5 Best Places to Advertise in Indiana

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Marketing and advertising are sort of all encompassing industries. In other words, there are a lot of variables that influence and dictate the direction of a marketing campaign or marketing strategy for an organization.

One of those determining factors is simply location. If your business is located in Indiana, or a state that immediately borders Indiana for that matter, then you may want to know where and how to craft advertising campaigns within that state specifically.

Indianapolis billboards are a great place to start with your marketing campaign in Indiana, but what about other tactics and strategies that a brand can use in order to connect and engage with members of their target audience within the Indiana marketplace?

Follow along, and a variety of effective marketing and advertising tactics will be explored that apply to the Indiana market, as well as other major metropolitan areas.

On Billboards

As mentioned above Indianapolis billboards are a great way to start off with marketing in Indiana. Indianapolis is, of course, the capital of the state, and is also one of the biggest cities in all of Indiana.

With a residency of over 870,000 people, Indianapolis billboards have an excellent consumer-reach and make a great way for brands to increase their visibility.

Billboard advertising is a little bit tricky when compared to other forms of modern day advertising because of its broad nature.

When positioning Indianapolis billboards, for instance, you’ll want to position them on highways entering and exiting the city, as well as in and around Lucas Oil Stadium and other popular sporting venues.

These positionings are strategic because they all make use of space in highly trafficked areas. However, as the marketing or advertising professional you have very little control over this traffic.

With other forms of modern marketing, however, technology and software guide rails are in place that help ensure that the campaign you’ve designed is being seen by the right target audience.

Street Furniture Advertising Campaigns

Street furniture advertising is another form of out-of-home advertising that is popular in metropolitan areas and big cities.

Street furniture advertising once again makes use of available space and foot traffic in order to expand brand visibility amongst consumers. There are a wide variety of ways to implement street furniture advertising into your overall marketing strategy in Indianapolis and other big cities, too.

Bus shelters, news stands, shared bike racks, and even urban panels all make excellent marketing opportunities in urban regions because of the popularity of public transit as well as their eye-level positioning on the street.

In this way, street furniture advertising can even reach consumers who aren’t actually using public transportation or patronizing the kiosk on which you’ve placed your ad, but are just passively exposed to your advertising through proximity because they walked by.

Digital Spectaculars

Digital spectaculars are an excellent way to drive consumer engagement and make a splash for your brand at the same time. Indiana can be a good place to create and erect a digital spectacular because it could make enough buzz that people from surrounding rural and urban areas alike, may come out to see the spectacular.

A digital spectacular makes use of a variety of screens and monitors to create a modern day mosaic that is also a piece of advertising. These campaigns typically require a lot of planning and designing in order to launch them effectively.

Public Transit Marketing

Urban panel advertising and bus shelter advertising are two forms of public transit marketing that have already been somewhat covered. There are a lot of other varieties of transit marketing, though.

For instance, there are bus and train wraps which involve placing an advertisement directly on the public transportation vehicle.

Vehicle wrapping is a great way to increase exposure even further, because advertisements are seen by other drivers, in addition to pedestrians, and commuters making use of the public transportation service.


Finally, and always worth mentioning in today’s day and age, one of the best places to advertise no matter which state you’re targeting is online.

Digital marketing and online marketing strategies have skyrocketed over the past few years as the virtual economy continues to expand at an unprecedented rate.

Any and every brand looking to remain relevant and competitive in today’s day and age needs to be equipped and prepared with a comprehensive marketing strategy that includes both digital and in-person marketing tactics.

Final Thoughts on Advertising in Indiana

Marketing and advertising is almost never one-size-fits-all and strategies can look completely different from one organization to another.

Whether you’re placing Indianapolis billboards, or working on digital marketing campaigns for Chicago, knowing the ins and outs of popular and modern marketing tactics will help you keep your brand relevant in the eyes of consumers now, and well into the future.

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