Top 5 Marketing Automation Software that can Boost Your Results in 2021

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Marketing automation software is supposed to make our job easier and help to avoid repetitive tasks. However, choosing the wrong marketing software can have a negative impact on your work and make all processes even more complicated.

Markets know how difficult it is to find marketing software solutions that exactly fit your needs. Many tools fail to help you structure your leads efficiently.

Selecting the right marketing software in 2021 is essential for business success. In this article, you will explore the top 5 marketing tools to help you derive better results.

Best 5 Digital Marketing Software for Marketers

Any automated marketing tool should help you achieve your marketing goals easier and faster. From lead generation to conversion, the right software will streamline your workflow and eliminate repetitive tasks.

Here are the top 5 automated marketing solutions to try out in 2021. Each of them is aimed to help you in the exact marketing process, so choose the one that is suitable for your needs and goals:

#1. Outgrow

Outgrow - Best Marketing Automation Software

Outgrow is the perfect digital marketing tool to automate your lead collection, qualification, and nurturing. You can use readymade engagement features to acquire leads from your website and blogs. No coding knowledge is required, and you can use templates to create quizzes, polls, chatbots, forms, and more.

You can easily customize and embed the lead collection tools on websites. Additionally, you can personalize the content easily with a few clicks. Also, you can create your own branded content if needed.

Personalization is a great way to boost website conversions. Using Outgrow to acquire and nurture your leads can increase your conversions by 40%. You can publish personalized content on-the-fly and take advantage of advanced analytics for meaningful insights.

Outgrow also comes with a calculator you can embed on any site. It can calculate mortgage rates, subscription payments, interests, and more. The calculator supports complex formulas, and you can even import the data from Excel sheets.

You can also use visual options like graphs and charts to engage your leads.

The survey is another nice feature to understand buyer instinct. You can also find out gaps and improve your products. Plus, Outgrow helps to build your brand content with your logos, fonts, and color schemes.


  • A lot of templates that are meant to convert
  • Countless tools to acquire and nurture leads
  • Conversion rates and comprehensive analytics for every user
  • Different logics to build your quizzes and surveys
  • Automated messages based on triggers
  • Personalized recommendations to boost revenues
  • Integration with over 1,000 marketing apps

#2. Infobip

Infobip- Best Marketing Automation Software

Infobip is the ultimate marketing communication and lead nurturing platform. You can get several solutions to facilitate customer onboarding, engagement, retention, and service. The omnichannel communication giant also offers tools to improve your operational efficiency.

The customer onboarding solution simplifies customer sign-up by automating data collection and entry. You can use a phone number to register and have all data fetched automatically. You can also ensure data security and communicate efficiently with your customers.

The customer engagement solution is all you need to personalize your messages and nurture your leads to conversion. Infobip integrates with your CRM, apps, website, and more to sync data. With this tool, you can send context-driven messages for better results.

The nurturing platform also lets to manage promotions and reduce cart abandonment.

Improving your customer service is not challenging anymore with the Infobip customer service solution. You can understand your customers, communicate using preferred channels, and automate support. Along with ensuring optimum support, you can know what your customer needs to grow your brand.

Infobip also comes with a shopping assistant to provide excellent shopping experiences.

Clients of Infobip were able to increase their customer base by 300%. They also fared better on customer service and security scores. It’s a great platform that helps you automate end-to-end marketing processes.


  • A massive suite of marketing tools
  • Help in long-term, meaningful customer relationships
  • Acquired and nurtured leads from a wide range of channels
  • Proprietary infrastructure for more reliability and scalability
  • Local presence to help local businesses
  • Real-time reaction to reduce lead dropouts
  • Great customer service

#3. SocialPilot

SocialPilot - Best Marketing Automation Software

More than 4.41 billion people across the world will use social media by 2025. Platforms like Facebook provide you a unique opportunity to grow your exposure and leads. Additionally, you can engage personally with your customers to drive excellent engagement.

SocialPilot is a full-scale social media communication management tool. You can add all your social media accounts and frequently post without any restrictions. The best part is the unification of all your social media communication in the Social Inbox.

You can access and reply to users’ comments and messages on your social media profiles or pages. You will be able to communicate in real-time without ever skipping a message.

Publishing content and social media posts are also easier with SocialPilot. You have a calendar to plan your publishing schedule for better management. You can also personalize content and take advantage of bulk uploads to save time.

SocialPilot even helps you discover trending content using techniques as RSS feeds.

