Why Women Might Be in The Entrepreneurial World

In the European Union, about a quarter of women are in managerial positions in the business. Much less – in the east of Europe. For example, in the Czech Republic only 9%. In some countries, women are becoming more prominent in business. They create successful companies interested in new development opportunities. However, the leading companies from majority countries that have succeeded not through the redistribution of state property and are still exclusively represented by men. Why is that happening in the time when we have equality in the entrepreneurial world?

Of course, a businesswoman seems to be the owner of herself and does not depend on discrimination by employers. On the other hand, there is still sometimes systemic discrimination against women, and it affects entrepreneurial activity.

Which problems can women face?

The first is access to finance. Historically, women have less access to resources, including financial ones. It is known that women on average have 30 percent lower salaries – according to the latest data from the State Statistics Service. And in general, men earn more in all areas of employment. And private entrepreneurship should start with some start-up capital. Women start to accumulate such seed capital harder. This is the first problem.

The second problem is communication. Leading posts are mostly men. These are enterprises, public services, and elected positions. And the higher the level of the manager, the fewer women in these positions.

And the third problem which is relevant for many countries is the problem of combining business with family responsibilities. It’s no secret that public pressure is mainly on women.

Advantages of a female entrepreneur

Some people say that women’s traits help sales more, establish business ties. Women have huge economic potential. A woman can actually establish and successfully manage any business. For example, there are female guarantors who have established coffee shops, schools, hospitals, agribusiness, even construction companies. And they are successful. Society is ready to accept a female entrepreneur, if she is a professional if she is in her place. Also, females are great at resume writing as they usually have more creativity and literacy than males.

Social entrepreneurship

Social entrepreneurship is the youngest and one of the most promising areas in business, aimed at solving serious social issues, including those that are relevant in the labor market. For 10 years of its existence, it has proved its effectiveness and significance. For its development, it is important to take into account a combination of a number of factors, for example, government support, profitability, access to investments, and public recognition.

Entrepreneurs face numerous barriers on the way to high goals of improving efficiency and expanding the business, the main ones being the lack of a legislative base, namely the lack of specialists, difficulty in entering the market, difficulties in obtaining financing. So, it is females who can improve this sphere and make a contribution to its development.

Female energy, enthusiasm, and high professionalism, and most importantly the combination of the efforts of business and the state will expand the opportunities for the development of social entrepreneurship.

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