How Will You Make Your Brand Noticeable in the Pinterest Crowd? – 10 Awesome Ideas

Which social media surged in popularity in 2013 among brands and non-profits? – Any guesses

Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus – Nope, it is astoundingly Pinterest, a visual social platform that rakes 2 ½ billion page views every month from their 70 million users.

Just not visual blogging, Pinterest is a great content curation tool. A social bookmarking service used by one-fifth of the American, says Pew Research and one-third of them are US women. Isn’t that great?

Pinterest for Branding

The findings by Expanded Ramblings show that Pinterest have 48.7 million accounts, it is small compared to 1.11 billion Facebook users, 100 million Instagrammers and 500 million Twitter users. However, keeping all comparison aside Pinterest is the top-notch referral source.

Pinterest users buy more items than on Facebook and spends 70% more money when they arrive at your website from Pinterest versus non-social referrals.

Now the question comes:

  1. How can you successfully use Pinterest for small business?
  2. How will you get more Pinterest followers?
  3. How will you make your brand noticeable in the Pinterest crowd?
  4. Well, all you need is a ‘Pinterest Plan’ to drive traffic, increase sales, generate leads and build your brand on Pinterest.
  5. How will you make your brand noticeable in the Pinterest crowd?

Pinterest boards are a valuable tool for branding your products and services, marketing your products and curating information for your readers that your customers can use.

Here are ten awesome ideas to keep your brand engaged on Pinterest in the New Year:

#1. Themed Boards

Make sure that the boards you put up on Pinterest have a subject. This will help your followers to understand the personality of your brand. Work on getting followers on the popular boards instead of the whole account. Get a look at your brand page, find out which is the most popular board and start promoting it to gain more engagement.

  1. Place the popular boards in the top row so that your visitor can see it as soon as they land on your Pinterest page.
  2. Use board widget to display the latest 30 pins from the selected board.
  3. Invite board contributors to increase board exposure.

#2. Optimize Your Boards, Names and Pins

How will you optimize business names? – There are many branded companies, which make mistake using the brand name for their Pinterest account. This is not a good idea to make your board noticeable in the huge Pinterest crowd. It is good to add some descriptive keyword that you want to associate with your business. This will help your Pinterest account searchable by Pinners.

How will you optimize the boards? – You can use keywords in the titles of your Pinterest boards so that users can find it in the Board search option. In order to rank higher, use specific keywords and place them in the beginning of your title.

How will you optimize the pins? – Include keywords that you want to be found or find out the words people use while searching something on Pinterest. In every case, keep the keyword descriptions short and simple to show up in search results.

#3. Feed Useful Information for Your Customers

Think about creating those boards, which will speak about obvious themes, subjects, areas of interest and issues that will appear important to your potential clients. Many of your boards might fit into this category. Say if you sell kitchen cleaners, your visitor will be chefs, homemakers or restaurant owners. House cleaning tips or Christmas decoration ideas might not directly relate to your brand, but tangentially it is and would be of interest to your audience.

#4. Make Pinnable Images or Website

It is necessary to make it easy for people to pin your stuff on their boards. Include images on every page and the blog post throughout your website and include the Pinterest social share buttons at the bottom of every blog post. Make sure that your website logo is pinnable. In order to create your Pinterest button, you can use the widget builder page to create a button that matches your brand.

#5. Keep on Sharing

Remember when you share often, more people gets the chance to see your pins and those pins will take you back to the page displaying the details of your product/services. Well, another way to get more followers is to pin images. As soon as you pin an image, you will find an option to follow a board on which the same pin is seen. You usually get the message “Also pinned to…”. This helps you to find the potential people who can follow you back. That is what Pinterest does- ‘trying to find out people of your taste, so keep sharing’.

#6. Comment on Popular Pins

If you come across the popular section of the Pinterest you will find that it consists of pins that got repined, liked or commented a number of times. Take advantage of this page and get people to check out your page by commenting on these pins. Hope you won’t like to leave a two-word comment like “Great” or “Nice Stuff” rather you want to show people that you know and care about this subject. Hence, leave a thoughtful comment, so that people gets back to check your profile and follow you.

#7. Pin at Favorable and Different Times

Pinterest keeps on running 24/7, so you need to keep pinning at different times of the day especially during the night. At night, your pins become visible to new local and global audiences. You should start testing the response data to determine the best time to pin your items on your boards. Have a Pinterest analytics tool to find out which days and what time is generating most repins, likes and comments for your pins.

#8. Repin Those Old Pins

Not every follower is going to see your pin, so it is important to repin your previous pins that you pinned months back. If you gain followers faster, then these tactics will help you to discover great content from the past. This idea works for offline retail business because repining the old pins reminds people about the product which they might have forgotten.

#9. Contribution to Other Boards

This is a quick way to get followers or make your brand noticeable in the huge crowd of Pinterest. Contribute to the popular groups or boards that have a lot of followers. When you decide to contribute quality pins to these boards, their followers become your followers, if they like your pins. Form a relationship with the board owners or other contributors and ask them to invite you to the boards.

#10. Run Contests on Pinterest

You can gain followers in the Pinterest crowd by simply running a contest. Either you can case entries in the contests and ask to follow, or you can use tools like Rafflecopter to give the extra entries to those who follow you. Some brand has obtained good results in 2013 by running contests like Angie’s List.

So here, we are drawing the end line for year 2013, for a fresh start use these ideas to increase your Pinterest brand engagement.

As you do not like to leave a chance to get a pin, repin or likes on Pinterest. These tips can help you to get increased number of followers and increase engagement. With an increased number of followers, you brand will get an extended reach, broader visibility and great return ion the investment.

About the Author!

William Walker lives at Birmingham in Alabama and works as a social media strategist after he completed Economics. He jams up the best with startups working on products, growth, mobile, online business and brand equity. He enjoys writing informative blogs with good coffee or wine to inspire the wannabe market leaders.

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