How Instagram Can Amplify Your Brand and Boost Sales Funnel By 120%

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We live in an era where anyone can create a business empire from a living room wearing pajamas throughout the day DMing people and brand accounts on social media. A couple of decades ago, if you wanted to meet someone to pitch your idea, you had to travel to their location to have a meeting and show them your offer that resulted in a business partnership. Now, just a DM to them on their official Instagram account or a pitch to their email inbox does the job.

We live in an era where reaching people is straightforward, and lightning-fast that distance between geographical locations is no longer relevant. You don’t have limitations of sticking to only textual communication. You can create visual appeal thanks to platforms like Instagram and YouTube. These social media are excellent at generating brand awareness that eventually creates website traffic for your business and conversions.

Instagram is a platform that allows you to create a stunning brand presence through creative and engaging content. A significant Instagram sales funnel can put you way ahead in your industry. We are going to discuss that in a few moments.

Since Facebook has acquired Instagram, its growth is off the charts.

Instagram is longer a social media platform where teenagers upload their selfies and share it with their classmates. It is a much more severe and highly dynamic social media platform that can take your 4-figure sales charts to seven or eight figures if you know how to position your product through a sales funnel.

Let’s see some of the statistics of this dynamic social media platform.

The Instagram Statistics

  • At the beginning of 2020, Instagram noted 1 billion active monthly users.
  • It has 500 million daily active users.
  • 31% of people on Instagram make $75,000/year.
  • Compared to Facebook, Instagram images get around 23% more engagement on average.
  • Brands get 10x more engagement on Instagram then do on Facebook.
  • 70% of users search brands on Instagram, and 80% follow at least one of them.
  • 60% of users learn about new products on Instagram.
  • 30% of users have said they bought something they saw on Instagram.
  • Instagram is a vital influencer marketing platform for 89% of marketers.

How Instagram sales funnel can amplify your brand and boost conversions?

Before you utilize Instagram to get new sales, get clarity on some essential aspects. Know that you are sending a message to an audience, whether through a story, post, IGTV, live session, etc.

So, identify what message you want to send to the audience to amplify your brand and eventually grow your following and sales.

After deciding what message, focus on how to deliver them. Then choose which format you will use on a specific stage of the sales funnel that can allow you to send your targeted message most efficiently and effectively.

Instagram supports:

  • Video – Stories, IGTV, posts, Reels, Live sessions, ads, carousel posts
  • Image – Post, ads, profile pictures, story highlights, ads, carousel posts

These two are standard content formats and where Instagram uses them.

Let’s understand how to map these formats based on the stages of the funnel.


This is the most crucial step that you have to absolutely nail it to get better results overall.

If you cannot strengthen your position on this sales funnel step, then the subsequent steps will suffer in performing and put a lot of effort into getting conversions.

Anyway, the awareness step is where you announce the existence of your brand and its products. In this type, utilize the Instagram ecosystem to let people know that you are providing some products that are likely to improve their life.

As the statistics shared in the above section, many people purchase stuff they see online. So, leverage the below ways to send your message floating on Instagram.

Get influencers on board

60% of teens listen to recommendations from an influencer instead of a celebrity. Depending upon your campaign objective, you can find accounts that have several thousand followers on Instagram.

Don’t forget to check out comments on the account posts that you want to collaborate with. The comments will give you an idea about the engagement of that account.

Create mutual consent that benefits both parties. Usually, small-to-medium-sized brands follow a brick and mortar system.

They share their products with influences to publish a review and photographs or videos on Instagram to share it with their audience.

Influencer marketing does two things best,

  1. Gives your brand valuable exposure directly to an entirely new audience.
  2. Your brand gets engaging content developed by a professional content creator and can be repurposed on other mediums.

Leverage user-generated content

Influencer marketing is excellent. But some brands notoriously use it to create positive reviews on reputed accounts, which is not suitable for customers.

That’s when user-generated content enters the picture of the awareness stage in an Instagram sales funnel. You can shoot emails to your existing customers and tell them to share a photograph and review it with your product. You can provide them a discount code in favor of an honest review.

Imagine a customer sharing an original word about your product to the public. It’s insanely valuable from a marketing perspective. Generated content is a testimonial in a visual format, which increases the likelihood of attracting more eyes online.

It directly shows the product’s credibility from an actual customer, not something that is sold or being charged for, like in some influencer marketing campaigns.


In this stage, your ideal prospect on Instagram would have already visited your profile, and they might know about your brand.

Now, you have to tell them about your products and what problem your products solve for them.

Use Shoppable Instagram Posts

This post is linked to Instagram Shopping, where the audience can tap and visit a separate page to know more about products and purchase them.

By the time users have seen your brand, it’s time to woo them with your creative intelligence. Remember that you are moving them into a Consideration stage where they will think over purchasing your product instead of your competitors’.

How can you do that?

Use different formats of Instagram to show your product’s uniqueness and value propositions.

Develop how-to guides your product’s niche and solve a genuine problem that people have, like a how-to guide on choosing an application platform for a mobile app development company.

Show them proof of the results your products can give them using:

  • Posts
  • Stories
  • Reels
  • IGTV

You need to nail the value proposition aspect of your product in this stage to create an appeal in front of targeted customers.


By the time people reach this stage, they will only need the last push to become your customer.

You need to encourage them to take their credit cards out, press the checkout button on your website, and buy your products.

But to earn such confidence in prospects, you will have to ensure that your content on Instagram is full proof and smartly tailored for the decision-making stage.

You can host a live interview with existing customers and share them on IGTV. Host a Q&A session on Instagram and engage live with people on comments. They can ask questions about your products, and you can answer them.

Make sure you are not wasting the time of users’ by keeping talking about your product. They already know what you have to offer. Now, they have some questions they need answers to. So, plan your content accordingly.

Having a Q&A or live interview has a significant impact.

They immediately solve users’ confusion by an authentic source, so prospects can move ahead in the further stages of decision-making instead of staying confused with questions they don’t know the answer for.


In this step, you try to provide more value to your existing customer through interactive offers.

In step, you try to make your consumers your brand ambassadors by giving them more value and a delightful customer experience. You can run retargeting ads and introduce your new collection or upcoming products.

Your content can tell the existing customers that they are the people who will have the first hands-on experience of your new products. This way, they will feel valued and likely to purchase your products.

They can also get a discount code for new products as a special gesture from your brand.


Instagram sales funnel the soul of your marketing activities.

Through that funnel, you will get a roadmap of — what, how, when, and where — to develop your content to position your product in a superior position than your competitors’. Try to maintain the basics and keep the things in mind that we have discussed.

Please keep in mind that this is a funnel that is continuously evolving based on its marketing objectives.

So, there is no thumb rule to it.

However, being a trusted mobile app development company, we use the exact funnel to promote our services.

I’d love your feedback and thoughts on the Instagram sales funnel.

Either way, let me know what you think about this blog in the comments below.

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