Tips to Create Engaging Reels to Grab Customer Attention in 2021

Instagram Reels have garnered the attention of the majority of social media users. People are switching to Instagram Reels as soon as they open the application. This shows how much people are glued with reels. It has garnered a vital place in the social media strategy of many brands.

Statistics also show that Reels are consumed more than any other content on Instagram. So, it is the need of the hour for brands to utilize Instagram reels to drive audience.

Tactics To Thrive on Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels has gained a vast reach within one year. Thus it has become possible for it to turn into a massive hit because it was crafted according to the users’ interest. Since Instagram Reels met the expectations of the users, it has easily earned people’s love.

Tactics to thrive on Instagram Reels
Illustration by Brian Moon 🌙 via Dribbble

Though Reels are sought to be the clone of TikTok, Instagram wisely brought changes to it according to the current trends. For instance, TikTok videos will last up to a minute. But, Reels have trimmed its video duration to 30 seconds. Such a move was made since people get attracted to the shorter duration videos.

#1. Focus On Your Theme

Considering the duration of reels, you must have your content short and crispier. While crafting content for the reels, you should go into the theme straight away. If you think about giving an outline or bringing the facts around the theme, you may miss the core theme.

Hence, focus only on the message you want to convey to your audience. Let me give you an example. We shall consider that a smartphone has to be launched in the market. So, to make people buy it, you must focus on the specifications in your promotions.

One of the common expectations from people is that mobile phones should be rigid enough to survive unexpected falls on the ground. Nokia 1100 is a phone that is remembered for its rigidity. Though it’s been around 20 years since it was launched, people are speaking about it today because of its rigid outer surface.

Hence, if you are about to launch a new mobile phone that is as rigid as Nokia 1100, read further to know how to create a reel for it. Come up with a reels video in which a phone remains the same without incurring any damage even after it was stricken with a hammer. Thus, the video acts as a quintessential for rigidity.

Moreover, the conceptualization suggested by me is a perfect fit for reels as it focuses only on the message and conveys it in a crystal clear manner. So, while conceptualizing for your products to create reels, keep in mind the reels’ duration.

Eventually, you will focus on the message you want to convey. Hence, such moves will benefit you in creating engaging reels. There are digital marketing companies like Paymetoo that will help brands in crafting scintillating Instagram Reels.

#2. Give Importance To Soundtracks

The background score that will be added to visuals will play a massive role in making the video look appealing. The soundtrack can amplify the quality of the visuals. It also acts as a bridge to make the viewer get closer to the visuals.

Instagram soundtrack
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Instagram has the license to a vast number of albums, indie music, and instrumental tracks. So, the creators on Instagram have a wide range of options when it comes to using soundtracks. They can hear various tracks and could pick the one that will be the perfect fit.

People are also stating that they came to know about new albums by watching reels videos. To make a content hit, you should also satiate your audience’s auditory nerves. Knowing this, Instagram is always curious about adding new tracks to its music library as it will drive more content creators to choose its platform.

Instagram has a wide array of soundtracks over TikTok. So, while creating content for your reels, videos give equal importance to the soundtracks you add. Make use of the opportunity of Instagram providing access to you to various soundtracks.

So, don’t give less significance to soundtracks as they play their part in making the content look pleasing.

#3. The Art of Story-Telling

People are always driven towards stories. So, take advantage of the art of storytelling in your content. Moreover, stories have the power to sustain in the people’s memory for a more extended period. So, if possible, use this tactic for creating reels.

Create a storyline around the specifications of your product and modify it according to Reels. Because stories always have a lasting effect. So, understand the potential of storytelling and incorporate it in your reels. You can make use of influencers to create such reels. Because influencers are used to create short-form videos.

While brainstorming for creating reels for your products, give space for the influencers and give an ear to their views. This will ease the process and helps you to come up with engaging reels with minimal effort.

In recent times, Snickers’ advertisements have been becoming a massive hit because of their intriguing storylines. The ad pops first in the minds of the people whenever they hear the word Snickers. This is the power of storytelling.

Even for conveying a message, structure a story around it and create videos. This will also have a good impact. So, give possible importance to storytelling in your strategy for creating reels.

#4. Take Advantage of The Instagram Effects

Take Advantage of The Instagram Effects

Instagram is home to a wide range of effects. You can find many filters and effects with pleasing color combinations. Filters play an important role in transferring the mood you wish to convey to your viewers. Instagram has more filters than any other leading social platform. So, check the various filters and use the one that suits the mood you want to set in your content.

You can also use the interactive stickers and AR effects in your reels as they could make your reels much more engaging. AR effects are in the current trend as many are using them in creating reels. You have access to all these effects in the Instagram effects gallery. You could pick the effect that will match you perfectly.

#5. Shopping In Reels

The consumption of Reels has been witnessing an upward trend since its inception. It has become a massive hit within a few days of its global launch as a considerable number of influencers on TikTok made a move to Instagram. They made such a move considering the staggering rise in the usage of reels.

Eventually, Instagram monetized the feature by adding the Shops feature to it. The ‘View Products’ option on a reel will navigate you through a catalog where you can see the price and other details of the products displayed on the reels video.

Ever since this shopping feature was launched in the reels, brands have limited doing promotions through Instagram Stories. Through this, you can understand how huge a hit Instagram Reels is among people.

If you could come up with intriguing Instagram Reels, most probably people will be driven to check the products showcased in it. This will enhance your product’s reach and may increase your conversion rate. So, use the various color filters, AR effects and add a suitable background tone to your reels videos.

All these features will elevate the quality of your reels video and will make it much more enjoyable. Eventually, these features will act as the driving factors to make people check the products shown in the reels.

So, your reels should be in such a manner that they should create an impulse among the viewers. Only then they will come forward to check the product.

#6. Hire The Best Editor In The Town

Hire the best video editor in town
Illustration by Batzorig via Dribbble

Outstanding editing can make mediocre content look magnificent. This is the potential of editing. Many feel that hiring an editor is unessential and will help them to cut down their spending.

But, video content has become the only form of content among all the digital platforms. So, in such a situation hiring a video editor is of paramount importance. Don’t think that there is no need to hire a video editor for reels videos that lasts barely 30 seconds.

To make people hold and check your reels videos while scrolling down the reels feed, you should do every possible thing to enthrall them. If you have a tight budget, start experimenting with various editing tools available on the internet. Because an editing feature and color tone available on one editing tool will not be available on another.

Moreover, you will know how editing can give a completely fresh look to a video. So, try various color combinations, speed control for Instagram reels.

Wrapping Up

Instagram Reels have become the primary promotional medium for brands. So, to stand apart from the crowd, you must come up with new concepts frequently.

You can also add hashtags that are relevant to your industry in your reels videos. This will help you in driving your target audience to your videos. Create Reels videos by keeping the above-given tactics in mind.

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