. Here’s how to do it when people are criticizing your work. Continue Reading »

Best Logos of September 2012

Posted October 30th, 2012 in Inspiration by Eko S

I am sure that, by visiting our blog, anyone will find out something interesting about logos, design or identity & marketing best practices. We hope that any reader is satisfied with it and of course, we strive to do it better. The main aim of iBrandStudio is to offer a good source of self-preparation for everyone interested: we present the theoretical aspect of the field but in the same time great tutorials to sharpen your skills. Unfortunately, Continue Reading »

Branding and Social Media Tips for Realtors

The word "Brand" stands out among a collection of letters.
Posted October 29th, 2012 in Articles by Eko S

This is a guest post by Dana Viktor, if you want to guest post on this blog, please contact us.

Realtors thrive on reputation and word-of-mouth buzz. With the Internet and social media, the community for building that buzz is greatly expanded. It’s important to establish a strong presence online and in social media to build reputation, reach new clients, and drive sales.

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Six Reasons Why Simplicity is The Best in Logo Design

Posted October 22nd, 2012 in Articles by Eko S

There is redundant to say that all website owners are effectively fighting to have more and more visitors, every online presence success being dependent on the traffic received. If you are one of them or you are connected with the actual state of web design and development then you sure know that a revolution is near us. Willing or not, people are visiting websites via handheld devices, including smartphones, and this trend is in an exponential growing, therefore none may neglect this fact. The web designers already adapted to this new change Continue Reading »

Business Growth – How To Design Brand Equity?

Posted October 16th, 2012 in Articles by Eko S

This is a guest post by Fiona James, if you want to guest post on this blog, please contact us.

The fact that brand equity is evaluated mostly in terms of intangible assets (intangibles represent nearly 80% of the value of all businesses globally) establish the importance of branding. By definition, brand equity is an organization’s prestige or reputation. A business earns prestige or brand equity by being regular in their brand identity assurance and commitment. Branding your business could be a delicate task. A majority of the designers love using their creative skills to create the best design exclusively for the inventive purpose. However, Continue Reading »

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