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Email marketing is a dynamic strategy for promoting a new product or service. Since many tools for contact with a client are quickly becoming outdated, it’s great that email campaigns adapt to modern trends every year and remain a working tool. In this article, we have collected tips for using email marketing effectively in the IT industry.

The Popularity of Email Marketing in Any Inbound Marketing Tactic

An email marketing strategy is the most cost-effective investment. Despite the abundance of marketing tools, it is the best option for business growth. Thus, it is better to use it in all inbound tactics.

Inbound marketing in IT is the delivery of your expertise through content creation. This approach allows you to build client loyalty to the company as a professional in its field and help your clients understand the value of what you are doing.

Inbound marketing solves 3 problems for IT:

  1. Attracting clients. Attract visitors to your site who are looking for information regarding your product.
  2. Growing up. Educate potential clients so they can understand the value and features of your product and increase your credibility as professionals in your field.
  3. Sales. Give potential clients the information they need to make a purchasing decision.

Together, this provides a great response from clients. Machine learning for segmented data, increased engagement, hyper-personalized emails with gifs and animations created with React front end developer, optimization for mobile devices – all these are on the list of email marketing features and help to win new clients.

Email marketing today is mostly about automation. Unlike promotional emails, automatic emails are sent in response to a user action. Data segmentation allows you to divide your audience not only by general criteria, such as age and gender, but also by narrower ones.

With advanced segmentation, you can customize triggers so that emails are as relevant as possible. This approach will help you target your offer to a specific client, which in turn will reduce the unsubscription rate and increase the click rate of mailings.

How an IT Company Uses Email Marketing

Now, let’s talk about how modern technology companies use email marketing services for IT. Email marketing is useful when you need to increase sales, improve company loyalty, or communicate important information.

Most IT companies use a discreet, minimalist style and only add useful content to the letter. Marketers use different themes to open messages faster because when emails arrive under the same subject, they are linked in the inbox.

IT companies use email marketing for:

  • Collection and regular replenishment of the potential client base
  • Personalization of communication with clients (virtually no other tool does this)
  • A detailed description of the service to potential clients
  • Returns of a departed client or persuading a potential client to choose your company
Email Marketing Tips that can Help IT Industry
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Email Marketing Tips That Can Help The IT Industry

It is worth recalling that the marketing of an IT company is based on a set of digital tools: SEO, contextual and native advertising, social networks, and email marketing.

Specifically, email marketing plays the role of educating and “warming up” clients in IT. There are a few email marketing tips that can help your IT company’s strategy.

Subscription scheme

  • The subscription form. Among other sections of your website, this should be on the home page and at the end of the information content. The main task is to provide access to the mailing form in different places on the page, test all kinds of options, and choose the most effective ones.
  • Do not add social media icons to the subscription button. They will distract users from the target action.
  • Add motivation to subscribe: coupons, discounts, participation in a promotion.
  • Post the subscription offer on a separate landing page. This scheme increases the status of the subscription in the eyes of potential clients and speaks of the company’s serious approach to attracting new clients. The link to the landing page can be used in various initiatives, like advertising and marketing campaigns

Email content

  • The email must be personalized. An appeal on behalf of a company representative, “live” communication mode, can have a better effect on conversion and help to win the trust of clients.
  • Avoid the “noreply@ …” domain. All letters with suggestions should come from an address where the potential client could respond. It’s also worth adding a confirmation email address.
  • Provide some choice. Leave the client the opportunity to unsubscribe from part of the mailing list and choose only the topics of interest to the letters, which will allow clients to receive information that is really important for them.
  • Use educational content for content. This type of mailing motivates clients to read the letter and attracts attention: articles, cases, a list of recommended links, screenshots of interesting tweets, or funny correspondence.
  • Diversify your emails. Monotonous letters get boring over time. To keep the client’s interest, be open to experiments: send letters of different content, select a variety of content, do not forget about promotional emails.


An important part of your email strategy to stand out from the competition is the introduction of a marketing automation tool.

For this, it is better to use automated systems and email marketing software that will help collect data about clients, verify emails by Snovio, segment it, and identify working and non-working strategies.


IT companies are aware of the effectiveness of email marketing and are actively introducing regular mailing to attract leads and expand the existing target audience.

The options for collecting a base for mailing are different: from subscription when paying, or ending with a traditional subscription to a blog.

Email marketing helps to attract new and return clients, adjust the sales channel, and generate additional profit, which is why it remains at the forefront of popularity among leading IT companies.

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