Best 15 Restaurant Industry Technology Tools You Need to Power Your Business

Illustration by Berin Holy via Dribbble

Automation makes things to be very normal in today’s world. When you want to handle or deal with big data’s then you need some kind of software to handle that complexity. When you properly manage everything on an array then you will be succeeding in your business and you can get good ROI from your business.

If you take the restaurant industry there are lot of actions to be taken place, from ordering the food to delivering them to the correct address or serving the proper dishes for the tale, employment management, spend management, vendor management, tax payment and lot.

Employing each individual for each task will be very tough for small chain restaurants. There comes the Restaurant management Software which helps you with one solution for all your need.

Here in this blog, we are going to discuss a few restaurants industry tools that power your business.

Best 15 Restaurant Industry Technology Tools You Need to Power Your Business
Illustration by Berin Holy via Dribbble

 icon-angle-right Ambur POS

It is one of the Flexible POS software where it has many front and back of house capabilities. It is the most reliable and the best restaurant management software in the market to be purchased.

It offers a very quick solution and you can say it is the fastest one when you have more clients on your counter. When things are moving faster there will be no delay occurring on your service, this automatically increases your productivity and boosts the business ales.

You can download the Ambur app here!

 icon-angle-right Cake

Cake POS software provides you with the space to be integrated with other few platforms in order to access the reports under one roof. Cake restaurant management software India is used to order the food digitally, make the payments online and report/review your restaurant status.

In this particular POS Software, you can integrate other tipping software, time tracking software and etc. When you integrate with other software it will be helpful to access all the details on one single platform.

 icon-angle-right Boxy

One of the free software is used by many. So like other restaurant management software, Boxy POS gives you the facility to book your food online through mobile devices. Drive the report of daily sales and have an analysis. It also helps you with the time tracing facility.

When you have this software integrated into your system and if you market the customer that you can order your food either through a number or online portal then they will order the food and you can serve them on the time they visit or else deliver it to their home.

 icon-angle-right Clover

When you use clover it is the best restaurant management software where you can have many on-site solutions. It offers you with the mobile apps for easy access. All of them have cloud storage, so you can able to access the data from any place you want.

AS like the other POS you can have all the reporting and other back-office functions. When it comes to the back-office function it will help you with the payroll of the employees, their time-tracking, their performance and etc.

 icon-angle-right Lavu

When you want to order food online and make your payment there then you can go with lavu software. In which you can see the menu and offers for the day, order your food and get it delivered to your home.

It will provide you with the report and one of the major things is that it can be used on the iPad only. But you can integrate PayPal with the software to get it used for online payment, which is one of the unique features that are especially needed in India.

 icon-angle-right Lightspeed

As like other POS software, Lightspeed is majorly used for ordering food, managing those reports. When you say managing those reports all of the best restaurant management software has this feature, in order to check what the product which has more sales is and can we produce more of them with the stock we have in the warehouse.

It will give you an option to choose from the different kinds of settings it has. You can customize things in a better way so that it helps your customers and as well as you too.

 icon-angle-right Revel

Revel Software in the row can be used on the iPad only where you can make payments, order food and get them delivered. You have a separate segment for analyzing the data and managing the inventory appropriately.

Also, this restaurant management software will help you to integrate the delivery management software where you can track the performance.

 icon-angle-right Square

Square is a similar kind of software as Revel which offers the same feature. One of the unique concepts of POS software is that it will help you to set up an online store. This feature is really very helpful for small businesses to handle things appropriately.

 icon-angle-right 7Shifts

7Shifts is Cloud-based software helps, multiple chain business owners to handle their employee’s data in one single place. They only need login access to this app to see the complete data of their employees and their performance.

It is a great tool to evenly evaluate your employees based on the performance they do. This is the best restaurant management software India which 100% focus on the restaurant business.

 icon-angle-right Deputy

The Deputy software helps restaurant owners to handle things in a better way. It is used to schedule things, track the employee timings, about to manage their payrolls.

It is really tough to handle all the employees’ payroll if you have multiple chains in the industry. With the help of this automation software, you can do that in a very simple manner. It is very helpful for the accuracy and also with the tax calculation part.

 icon-angle-right Shift Board

As it is cloud-based software you can able to access the data online all the time. Shift Board helps you to schedule this in order not to miss out on any payments to the external vendors to the tax payment.

It will even give you the facilities to set reminders in order to miss the deadline. It is efficient restaurant management software for communication purposes.

 icon-angle-right ShiftPlanning Hummanity

You can automatically schedule things in this ShiftPlanning Hummanity software, where you can have a simple top-rated employee schedule. This can be the best restaurant management software to know how efficient you can handle the day even if you have the staff number limitation.

 icon-angle-right Sling

Sling is a free restaurant management software where you can have multiple shifts to handle, you can send your employees customized free messages. It gives space for the newsfeed inside the app. It will also give you a facility to integrate with other POS software.

 icon-angle-right Dinetime

Apart from the POS software, the dinetime is one of the restaurant management software which is used to do the table reservation. It efficiently manages the table and segregates the waitlist accordingly.

One of the best customers tracking tools and gives you an analytics report on which table is available for the current booking in the hotel. It is available for both android and the IO users you can do the waitlist and do reservations using this app from the place of convenience.

 icon-angle-right NextTable

NextTable is a Cloud-based management software is mostly used by the iPad users; you can simply log in to the website and reserve the table there. It gives you an opportunity to integrate with the service website that offers you online table reservations.

Everything is integrated into the cloud so it will help you with the more real-time data to analyze things in an absolutely perfect manner.

 icon-angle-right NoWait by Yelp

NoWait Yelp is a table management software that comes with the app can be accessed through a lot more devices. It provides an algorithm where it helps to predict the wait time for each of the tables in the restaurant and allocate the customers accordingly to time. It gives a high level of accuracy on the wait time.

Some of the people in the market will offer you all the services integrated under one platform. But mostly many people will opt for the POS software for their business.

A part from POS software, there were separate segments of tools that helps you to handle employee data, attendance, performance, also some of them were used to book tables and do reservations.

You even have a separate tool for Tipping purposes too. You can simply tap the amount for the waiter who served you it will automatically be added to your account.

Bottom Line

Whatever business can be done by people, the most important aspect for their success would be customer satisfaction. It is tough to handle all the things manually that will give you a very clumsier look and it becomes really hectic to analyze the data in the market.

Big thanks to all this kind of automation, either the restaurant owners look for the best software they need, get the subscription and have a person to manage them can help things to get it flowed on a single way.

With this automation, you can be away from a lot of human errors and also schedule everything appropriately without missing any due dates. Even with the kind of automation you avail for the people attract everyone to your restaurant chain.

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