B2B Branding: How to Create Compelling Web Content

We humans are emotional creatures. Indeed, it’s naive to think that any decision we make is formed completely through logical, practical consideration. Otherwise, there would be no need for companies to spend significant amounts of time and money making their workspaces and website look appealing to the eye. Deep down, if an option doesn’t satisfy an entrepreneur on an emotional level, they probably won’t go for it –– other factors notwithstanding. This presents a tricky prospect for B2B companies that can’t rely on impulse or vanity purchases like other businesses. Fortunately, you can still craft an online brand and website content that resonates with your customer base –– no matter what you do. Here’s how:

#1: Keep it Simple

Compelling Content DIY-Keep it simple

One common mistake businesses make when opting for a web redesign is doing too much with their space. It’s very easy to get caught up adding bells and whistles to your site and end up with a cluttered, unnavigable website. Remember, a website with too much going on is just as detrimental as one that offers too little.

#2: Make Your Pages Resources

There’s a misconception in marketing that a company needs to get their point across to their leads quickly –– lest they stretch the modern consumer’s already miniscule attention span. However, that’s not always the case. One way to establish yourself as an authority in your industry is to create web pages with rich, dense information. B2B purchases tend to be complex and intricate, and you want your leads reading what you have to say about industry trends and services.

Create Compelling Web Content - Resources Page

As always, work to beautify your site with apt images and videos, but don’t be afraid to construct a pillar page if the opportunity presents itself.

#3: Embrace a Niche

It’s understandable why business owners might be hesitant to pigeon-hole their company early on. Nevertheless, it’s often an advantageous play for a business to latch on to a growing niche. There’s no shame in focusing on one area of expertise –– so long as you have the capabilities to do so and the market to support it.

#4: Focus on Solutions –– Not Products

Create Compelling Web Content - Focus on Solutions

Some brands have managed to become synonymous with their company’s function. It’s just about impossible to sneeze and not ask for a “Kleenex,” for example. Unfortunately, many B2B operations don’t enjoy this advantage. So rather than trying to explain what intricate products like a lab-ready autoflask instrument does, focus on the advantages it offers. Everyone can understand concepts like cost-savings, improved efficiency, and increased revenue. Make those phrases your go-tos when discussing difficult-to-comprehend or esoteric products and services.

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