Creative Marketing Through NFC

Like every disruptive technology throughout history, the smart phone left a great swath of obsolescence in its wake as it moved into the mainstream. Just ask anyone to produce an old minidisk player or a digital camera if you don’t agree.

One item that has withstood the smart phone revolution, however, is the plastic chip credit card. It doesn’t seem like the credit card is going away anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean that sophisticated, consumers aren’t looking for app-based alternatives to their VISA card.

The option of paying with POS credit card information stored on your smart phone is becoming an increasingly popular option among consumers in the mobile app generation.

This could soon make the plastic chip card a thing of the past.

NFC is a Burgeoning Option

NFC (or Near Field Mitigation) payments require no contact and allow data to be exchanged between readers and payment devices through proprietary apps or with EMV chip cards.

NFC devices and their eWallet counterparts must be placed close together in order to complete a payment, but this is typically around 2 inches of space and requires no physical touching.

Think of it this way: the one object that the vast majority of your customers have on their person at all times is not a purse or wallet — it’s their smartphone.

So, what can be easier than paying for regular transactions day-to-day with the item that virtually every single person already has either in their pocket or in hand while they’re waiting in line?

Mobile wallets are fast becoming a critical part of the payments landscape. The ubiquity of iOS and Android app development help make mobile payments even easier to use thanks to simple apps like Samsung Pay, Apple Pay, and the Google Wallet. Designing the right mobile payment app requires that you keep your UI appealing and your UX seamless.

Creative NFC

If you have the next incredible NFC idea to help you better connect your product to potential customers, you need to partner with a mobile app developer that understands the market and that can help you realize your vision. You’ll also need to work with a developer who can help you reach more customers through creative engagement.

Consider Nike, who recently implemented NFC tech to offer their customers chances to win exclusive gifts through their connected jerseys. To unlock gifts — including courtside seats to basketball games — customers could download the NikeConnect app and tap the NFC tag on their jerseys and they were entered to win.

This allows Nike to push their new line of jerseys while also promoting a new form of customer engagement.

Meanwhile Campari is using NFC-enabled refrigerator magnets to make liquor ordering even easier. These magnets are equipped with NFC chips that allow consumers to connect their phones directly to the Drizly product page allowing them to order Campari products (including Skyy vodka and Wild Turkey bourbon) directly to their homes.

Your Turn

Think creatively, and your app could be the next biggest thing in NFC. Partner with a lean, democratic app developer who will keep you informed every step of the way and ensure that your app idea gets off the ground and into people’s hands right away.

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