Infographic: Social Video and Brand Engagement (Facts & Figures)

In doing marketing in social media, is a great picture to share content but in you know that if you did share videos you will make an excellent content!

In HubSpot article, revealed the fact that viewers spend 100% more times on pages with video on them and 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and the visuals are processed 60,000X faster in the brain than text. What an amazing fact right? Are you still wondering how come the video can share the make effect like that??

Infographic belongs to ContentedLONDON will give you another fascinating fact about sharing videos in 2013, one was quite a surprise is the fact that online shoppers who view the video are 1.81X more Likely to purchase and brand videos in 2013 exceeded 8 billion.

This infographic also explained that there are 5 sectors for them online is a fashion brand, online, travel, automotive, and electronics, with the most viewers as much as 365m views held by the field of electronics. Interesting fact that can make you does share a video for your content marketing right?

Take a look another facts of video share on the influence of social media in this handy infographic.

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Social Video Infographic


Video is become a marketing trend, with 25% of the world’s population now carry devices with access to online videos every day! So why not start to use social video in your new marketing weapon? And see how will social video engage your brand’s audience.

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