5 Facebook Strategies to Customers Remember Your Brand Name While Have Hard Pronounce Names

Brand name is a symbol, sign, words or designs that have a purpose as the identification of a product or service that is owned by the seller. Without the brand name of course, costumers will get difficulty to purchase the item again. That’s why the selection of brand name is very important to consider very well, because with the hard pronounce name, will made it difficult to remember for costumer when read it at once.

As revealed in the infographic below belongs to Webs.com that reveals 3 approaches used by the top brands, all three approaches is, the blank state used by Apple, the direct approach used by Burger King and coining the name used by Skype. All three companies are using the brand name with the approach get benefit in accordance with the target market.

Brand name is highly recommended by psychiatrists to use easy pronounce, this is due to early brain evolved likely the preference for easy name and avoidance of unfamiliar one.

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Facebook Brand Strategies

Despite all the theories advocated using the easy name, did you know that there is a brand that can be successful by using the hard pronounce name, even they can do marketing internationally. Amazing right?

When a company has set his brand name is certainly not advisable to rename it, because this is will damage the brand image has been built. That’s why despite the use of hard pronounce name, the company still doing creative ways to maintain they brand name. In this article I will show you 5 brands with hard pronounce names do creative way to do in terms of advertising in Facebook.

#1. Uniqlo: Make fans club

Facebook Brand Strategies

Uniqlo is a company that came from Japanese; this company has exploded in the past decade. Uniqlo is a combination of the name “Unique Clothing Warehouse” is introduced as “You-nee-klo” in English.

The mention of the name Uniqlo in English of course has a hard pronounce that are not commonly used by the public. It is precisely the uniqueness of the brand name carried by Uniqlo earned him in success, in addition creative strategy to make its brand name is always remembered by costumers is by make the fan club to with named “Uniqlovers” which is stands for Uniqlo Lovers. Surely it would be easier for costumers to remember the brand Uniqlo.

Lesson learned: Use the name of your fans club’s not much different from your name.

#2. Husqvarna: Put your brand name in every picture

Husqvarna founded in Sweden, which produces a wide variety of products ranging from sewing machine, bicycle, weapons, kitchen appliances to outdoor products. Husqvarna name originated from the mill house, Hus is meaning house and kvarn means mill. Due to the Husqvarna name is a combination of words taken from the Swedish language of course for the international community who use English pronunciation called Husqvarna becomes a little bit difficult.

However, the brand is able to make the customers not get difficulty in remembering his name, one strategy his doing is by put the brand name in every photo he published in Facebook. Indirectly costumers who saw the photo will read the brand name so it will train them to remember.

Facebook Brand Strategies

Facebook Brand Strategies

Lesson learned: Show your brand name in your photo when posting on Facebook.

#3. Meijer: Run some contests

Meijer is a retail establishment (grocery & discount) originating from America. At first the company named Thrifty and gets rebranding by use the owner’s last name. The owner is Hendrik Meijer which is a Dutch immigrant that’s why this company change from Thrifty becomes Meijer.

Because the name is taken from the surname derived from the Dutch, of course, it has a hard pronounce brand name when read it in English. With hard pronounce name can’t stop Meijer to reach his success. As you can see in the example image below, in doing advertising on Facebook, Meijer made a photo contest for the customer when they kids riding the sandy and they will have an opportunity Meijer card . This contest certainly make costumers excited to upload pictures of his son who was riding sandy, and indirectly with this quiz will make the costumer always remember the Meijer name.

Facebook Brand Strategies

Facebook Brand Strategies

Lesson learned: Make some contest that will make costumers remember your brand.

#4. Schlotzsky’s: Create a catchy slogan

The first time you read the brand name what in your mind? Is it sounds like the name of the boat or beer from Russia or France right?:)

But did you know that, even the owner of Schlotzsky’s claimed at the time of making the brand name is no particular purpose :). Don and Dolores Dissman just happy to be wearing that name!

However, the selection of brand name that seemed unfamiliar to people in the UK actually makes the brand becomes unique. With a target market that is the college student, Schlotzkys able to achieve success. One strategy that makes a brand is quite easy to remember as you can see in the example image below. Besides choosing a unique brand name, Schlotzkys also choose a catchy slogan. This strategy is also used by McDonalds known as I’m lovin it, Schlotzkys wearing the slogan “Every bite Lotz better” that what makes customer when saw this slogan automatically will be remembered Schlotzkys.

Facebook Brand Strategies

Lesson learned: Make easy remembered slogan to help costumers remember your brand.

#5. Häagen-Dazs: Display attractive products

Häagen-Dazs when selection the name is almost the same as a brand Schlotzkys, It does not actually mean anything. The name is designed simply to look Scandinavian and Americans. Same as fourth brand above, Häagen-Dazs brand is having a hard pronounce name that is unfamiliar with English as an international language.

Strategy used by Häagen-Dazs to help costumers remember the name you can see in the example image below. Häagen-Dazs are always showoff his product with continuous to attract the attention of costumers. By showing their products will make costumers remember the delicious taste Häagen-Dazs ice cream and of course make the costumer remember the name of its brand.

Facebook Brand Strategies

Lesson learned: Show off your product picture in Facebook to arouse the taste of costumers in considering your product and brand name.


The selection of brand name is a moment that is quite difficult, because the brand name will become the identity of your company. Anyway, the existing marketing theory would suggest choosing a brand name that is simple and easy that’s true, because the easy brand name will help costumers to remember, but the fact that in the world of marketing is sometimes not the same as the theory. Like the example in this article, although with hard pronounce name did not prevent them to make costumers remember their brand. It takes the right strategy and the products that suit the needs of costumers in order to achieve that success. So don’t be sad if you already wear a hard pronounce name and good luck for your ads in Facebook?

What do you think?? Have you developed your ads with hard pronounce brand name? Let’s talk about them in the comments below.

– Written by Ratih –

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