5 Ways to Share Your Creative Designs

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If you’re a digital creative, busying yourself with logo design, poster mock-ups, and branding visions, you’ll likely have a large and growing store of your work resting on your laptop. All of this work represents the fruits of your labor and the products of your vision and your artistic streak.

It’s well worth sharing if only to boost your appeal and visibility in the eyes of companies who may be able to offer you work down the line. This article looks at the five main methods of sharing your creative portfolio with others in your circle and beyond.

Method #1. Social Media

Most individuals setting out in creative design are likely to share their work on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter. They’re the modern way of sharing things with your friends, and it’s easy for other users to share your content should it be inspiring and exciting to them. Many designers are discovered initially on social media, so use it well to promote your own artworks.

Method #2. Creative Design Sites

Your first port of call will be the very same platforms from which you’ve been drawing your own inspiration for years. Platforms like Pinterest and others gather up the best in the way of design and creativity that the internet has to offer; they’re hotbeds of creative designers sharing cutting-edge work. They’re also great places to get discovered and recognized.

Method #3. Your Own Site

Portfolio sites are increasingly desired by companies hoping to get a taste of your work before they offer you roles in their company or on a freelance basis. Secure your unique web domain and build your site pages to show off all of your proudest work, with text describing your projects, so that web users can quickly click through your array of impressive work to date. Note that you should always put your contact information visible on each page.

Method #4. YouTube Channel

Hundreds of thousands of videos are being watched on video sharing platform YouTube at any one minute, and for your own creative initiative, this is an opportunity. Why not create a vlog or tutorial show that walks viewers through your own work and the stylistic touches you decided to add along the way. Plenty of people who’re looking to develop the skills and creativity you’ve developed would be thrilled to learn what programs you use, how you create shapes, and how you apply the finishing touches before declaring your design complete.

Method #5. Design Magazines

Distributed online and also in print, design magazines are always looking for ambitious and confident new designers to contribute their unique perspectives and designs. It’s worth sending in your work to these publications on the off-chance that they’re looking for extra material for an issue, or in case they’ll be so taken by your work that they’ll be unable to refuse you a place in their magazine. As it’s distributed mostly to design agencies and big players in the world of creative graphic design, you may well get noticed and contacted through this method of sharing.

Your Turn

Your creative work is a huge selling point for you as an individual creator – so ensure that you’re doing your utmost to share it by using the five methods outlined above.

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