10 Best Practices for Writing an Effective Business Service Page

If you’re running a service-based business, you’d want your services page to be as effective as possible in turning website visitors into recurring customers. It needs to clearly explain what services your business offers, and how those services benefit customers.

This guide covers the best practices for writing an effective business service page. Whether you’re looking to add the page to your new site or just want to adjust an existing one for maximum conversions, you’ll find some useful tips to implement right away.

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Writing a Services Page

You need to ask yourself some questions to better write a business services page. They’re as follows:

  • What is my target audience? Pay attention to their age, occupation, location, and even gender where applicable. This way, you can know what and how to write for them in particular.
  • What are some things they’re struggling with? If you know the problems your target audience has it becomes easy to provide the right solutions to them.
  • Who are my competitors and what can I do better than them? You need a unique selling point to persuade people to choose you and not your competitors. Maybe you can do the work and get the results within a shorter period, have a better price for the same or higher quality service, or offer some free additional services.

Tips for Writing a Services Page for Your Business

Let’s explore the best strategies to make your services page stand out.

1. Have one page for each service

The primary goal of your services page is to present the available products and services. To do so, you should have a separate page for each service.

Everything you offer caters to a particular customer. So, if you’re a freelance writer, someone interested in your blog writing services may not be interested in your copywriting services, although both services relate in that there’s writing involved. So, it would not be the best strategy to talk about all your services on one page.

Having individual pages allows you to go into detail about each service without overwhelming visitors with too much information at once.

You’re free to have a main services page that links to specific service pages too. In case you’re just starting out, only offer your best services on your website and add more as you go.

2. Use the right title

The title of your services page should clearly express what type of page someone has landed on. You can use titles like “What We Offer,” “Our Services,” or simply “Services” if you’re a solopreneur.

Being specific with the service you offer in general is also a good approach. So if you’re running a social media marketing agency, it would be something like “Social Media Marketing Services.”

You can as well start with a powerful headline to grab the attention of website visitors. Take one example like “Professional house moving services to relieve the stress of your next move.” From this headline example, not only is the service clear but also the benefit a user would get.

3. Mention the features and benefits

Features and benefits are crucial when it comes to writing a services page that works. You need to explain what a service you offer is about along with the value a potential customer will get.

A feature is a descriptive statement about your service that tells what it does. For example, “We provide Search Engine Optimization for web pages.”

On the other hand, a benefit explains why this service matters to customers. For instance, “Our Search Engine Optimization services guarantee higher search rankings and more organic traffic to your website.”

If a customer understands what your offer is and how it can help them get the results they need, they’re more likely to buy your service. So, it should always make their life easier, better, cost-efficient, and anything else positive.

4. Include keywords the right way

When it comes to SEO, keywords are essential when writing your services page. Use relevant phrases and words that match the services you offer and what people may be searching for.

You can simply use Google’s keywords suggestions from its autocomplete feature or your Search Console account. Also, keyword research tools come in handy for spying on what keywords and phrases your competitors are ranking for.

Besides the services page’s content, here are the best places to add relevant keywords:

  • Title: Include keywords in the title of your services page to distinguish it from your other pages.
  • Headings and subheadings: Use keywords within headings and subheadings to make it clear what each section of the page is about.
  • Meta description: Put your targeted keyword phrase as close to the beginning of your description as possible for Google to understand your page and to entice web users to click on it.

Be sure not to add too many keywords to avoid keyword stuffing. This is a bad SEO habit that no longer works and can result in penalties from Google and loss of rankings when the Google web crawler software discovers it.

5. Add visual elements

Visual elements like images and videos can enhance the effectiveness of your services page. Visual learning statistics show that 65% of people prefer studying visual materials rather than textual ones.

So, your site visitors can quickly understand the information you need to pass to them if you use visual explanations.

Use infographics to explain complex concepts or show off your team’s skills in action through short and engaging videos.

They can help customers better understand what you do as a business and how they’ll benefit from choosing your services. Besides, people will spend more time on your site, something that results in a low bounce rate and higher search engine rankings.

6. Answer frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) should be part of your services page. That way, customers can quickly find answers to the questions they have about the service you offer.

You can simply answer the top queries you receive on your site via comments or email. Another idea is just putting yourself in your customer’s shoes and thinking about some of the questions they might have.

If you want to discover more queries, the “People also ask” section on Google results pages can give you ideas. Search for an industry-specific keyword or phrase and scroll down to find the most-asked questions from Google users.

7. Highlight customer reviews

Adding customer reviews is a great way to boost conversions on your services page. It shows potential customers that you can deliver on your promises and provides social proof of your expertise.

Integrating customer reviews into your website also comes with SEO benefits because Google values authentic content. Also, when people spend their time reading the reviews of others on your site, it sends a good signal to Google and you’ll rank better.

You can quickly embed the Google reviews widget on your website. Simply find suitable a review management platform, generate a reviews widget, and copy the provided code to paste into your site’s service page.

8. Gather some testimonials

Positive reviews can serve as testimonials to prove that someone somewhere liked working with you. But testimonials vary from customer reviews in that they’re longer and more of a personal recommendation.

Unlike reviews which may be negative, positive or something in between, testimonials are usually a statement of why someone found your service helpful.

You can request testimonials from your past customers, especially the most prominent ones, and list them on your services page. Be sure to include their names, titles, and the companies they own or work for.

Some great testimonials would be those which mention why someone favors your service over that of a specific competitor, how they were skeptical at first, or one that works in favor of the claims or promises you have in your website copy.

9. Add a call-to-action

At the end of your services page, add a powerful call-to-action to encourage customers to get in touch. To get the best results, you need to combine persuasive language and high-quality design.

You can use phrases like “Get a free consultation today” or “Get started now.” Make sure the CTA button is easily visible and stands out from the rest of the content on the page. So, it needs to be of brighter colors that fit your brand and bold text.

Remember, many people use their phones nowadays for browsing. So, don’t just focus on how the CTA button appears on desktop.

It must be well-suited for the mobile version of your site too for you to get the maximum conversions. Test the button to ensure it’s working as required on all devices.

10. Provide easy contact methods

While having a CTA is great, don’t forget to provide your contact information. People may want to get in touch with you directly or they might be just more curious about how you can help them specifically.

You can just provide an inquiry form that people can fill out and then get back to them. Another way is to link to your contact page from the CTA button.

It would be best to ensure that the most important contact details like phone number, email address, and links to social media accounts appear in the footer of your entire website, including the service pages.


These are some of the best practices you can employ to write an effective business service page. With the right approach and strategy, you’ll be able to engage potential customers more effectively and boost your online presence.

After all, a well-written service page is one of the essential elements for successful digital marketing. Take time to periodically update and optimize your services page, and you’ll soon be enjoying great results.

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