Animation Integrated in Digital Marketing for Businesses in 2021

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Have you ever observed the use of animation in marketing and other specialized fields is getting new hype now! The evolution of animation has made it a potent weapon for various marketing purposes and is typically acknowledged by hosting organizations.

Digital Marketing through Animation

In these past years, the number of brands using video marketing has increased approximately from 63% to 81%, an influential statistic that demonstrates the influence of video as an advanced marketing tool.

Many brands control diverse animation and storytelling methods to create persuasive videos rather than text or image-centered media. A choice that comes with many perquisites, counting with:

  • Video is visually inspiring: Today’s customers have all of the attention, which means that marketers have to do the whole thing that they can do to earn and retain their attention. Video adds motion and energy to the spectator experience, averting the boredom frequently related to reading long chunks of copy.
  • Video tells a story: Video lets you create a story about your brand and help the viewer through it. Indeed, you could write a story in copy, but 72% of people would absorb more about a product or service in video rather than text.
  • Video upsurges retention: Readers hold 10% of the information when reading, while video viewers hold 95% of a message while watching a video. Therefore, it’s better to utilize video instead of text. If you want your customers to hold your messaging, wouldn’t it be the ultimate goal, after all?
  • Video is multipurpose: As we’ll discover in this post, video is a very flexible media, giving you the chance to tune the spectator experience with music, narration, and many different kinds of animation. Moreover, with video, you’re only limited by the limitations of your thoughts.

Using Animation in Business

In the struggle of the competitive corporate world, the animation is an engaging weapon. It aids in the thorough explanation and delivery of your story and company message. Visual learners account for 65 percent of the population, and 90 percent of the information transferred to viewers’ brains is visual.

According to John Medina, a molecular biologist, a person’s vision is the most dominant sense, accounting for half of the brain’s resources. Information is processed 60,000 times faster than alphabetical text.

Graphic description:

Animation Graphic Design

Text description:

A geometrical figure is having four sides, equal sides, and four angles.

The preceding is an illustration of the impact of graphic description and text design. On social media, there has been a significant shift in visual material.

In the US alone, the number of videos posted by a single person increased by 94 percent last year. Facebook, on the other hand, streams more than 4 billion videos per day.

Yes, the picture superiority effect, in which visuals and pictures have a longer-lasting impression than words, should not be overlooked.

The following are some statistics that may assist you in understanding video marketing:

  • Conversions on the landing page have increased by 80%, including video. (Source!)
  • After watching the video, 64% of viewers purchase things on the internet. (Source!)
  • Video watching accounts for one-third of the activities. (Source!)
  • After watching a video for a product, 65% of CEOs look for further information. (Source!)
  • YouTube users view one billion hours of video daily, according to YouTube.

If video marketing isn’t already a component of your content marketing plan, now is the time to incorporate it into your product promotion.

Trends for Video Animation

If I say that animation is one of the fastest-growing industries, it won’t be a lie! Because it’s a fact that Animation is one of the rapidly growing industries. It is one of the industries firmly connected with the entertainment industry for more than a decade.

But now, animation is making its path and furnishing its connections in other industries, including marketing, advertising, and interactive experiences. In this competitive era, neglecting the importance of animation in business would be a great mistake for marketers.

This article will tell you about the latest animation trends, which need your serious attention regarding your business venture marketing.

#1. 3D CGI IS losing Its Worth

After being twenty years of the prevailing trend, 3D CGI is now losing its worth. In the time of ’90s, living in its modern form, 3D CGI was handled by Pixar, and from that time, many of the studios are trying to pursue it except the (Japanese have always created a classification of their own) are trying to do their best to work it out.

By admiring the preference of the style, the results have been surprisingly bland, and the influence of Pixar look all over the industry shows it as stereotypical and constant.

In this presentation, the 2D CGI animation is ruling the 3D in terms of quality. 2D is more diverse and gives you room for personal style and experiments. For marketers, it is necessary to stay focused on your attention and efforts on the 2D animation whenever you are going to establish your marketing materials.

#2. Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animation is one of the oldest types of animation, which is now used on a large for marketing. The development of the easy handle, one of the powerful tools, making it engaging even without using an attractive background, is gaining the attention of many people. This is one of the trends predicted as one of the fastest-growing trends in the upcoming years.