The platform is ideal for collaborating with teams and managing your customers. You can also enjoy detailed analytics and downloadable PDF reports.

This software is top-rated among the best marketers, and you should use it to boost your marketing results.


  • In-built workflows for seamless collaboration
  • Customers management without requiring their social media credentials
  • Email and phone support
  • Easy customization to meet unique business needs
  • Functionality that suits even small businesses, marketers, and enterprises
  • Personal account manager and dedicated support
  • More affordable rates than most social media management solutions

#4. HubSpot

HubSpot - Best Marketing Automation Software

HubSpot has emerged as one of the top CRMs in recent years. The easy-to-use solution is now helping more than 100,000 clients drive business growth.

HubSpot is a full-scale CRM with countless tools to market your products and services. You can use the CRM to manage your whole sales cycle, from lead acquisition to providing after-sales services.

Marketers can go for the HubSpot Marketing Hub if they don’t want to opt for the whole CRM. It is a powerful marketing automation software that also offers a free plan. However, you will need to subscribe to a paid plan to run your inbound marketing campaigns.

HubSpot is also a helpful tool if you want to build or modify your website. You won’t need any technical knowledge or support from the IT team. Plus, you can create awesome content that consumers read and engage with.

You can also increase your conversions with Marketing Hub. Several tools help you automate your marketing processes to save time and effort. Analytics are also quite advanced and provides meaningful customer insights.

Marketers will derive the best results from HubSpot by using the whole suite of apps. Small teams can start with a single marketing solution before they need to scale.


  • Highly popular CRM with ample marketing tools
  • Creation of landing pages, websites, and curated content
  • Customer-focused marketing solution
  • Dedicated CMS to excel at content marketing
  • Integration with endless apps and tools
  • Free tools available

#5. EngageBay

EngageBay - Best Marketing Automation Software

EngageBay is another full-scale CRM with marketing automation features. You can use it just like HubSpot to drive engagement and manage your marketing efforts. However, EngageBay outshines all other marketing tools in one area – email marketing.

Every $1 you shell out on email marketing brings back a return of $42. It’s still one of the most popular ways of reaching your potential and existing customers.

EngageBay increases the chances of your emails being opened by users. You can use in-built templates and easy customizations to nurture your leads. The tool also lets you take things into your own hands and create manual emails.

EngageBay is ideal for a wide range of industries. You will find templates for fashion, education, real estate, and more industries to target your leads. Plus, you can include images, links, videos, and more in your emails to make them interactive.

Just like website builders, you can use drag-and-drop to create your emails. You can also customize the text with a fantastic editor and most design elements for perfect branding.

Another cool feature is the lead segmentation with advanced filters. You can automate emails for each segment based on your marketing needs.

EngageBay lets you track the results of your efforts to determine campaign performance. You can use the insights to run better campaigns in the future.


  • Personalized emails to boost engagement
  • Easily customizable readymade templates
  • Images, videos, and rich media to your emails
  • Segmentation of your contacts
  • Streamline your email marketing workflow
  • Free account for up to 15 users

The Need for Custom Marketing Software Solutions

Big enterprises of businesses with unique needs may not be satisfied with common marketing tools. Specific automation needs and streamlining workflow may need a custom approach.

You can always hire a software developer to help you with your marketing tech. A tech specialist can help you automate your workflow, customize front-end and back-end development, and create custom integrations.

A software developer may also help you make better sense of data. Processes like data collection, mining, processing, and analysis can lead to deep customer and market insights.

As a result, you can improve your marketing efforts for the best results. You can develop custom workflows and prioritize any marketing aspect you want.

The process might also be cost-effective than going for a complete overhaul of your marketing solution.

Final Thoughts

The right marketing tools can make a big difference to your results. You can expect more conversions and greater brand awareness. The tools also let you drive engagement and nurture your leads on the channels they prefer. Additionally, you can automate vital processes and run your marketing on autopilot. Furthermore, data analytics can help you discover trends for maximizing your revenues. Choose the right marketing automation software to enjoy all the optimum benefits.

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    Some of the key features of marketing automation software include lead generation and management, email marketing, social media management, website visitor tracking, and analytics and reporting. The software typically integrates with other marketing and sales tools, such as CRM systems, to provide a complete view of customer interactions across multiple channels.

    Popular marketing automation software options include HubSpot, Marketo, Pardot, and Eloqua. These platforms vary in terms of their features, pricing, and ease of use, so it’s important to research and compare different options to find the best fit for your business.

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