The Best Tips for Instagram Reels Insights

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Instagram reels are becoming increasingly popular, and their buzz is growing by the day! 61% percent of GenZ Tiktok users prefer Instagram reels, and the term ‘Instagram Reels’ was searched for 169,000 times per month on Google.

Instagram reels have become an integral part of the Instagram ecosystem since their debut in Brazil in 2019. Instagram reels are now a golden opportunity for businesses!

However, to make your company visible through reels, you must have unique ideas and a well-crafted storyline. This guide has covered every important aspect of Instagram reels. Stay tuned!

What Are Instagram Reels?

Instagram reels, in general, are short, easy-to-digest forms of video content. You can record and edit video clips, as well as share reels in Instagram stories, your profile’s Reel tab, and the Explore tab.

The Instagram Reel tab is populated with trending reels and reels from popular accounts. Reels can be shot live, or you can upload a pre-captured and pre-edited video from your camera roll. Reels are compatible with Instagram’s native stickers and text tools.

Instagram reels allow users to share a video with a long take or a video with a combination of quick takes. Who can see your reels is determined by the privacy settings on your profile.

Like hashtags are a perfect way for accounts to get found, reels on the other hand are an excellent way for businesses to reach out to customers by using video to explain their product or service. Because it is public, brands have a high chance of gaining more new prospects with Instagram reels.

However, even though Instagram reels and stories sound similar, could you not get them mixed up? There are significant differences between these two Instagram features:

  • Unlike Instagram stories, reels offer users a variety of creative tools such as speed controls and AR effects.
  • Reels, unlike Instagram stories, can be found in the Explore tab. You can also post a reel to the feed and share it as a story post.
  • Story disappears after 24 hours, but all of your reels, like IGTV posts, appear in a dedicated section of your profile. Your original audio is credited to you, and others can use it to create new reels.
More and more people are using Instagram
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Why It’s Important to Monitor and Analyze Reels Insights?

Not everyone is using them yet, Reels have less competition to rank, so they’re an excellent opportunity to grow your Instagram (besides using hashtag research). By monitoring how well your Reels are doing, you can:

  1. Find out what you’re good at.
  2. Find out where you can improve.
  3. Determine what your target audience likes and dislikes.
  4. Determine when your target audience is active and post your Reels for maximum reach and engagement.
  5. Determine which calls to action are the most popular with your target audience.
  6. Check out which AR filters, effects, and audio tracks are active.
  7. Pattern recognition in high-performing Reels

Tracking the performance of your Reels, like all social media analytics, can help you learn from your wins, improve your performance over time, and identify opportunities.

Tracking Reels Insights closely will also assist you in recognizing patterns and determining whether spikes in Reel performance can affect your overall Instagram engagement.

How to make Reels on Instagram?

Interested? Here’s how to make Instagram Reels.

Navigate to your Instagram camera and select Reels (the movie clapper icon). Choose your edits before you start recording. You can, for example, set a timer for hands-free recording or other functions.

The robust set of editing tools is one of the features that Reels users prefer over TikTok (Instagram’s main competitor). When you record a clip, editing tools will appear on the left side of your screen. They are as follows:

  • Add your music to the mix (or select from a list)
  • Clips can be sped up or slowed down.
  • Effects: Include filters.
  • Make your content look its best by touching it up.
  • Timer: Use to specify how much and which portion of a video to use.
  • Splice videos together for the final Reel.

Press the record button in the center of your screen to begin recording (multiple clips can be edited together, so take several recordings).

When you’re finished with your Reel, click the right-facing triangle next to the record button to publish it. This will take you to the Reel, with a share button in the lower right-hand corner. Create a caption or tag people before sharing to your feed and stories.

Knowing your audience helps you create the most successful posts with the highest engagement. It’s the same thing with the keywords. You know which are the most Embarque searched keywords and you put them in your blog. The most popular times are usually when people have their morning coffee or take a midday lunch break.

How To Use Instagram Reels For Business

Instagram reels effectively convey a brand or product message to an audience in a high-quality, easy-to-digest format.

Top brands, such as fashion behemoth Louis Vuitton, receive an average of 7 million views in their reels.

Sephora, a well-known makeup brand, has been using reels to display product demos, makeup tutorials, and user-generated content, and each of their Reels receives an average of 453,000 views.

Red Bull is another brand that successfully uses Reel to increase brand visibility; their top-performing reels have over 2.4 million views.

Tactics to thrive on Instagram Reels
Illustration by Brian Moon πŸŒ™ via Dribbble

Do you want to know how to make reels for your brands? We are aware of your concerns.

Before we get into the specifics, let us remind you that successful reels are visible on the Explore tab and that 50% of users use the Explore tab for discovery every month. As a result, reels displayed on that page have a high chance of exposing your brand to new prospects.

Already persuaded? Then we’ll get to the good stuff:

#1. Showcase Your Product

Users can find reels in both the Explore and Reels tabs. As a result, reels are a gold mine for your brand to capture the attention of new prospects.

To capture the attention of the target audience market, shoot product videos and combine them with the appropriate hashtags, texts, and a descriptive caption. If necessary, use emojis.

#2. Distribute Tutorials

Tutorial or educational reels are an excellent way to give your target audience a tour of your products and services. You can discuss product features and how they can benefit your target audience.

For example, if you sell clothing, you can advise how to style a top or dress for a festival. Share as much information as you can and entice your audience to learn a new skill with you.

#3. Reel Ads on Instagram

Instagram reels now include advertising space. The ad placement supports six ad objectives: brand awareness, reach, traffic, app installs, video views, and conversions. You can reach your target market and engage with them while they scroll through the reels with an Instagram reels ad.

#4. Announce a New Product or Service, or Make an Offer

Make new product announcements using Instagram reels. Its video format simplifies content comprehension. Make an effort to be creative for the reel content to resonate with your audience.

You can also announce offers via your reels. However, keep a balance in mind; being overly promotional may hurt engagement. Do it subtly, focusing on the needs and social behavior of the target audience.

#5. Share Your Company’s Culture

Reels are an excellent way to demonstrate what your company stands for and who you are. Share behind-the-scenes content to build a trustworthy relationship with your followers.

They can get a sneak peek at what you’re selling, learn about who you are, and connect with you on a more personal level. It is an excellent method for gaining the trust of prospects.

Healthy company culture also aids in talent acquisition. Share your brand’s story, day-to-day activities, product selection process, and so on.

Instagram Reels Best Practices

  • Maintain a sense of authenticity in your reels. Maintain the video’s quality while keeping it fun.
  • Through your reels, emphasize the uniqueness of your brand. It can help you stand out from the crowd and make your brand more visible.
  • Music and motion can help to humanize your brand. Please choose the right audio because it leads to a high level of engagement for your reels.
  • Think outside the box, experiment, and make challenge videos. Place hashtags, text, and captions strategically. Investigate what is popular and creatively incorporate it into your brand niche.
  • Investigate, save, and edit. Keep an eye on what your competitors are doing. Use camera effects and camera angle with care.


Instagram Reels can simply broaden your potential customer base by appearing in an Instagram feed.

Do you know the expression “location, location, location”? Instagram Reels covers you in three places: your Reels feed, your main Instagram account, and the Explore tab (for public accounts).

This increases the number of eyes on your content even before someone follows your page. Just follow this new brand and you will see that it will be successful!!

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