6 Useful Social Media Marketing (SMM) Tips for Business

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Social media marketing (SMM) tends to become more complicated with every new social media website. Some people are so frustrated at the situation that they have started hiring professionals for social media marketing, even though they can hardly afford them. If you are still looking to run your social media marketing campaign yourself, you can very well do it. Here are some simple tips that will help you on your way with social network marketing world.

Tips #1: Use custom tabs in new Facebook

With Facebook going through major overhaul with new Timeline and custom tabs, you have the chance to draw visitors’ attention to your stuff right from the beginning of the page. Before the upgrade, Facebook allowed pages to land visitors on custom tabs. Now all you have is a timeline and few tabs above it. However, you can still draw attention to these tabs by using photos and tab names.

Social Media Marketing Tips

Tips #2: LinkedIn Company follow button

Do you know LinkedIn has a follow button for your company? Since LinkedIn is a powerful tool for social network optimization, you may want to use its follow button on your website. Just like the Facebook Like button, LinkedIn button can sit anywhere, in your bookmarks and after your posts. It will also show the number of people following your company. Just be sure to place it where it can attract visitors and make them click ‘follow’.

Social Media Marketing Tips

Tips #3: Use third-party apps to share to all networks at the same time

One of the problems with social media optimization is that it has so many websites and everyone is talking about importance of being everywhere. If your business needs to be everywhere, you will end up wasting plenty of hours just updating status, posting latest news about your business, and making friends with new people. The best way to get all this done with a click is to use third-party apps to share to all the networks at the same time. But be careful DO NOT SPAM!

Tips #4: Take your followers and contacts with you

If you have identified great potential in a new social media network, you will have a problem to find your friends there. The best way to successfully market on new networks is to use the option to migrate your contacts from email and other social media profiles to your new network. This way, you will have your friends and followers all joining you at the new place.

Tips #5: Do not be a nuisance

You would often find people becoming a nuisance for others. Since social media optimization requires being active in the community, many would start spamming. Only share information if you think is worth sharing. If you continue annoying others with useless shared content, you are soon going to fade away from their newsfeed.

Tips #6: Never spam

Social media marketing does not have to be spam. You will find many new businesses sending a wave of content on social media without any engagement. If you want to succeed, you should learn a thing or two from them. Only share content worthy of your visitors’ time. They will know that you care and they will look for new content every now and then.

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