6 Common Branding Mistakes You Need To Keep Away

No doubt, every mistake is a new lesson for all of us. However, you cannot apply this fact if you want to establish a brand in the world of competitors. A brand is an iconic identity for a business that represents your ideology and objectives among your prominent customers. Many brand experts commit few common mistakes even if they have done loads of research work to come up with the most powerful brand name & icon.

Branding holds significance for effective business promotion. Startups and SMEs take assistance from reliable brand experts to strengthen their foothold in the corporate market. A brand is a true essence of an organization and that’s why, making right branding decisions seems to be a tough job for many.

Hiring a brand expert is a right step to take consultations and build fruitful brand strategies for any business so that you can:

  • Set your own business identity in the market place
  • Promote your services & products
  • Get distinguished in the crowd of competitors
  • Build brand reputation & attract customers
  • Strike to the viewer’s mind with effective message

Unquestionably, branding plays a crucial role behind the business promotion via logo, banners, and various marketing collaterals. Even if you know all the ins & outs of branding, do not ignore few mistakes that will turn all your efforts in a huge disaster. So, try to avoid the below-mentioned branding errors:

Failure in precise competitor analysis

Startups majorly face this hurdle as they ignore the existing competitors in the market. Effective branding delivers favorable results if you strategize to succeed in the presence of numerous companies with similar business types.

So, include thorough competitor research work if you want to stay on the right tracks of branding. Conclude your research task on the basis of following factors:

  • Business type & objectives
  • Services & product details
  • Existing market share & customer base
  • Target audience
  • Brand visibility
  • Branding & marketing strategies

Showcasing inappropriate brand name

“Your name builds fame for a business”.

A brand name is a core of promotion & marketing. The title & name on a brand reflect your business aspirations and convey them to the customers who are looking for a renowned name. Always remember, failing to come up with a relevant brand name is the biggest mistake as:

  • Customers won’t be able to relate your objectives to an unmatched brand name
  • Investors & target audience will disapprove your brand name if it seems irrelevant to your business
  • Undistinguished brand name harms business reputation and degrades the loyalty factor.

So, you must write down a distinctive brand name that is relevant, short, and easy to spell or pronounce.

Divergence from your own identity

Inconsistency in branding destroys a company’s credibility even if it’s established from many decades. You can consider the most popular brands to get an idea for analyzing their branding techniques. To avoid this mistake in branding, you must:

  • Stick to the key characteristics existing brand
  • Redefine your business values
  • Make sure that your brand’s name, logo, & slogans are recognizable
  • Clarify your ideology & business goals
  • Redesign your brand icon to keep a pace with ever-changing customers’ preferences

When first impression turns a bad one

Visual impact is a key to favorable branding. Many brand creators fail to impress the audience just because they put unattractive brand icons & marketing collaterals on display. Customers will reject a brand if it looks dull & non-catchy at the first point of contact. So, try to portray your brand explicitly via:

  • Distinguishable name, title, or phrase
  • Appealing & recognizable logos or symbols
  • Colorful packaging in fascinating designs
  • Impactful brand advertisements
  • Visually appealing marketing collateral like business cards, templates, banners, etc.

Do not take any decision if you want to redesign your company’s logo or other identities as it may distract your valuable customers. Otherwise, make sure that everyone will accept your newly launched brand icon.

Taking Steps To Stretch Out Business

No doubt, branding is a part of promotional activities. A company with plenty of funds can definitely step on the pathways of business expansion and invest in various entrepreneurial tasks to broaden their empire but what about small-scale businesses & startups?

You must think once before spending a lot of money in worthless tasks that may dismantle the entire management of your organization. Even if your budget on branding is sufficient it doesn’t mean that you can spend your profits in business expansion. Always remember that getting a couple of contracts is not enough to profit you & your employees if your business is new.

To Much Emphasis On Products Or Services

No one dislikes attention. Customer value matters a lot if you want to build a robust brand for your business. Your hardwork will go in vain if you concentrate on promoting your products or services without considering the thoughts, behavior, & buying preferences of your target audience.

Customer experience is a factor to determine if your brand strategies are profitable or not. So, it is simple to say you must pick your customers as a first priority along with product or service promotion.

Ending Notes

Branding is a combination of various elements that may bring profits to your business. However, taking any shortcut may destruct your attempts in successful branding. So, you must read out all above points to avoid any mistake or fault meant to popularize brand & business.

About the Author!

Jacob Colleen works as a brand specialist at Webby Central. His skills and knowledge in business consulting and branding are trusted by many leading businesses. In the above post, he is sharing 6 branding mistakes that are generally committed by the majority of brand promoters.

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