Top 13 Free Logo Maker Websites for Your Brand

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Just as your domain name serves the purpose of increasing online brand visibility, the logo serves the purpose of improving the overall brand identity. Let’s start with a quick experiment, think about the popular smartphone manufacturing company, Apple, what’s the first thing that pops in your mind? It’s the bitten apple—the iconic logo. A tick is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about Nike or the golden arches when you think of the larges fast food chain.

Whether you are building your brand’s website or you are designing an aesthetic for the company’s project, a logo provides your brand with an eye-catchy and instantly recognizable source of identification. Where companies and business organizations spend a huge fraction of their budget on this tiny emblem of identification, most of the small and medium-sized businesses and brands have to work with tight budgets to acquire a high-quality logo.

High-quality and visual appeal are the crucial elements which make a great logo. Where logo designing requires a few hours, some ceaseless effort and a whole lot of creativity and originality, it also requires knowledge of logo designing trends, styles and most importantly logo design tool and applications. The idea of using online tools and software packages works well if you don’t want to hand a bundle of cash to the professional designer or a designing agency.

Finding the top logo designing tool and application is crucial for making a professional-looking logo that goes well with your brand’s products, values and message. Logo generating tools come in handy when it comes to generating a customized logo design. The online world is filled with hundreds and thousands of logo design tools and application through which you can make high-quality logos quite effortlessly.

For that, all you need is a computer and internet access. What you don’t need is hiring of the professional logo designer to create a high-quality logo for your brand. Browse the features of multiple online tools and applications and get yourself excellent tools to make the logo designing job easier and simple for yourself.

Best Free Logo Maker Websites

To save you from the hassles of browsing multiple tools and applications, we have compiled a comprehensive list of all the topmost and widely-used logo designing tools and applications:

1. Designhill

Designhill Free Logo Maker

The best part about this tool is that I provide you with free of cost logo designing feature. Having more than a thousand high-quality logo designs to choose from, this tool I provide you with multiple advanced designing tools and options. Select any layout and design of based on your choice of text, font, color scheme and typeface. Design Hill tool also allows you to buy free logo maker files to get unrestricted access.

The platform is used and widely-preferred by hundreds and thousands of professional designers and business owners. You could even launch a logo design contest to get inspired by newer and innovative design ideas. Providing you with the most reasonably priced logo designs, this site the most preferred one-stop platform for logo and graphic designing.

Apart from getting offering you with logos and highly appealing logo design, the platform also provides you with a feature to make high-quality t-shirt designs, web design, brochure designs, business cards and numerous other design solutions.

2. Creatopy

Creatopy's Logo Maker

If you’re looking for a complex design platform, Creatopy’s logo maker is a reliable option to consider. is an efficient and intuitive visual production platform, delivering a well-crafted creative experience. The drag and drop editor makes logo creation accessible by allowing you to either make logos from scratch or choose from customizable templates for your brand-to-be.

With Creatopy, you can craft a logo in minutes, regardless if you have a clear image of what your design should look like, or you’re looking to get inspired during the creative process. Creatopy has many strong points, enabling you to cut on costs and save time.

Plus, you get full logo ownership, as well as editing rights to download and share your file as you need, with no watermark whatsoever. If you didn’t have the chance to try Creatopy yet, we recommend giving it a try, especially since the first three designs are free.

3. Canva Free Logo Maker

Canva Free Logo Maker

A tool with an extensive choice and category of designs, layouts and design styles. From providing you with high-quality design options to offering highly useful customization options, Canva Logo Maker is the first choice multitudes of designers when it comes to creating custom business logos. But, Canva is not only about logo designing; the tool also provides you with options to design stunning posters, amazing banners and eye-catchy invitation cards and numerous other designing options.

The tool consists of a huge collection of design templates, base designs and layout to get you started with your logo design. To make sure that the logo design meets your needs and requirements, the tool provides you with the feature to specify the dimensions before starting the designing process.

The online editor of the tool makes it easier for the designer to tweak the colors, fonts, text, images and layout style. Whether its design resizing or color contrasting the platform is fully equipped with all the right tools to refine and customize your logo design.

4. Design Iconic

Design Iconic Logo Maker

Don’t have enough time to spare for logo designing? Design Iconic has got you all sorted. From provid

ing you with an extensive category of industries to choose from to offering you highly reasonable professional package, design iconic is known for its exceptional designs and engaging features. From ensuring complete customer satisfaction to creating highly memorable logos, the tool is equipped with tools and features to build memorable and responsive logo designs.

The diverse and comprehensive color palette to a large selection of logotype, the platform meets all your digital designing logo and printing needs. The platform provides you with 24/7 services and an expert panel to sketch out the perfect logo design for your brand and company.

5. Logogenie

Logogenie Logo Maker

Logogenie DIY logo design service is one of the leading logo makers on the web. With a mix of high-tech online tools and quality logo templates, you’ll never run out of ideas for your logo design. Logogenie uses AI technology to filter templates and offer you logo propositions which are adapted to your industry.

Creating a logo is easy and only takes a few minutes. Deliverables include high-definition graphic files in multiple formats.