Whiteboard animation is one of the most pursued trends by marketers because this is one of the best ways to create your explainer video, and its engaging nature makes it’s more attractive.

To make your whiteboard animation video, you can visit any animation company or install the necessary software. Spend a quality that is wholly devoted to the study of whiteboard animation to set your goals and get better results.

#4. Motion Graphics

Motion graphics is the new trending trend of animation. The illusions formed by intermediary positions are created by the software automatically. So the object which you think is moving is just an illusion created by some pictures which are just changing their place in a continuous motion on the screen or the desktop.

The chief benefit of this type of animation is that this is not entirely cartooned base4 animation. Still, it can be utilized in various animation representations, which can vary from human characters to letter infographics. It makes fascinating, inspiring, informative, and vibrant videos.

#5. AR/VR

AR and VR stand for (augmented reality) and (virtual reality). These technologies have been present on the scene for some time. But from some past years, the trend of AR/VR is increasing second by second. The most innovative companies utilize these technologies to date because they need considerate expertise and investment.

Although, they can compose and create engaging and spellbinding stories. AR/VR possesses the magical power that secures the targeted customers’ attention and can make you one of the trend changes in the industry.

#6. Animated Web Series

For the last five years, web series is one of the most nurturing trends of animation. The production technologies are getting more available to regular notebook users. They are one of the main ways which are switching the entertainment industry into advertising.

Most brands and businesses use this trend and create animated web series to market their brand and business. Suppose the series hit its goal by attracting the attention of its targeted audience by creating compelling, current, amusing, and fascinating.

In that case, eventually, you will develop an engaging connection with your audience. Because of your web series, they will come back to watch the new episodes of it.

It will form a human-to-human interaction that will help you to grow and market your platform.

Why Businesses use Animation?

 icon-angle-right Grab attention

Marketers set their marketing tactics to draw the attention of their intended audience with animation tools and devices, following the pace and manner in which children’s cartooned films aimed to hold their attention through animated amusement and innovation.

This is one of the best instances of animation that firms may use in their digital marketing campaigns.

 icon-angle-right Gain trust and understanding

For example, some firms have used animation as one of their most powerful strategies to capture their target audience’s attention and interest to regain their faith in food safety issues. Following the execution of this method, there was a significant improvement.

This will have a favorable impact on your sales and profit margins. It will also help your company build a strong reputation in the marketplace. Businesses can provide a detailed description of their goals and objectives to their customers.

 icon-angle-right Engage your audience

Isn’t it preferable to show your product and services in a matter of minutes rather than to engage your target audience with an aesthetically and emotionally appealing animation?

Take Pixar animation as an example; they strive to engage audiences of all ages, and many of their animated films have remained in the hearts of audiences for many years. Businesses and brands can use animation to their advantage.

 icon-angle-right Communicate rapidly but concisely as well

By ensuring that your message is clear and all of your objectives are effectively communicated, the animation is the ideal approach to demonstrate the services and features fairly and concisely. This is the assurance that your company will succeed rather than fail.

When your goods and services are well-defined and well-explained, and your advertising is on point, you will attract a growing number of customers. Your company will prosper as a result of the advertisement’s simplicity.

 icon-angle-right Making a lasting impact

Businesses might have the advantage of leaving a lasting impression on the minds of their target audience if they use advertising excitingly and innovatively.

Take, for example, John Lewis, which has a long-standing reputation for its Christmas line, as seen by the fact that they make animated Christmas advertising every year. Because of the entertainment value of animation and storytelling, these television commercials typically receive a positive response.

 icon-angle-right The animation fits anything everything

The animation can be used for any marketing purpose, including brand or product explanation videos, infographics, and press releases. Marketers from respected businesses recognize and appreciate the value of the animation.

This is why reputable businesses utilize animated explainer movies to promote their products or services.

 icon-angle-right The animation is cost-effectively increased than other marketing strategies

One of the most significant advantages of using animated videos for social media marketing is that they are less costly than live videos.

Searching for a comprehensively spokesperson, shooting, actors, and fil editing can all add up to thousands of dollars. Instead, a fraction of this time is required to create a flawless animated explainer video.

In the marketing of a business product or brand, a video animation company is playing a critical role. You can achieve spectacular results in your business expansion and promotion by using this marketing technique.

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