5 Simple Ways to Promote Your Logo Design Service with Little Budget

Do you find it difficult to get clients today? You’re not alone, with more service providers are entering the market each day and many struggle to find enough client work. Yes, any logo design business need clients, but how to get your first client or how to get more clients?

My only advice is you have to work to get clients, you can’t just sit and wish for clients. Yes you should proactive! Here, 5 easy tips that will help you attract the clients. Since is not easy and not fast, so you should consistent and don’t give up easily.

Mobile Marketing Strategy

#1: Release some free logo templates

Starting by giving away your design for free, everyone loves freebie so by giving away high quality resources that many people would be willing to pay for, you’ll start to get people attention. You can distributed the freebies in your existing website or blog, a website or blog owned by someone else, or you can set up a site specifically for distributing freebies.

Also by give your high quality design template for free, it’s mean you let people experience the value of your product or service.

#2: Start blogging around logo design topics

Blogging is the most effective and efficient way to build authority, by share your knowledge and helping other designers to solve their problems on a regular basis. Also, by give your knowledge for free you will be known as an expert.

#3: Promote on free classified ads sites

Yes some people said, classified ads are outdated. But, why not to give a try? Before you start to spend your budget to purchase pay-per-click or banner advertising, free ads sites are perfect for testing purpose. Many advertising professionals suggest using free ads until you gain a little experience into what works and doesn’t work. Once you find an ad that converts well, you could then move over to paid ads because you’ve already completed testing.

#4: Do guest post article

Besides share your knowledge on your own blog, the other way to get exposure and build positive reputation is write for a magazine or the other popular websites. You can write tutorial, design tips or your opinion to target audience and lead some clients.

#5: Make YouTube video for marketing purpose

Online video marketing is on the rise. Based statistic from ContentedLONDON infographic, online shoppers who view video are 1.81x more likely to purchase and videos are shared 12x more than text. And Youtube is the world’s largest video sharing site. So start to create your video and attract more clients.


I believe there are more ways to get clients, but start with small and focus with your effort then you can learn the other strategies. Now is your turn, take a time to brainstorm your idea for promoting your logo design service, then start to do your work today!

What about you? Do you have any additional client attraction marketing tips? Have you tried any of these strategies with success? I’d love to hear about it in the comment box below!

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