Many options are available such as the social network package which will help you with your social media branding.

With over a million members and over 3000 logos to choose from, Logogenie has made satisfied clients worldwide. If you’re looking for a creative, easy and affordable DIY logo design service, then look no further.

6. Logo Verge

Logo Verge Free Logo Maker

From having a simple design process to extensive features, logo verge is probably one of the easiest and simplest design tools to use. All you have to do is to enter the company name, type in the industry category, choose the favorite design, and you will end up with an amazing logo design. Whether you want a logo for corporate industry or fashion industry, the comprehensive options of Logo Verge make sure that you are provided with every feature needed to meet your design requirements and demands.

From designing wedding and business cards to developing website designs and email signatures, Logo Verge is the go-to platform of several design professionals, business organizations and brands.

7. Looka (aka LogoJoy)

Looka Free Logo Maker

Don’t have thousands to spend on a simple logo? Don’t fret, leave all the design worries and hassles to the artificially intelligent engine of Looka. Whether you are an experienced designer or someone who is new to designing, the integral features of this tool allow you to work with ease. All you have to do is to select the color, style, and design layout and leave the rest to the AI-based engine.

Apart from logo designing, the tool is well-equipped with various marketing design options and advanced website building features. However, the customization options are not diverse and broad. Once you have created a logo with Looka, you can either alter the colors, or you could modify the shape and size of the designed logo. Looka is a perfect logo design option for you if you are looking for something quick and easy to use with little designing efforts and capabilities to complete a business logo within minutes.

8. SummitSoft Logo Design Studio Pro

Summitsoft Logo Design Studio Pro

From providing you with advanced logo design options and features to offering highly reasonable one-time purchase cost, Logo Design Studio Pro is one of the remarkable product of Summitsoft. Whether you want a logo for your small business or a sports team, this tool is equipped with capabilities to provide you multi-purpose logo designs. The best part about this tool is that you can acquire high-quality vector files of your logo design with zero pixelation and designs that can be used on any platform and every medium.

Offering you all the necessary tools and features required to complete a logo, Logo Design Studio Pro is the perfect digital assistance and partner when it comes to creating logos. With endless designing possibilities, this tool makes sure that you get your cream logo design and that too at unbeatable cost.

9. LogoYes

LogoYes Free Logo Maker

If ease of use is your first preference when it comes to choosing the right logo design tool, then LogoYes is exactly what you are looking for. Probably one of the simplest design platform with built-in graphics icon options and font styles. The software allows you to build simple yet stunning logos within no time.

The tool is simple to use; all you have to do is to drag and drop selected options on the empty canvas. You can tweak, resize, alter, and scale the selected design elements to meet your logo design requirements. However, the tool doesn’t have any special effects and filters to enhance the overall look of the logo. So if you are looking stylized and intricate logo designs, then LogoYes would be a poor selection for logo designing.

10. Ucraft Free Logo Maker

uCraft Free Logo Maker

The tools provide you with various applications and various prompts that you can use to create high-quality business logos. The best part about Ucraft tool is that it offers you a free download of the PNG file. Packed with various amazing icons, shapes, colors, and font styles, the tool enables you to acquire high-quality logos in no time.

The tool provides you with a simple 10-step design process to create stunning logos. Whether its SVG format or PNG, with an easy and hassle-free download you can use the designed logos on every platform and marketing mediums, be it t-shirts, website or business card.

11. SquareSpace Logo Maker

Squarespace Logo Maker

Without any questions and doubts, SquareSpace Logo Maker is one of the most controversial logo creators. Being known as a website builder for years, the platform now offers a comprehensive logo designing tool as well. The tool comes with advanced design functionalities, simple drag, and drops designing feature and a slick user interface to help you in acquiring high-quality logo designs.

13. GraphicSprings Logo Maker

GraphicSprings Logo Maker

Only have a minute to create a logo? No worries, use GraphicSprings to acquire high-quality logo in less than a minute. The tools allow you to create logos in JPG, PNG and SVG formats. Whether you want to create a logo for housekeeping service or a fresh startup, GraphicSprings Logo Maker is the right tool when it comes to creating in a minute.

All you have to do is to choose the vector format, choose the right industry category and business type, edit the graphics and textual elements by using a simple drag and drop options and there you have it high resolution and stunning logo masterpiece.

However, the price ranges might not be as appealing as the features. When it comes to creating a general logo, you have to pay $20 and a striking amount of $150 if you are designing a business logo. Where this tool might be the fastest online logo generator, the price ranges make it a little less appealing.


Where these online logo designing tools and applications provide you with top-notch features, choosing the right tool that fits your business needs and design requirements is a business essential. Compare the design and features of multiple tools and applications to find the best-fit for brand and company. Online logo making and generating tools and applications are the best and most reasonable way to acquire effective logo designs. You might require some time to come up with the right decision, but once you do the rest of the logo designing job is stress and hassle-free.

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Nida Asad is a Creative Consult and Strategist who has earned great proficiency by working as a creative lead at Animation Wonder. Possessing a flair for digital design and advertising, Nathan has made an utterly reputable place among the ranks of creative consultants.

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