10 Logo Design Trends to Watch Out For In 2019

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Are you planning on building an effective logo design for people to love and enjoy? We all know how difficult it may be to do so, especially with the many businesses and personalities who now have the enticing logos. However, logo design ideas are limitless and you’re still able to create an enticing one that will attract your future and potential clients.

One thing to consider when creating a logo design is by following good trends which people love today and the next years to come. So whether you’re recreating a logo or creating one for a new business, read on! I show you the awesome logo design trends to watch out for in 2019!

Awesome Logo Design Trends to Watch Out For In 2019

Logo design trends can be used in many ways, which is why it’s crucial to learn about them. Some businesses want to stay away from such trends to be unique, while others choose to blend in with some of these trends to rebrand and look more into the times today. Whatever the reason is, these are the logo design trends to look out for this year:

1. Simplification

Simplification is a popular trend that has been for years, though it continues to remain a popular way to show aesthetic and beautify in a minimalistic way. Simplifying things to make cleaner, whether old or new logo, is now a growing trend which really freshens up a company. It shows the contemporary look, a more modern move for companies to show that they are more current and still relevant today AND tomorrow.

Look at the likes of Uber, American Express, Best Buy, Mills & Boon, and so many more redesigned logos. It seems like this simplification trend will continue even beyond 2019.

2. Responsive Logo

Redesigned logos go far beyond simplification, and with the use of mobile gadgets in most users today, companies are geared towards mobile responsiveness. This means the resizing of logos based on the browser or gadget you use, making it scalable for modern webs. Furthermore, logos also change based on the user’s status on the page, whether the user’s signed in or out. It really shows that the company adapts its image basing on the user data.

3. Authenticity

Not all brands need to simplify their logos, particularly for those who want to communicate more natural aesthetics rather than comply for a stronger digital presence. For instance, organic food retailers or earthy brands need the digital presence, but should still retain that rustic, homey feel to reflect their company. The logo should be honest about what the company is all about, showing you rather than following such modern trends which make the company feel like one of the many others.

4. Sustainability

You don’t need to simplify if you want to be authentic, but that doesn’t mean both qualities have to clash. That’s where sustainable logo designs come along, with classic logo designs that are flexible with the ever-changing design trends today. Companies begin to focus more on simplified logos that still showcase their brand, but are more sustainable to last for the next years, withstanding more design trends to come their way.

5. Fashion Logos Get Playful

Another cute and attractive trend is by playing with original logos, adding more fun and innovation with what companies have without exactly changing their logo branding. For example, Nike had hand-drawn logos or the combination of H&M and Moschino. These changes and collaborations show how brands connect with generations that try to differentiate themselves. It shows the unique perspectives on the ever popular brands without risky change.

6. Gradient Colors

Logo designs are now being simplified, and this may lack interest in customers and viewers. Because of this, designers add a bit more flair to the simplifications through gradients. Gradients have become more of a growing trend these days, especially when it comes to logo design. The bands of colors show a colorful aesthetic without it being too flashy, a perfect match to the simplified logo.

7. Letter Stacking

Letter stacking isn’t a new trend and has been here for at least three years now, continuing to grow in popularity this year. The construction of text in unordinary columns actually looks aesthetic, along with the combination of effects such as symbols or contrasting colors. It shows boldness and may even be matched with a vertical orientation for an even more attractive look.

8. Focus On the Details

Focusing on the little details on logos, such as emphasizing just a part of it in terms of increasing its size or shape, is a trend that continues to grow. The slight imbalance would attract attention and make your logo look memorable, having people wonder the reason behind the imbalance and to even learn more about what your company is all about.

9. Brand New Geometry

Geometric shapes on logos isn’t a new and innovative design trend, but designers are now making it a whole new one, pushing boundaries and standards in terms of geometric design. Instead of the usual, designers depict figures even more boldly and with much more infinite creativity, putting in bright colors and new compositions rather than the boring or monotonous logo designs we’ve seen before.

10. Negative Space Is Now Positive!

Yes, negative spaces are still a huge trend, especially with the minimalistic and simplification processes being an attractive look. Logos with hidden images showing hidden space and the like to exclude an area in the design would actually attract more attention, just as focusing and increasing sizes of details would. It looks interesting and has people wonder about the negative space!

Wrapping It Up

While you don’t need to completely follow all logo design trends, it’s still important to know what they are, even utilizing one to help attract customers and have them identify your brand better. This will have businesses like Joel House professionally survive in environments with their competition, and for customers to learn more about what’s behind the logo.

Hopefully, this article on awesome logo design trends to watch out for in 2019 gave you an idea on what to expect this year. So don’t wait any longer and check more of these design trends out now.

If you have any questions or want to share your tips and experiences with logo design, then comment below. Your thoughts are much appreciated.

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