Future Of Influencers – Instagram Marketing Trends And Challenges For 2021

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Instagram is one of the most visited websites in the world with 1 billion monthly active users and 50% of this number following at least a brand page.

Instagram’s reach has created opportunities for many businesses as the platform forms a major part of their marketing strategy.

Instagram marketing trends are continuously evolving, many people are failing to achieve success with the tactics they used in the past, that’s why you need to keep up with the trends.

Also by applying the marketing trends below they can help you gain more followers and if you need more, Simplygram will helping you get free Instagram followers.

Here are 10 Instagram trends that will be relevant in 2020 which you can jump on right now:

#1. Shoppable Influencer Features

The Instagram algorithm is structured to keep people on the app and recent features allow you to complete everything about the transaction without leaving the app.

Shoppable Influencers

This is the most advanced feature though it’s currently limited to certain influencers like Kim Kardashian and Gigi Hadid but it’s everything you want to see about instagram influencer marketing.

If you like a product featured on their page, you can pay without leaving Instagram.

Shopping Tab

The shopping tab option allows you create your own store within Instagram where you can display different products. Here’s what it looks like:

Instagram shopping tab

When you click on “shop” it loads a page you can click on which takes you to the online store where you can pay for the product.

#2. Viral Tweets On Instagram

Engagement on Instagram depends on the interest the content you put out generates. This content is usually in photo or video formats but sharing tweets is becoming a thing too.

Viral Twett on Instagram

Here’s how you can jump on the viral tweets trend to grow your business:

Post Tweets From Your Customers/Community

If you have a Twitter page with customers engaging with it, you should post tweets from your customers, especially if they’re viral and promote your business.

Contribute To Trendy Topics

You can leave strictly political topics out of this but people want to know if your business supports the empowerment of women and if it’s against discrimination based on race and sexuality.

#3. Hashtags

Hashtags have always been relevant on Instagram, but the way they’re being used is different now.

Here’s a way you can use hashtags on your posts:

Hashtags On Stories

You can use hashtags in your Stories and you can even get into aggregated Story hashtags if yours catches on. Insert location tags in your Story so you can rank for the location-based tags of that Story.

Use Insights for your hashtags so you can see what’s working and drop the tags that don’t. You can add up to ten tags on your Stories so it makes sense to discover and use only the most engaging hashtags.

#4. Influencer Authenticity

Instagram used to be the platform to post your perfect photos but people are gradually turning away from that, imperfection is now the new cool.

People are no longer ashamed to show off their stretch marks, businesses are showing some of the mistakes they’ve learned from, Influencer honesty is now a thing.

You can expect to see more emotions from your favorite Influencers on their live broadcast because vulnerability is the new cool.

If you review products or services in your niche, make sure your reviews are honest. Publish the pros and cons of the product and don’t come off like you’re trying to make a sale. If you want to show your product in a more authentic and relatable setting, you can use micro-influencer marketing. Choose an influencer that likes your brand and identifies with it, so they are happy to represent it.

#5. Interactive Stories

Instagram Stories launched in August 2016 and its growth has been something to admire. Different features have been included on Stories to make it interactive.

Story questions, polls and links are some of them.

Instagram Interactive Stories

That’s an example of an Instagram sticker question. You can use this to get to know your customers.

Here’s how you can make you Stories more interactive:

Post Successful Stories On Highlights

All Instagram Stories expire automatically after 24 hours, so it could be quite difficult coming up with new ideas for posts every day, especially if you’re trying to replicate a successful Story.

Story Highlights don’t expire and that’s where you should post your successful Stories.

#6. More Segments On The Explore Tab

The Explore tab was quite limited in Instagram’s early days but it’s gotten larger over the years.

There are segments for everything on the Explore tab and most of them are based on your likes and posts you’ve shown interest in.

Instagram Ads are beginning to show up on Explore and this can only get better moving into 2020.

You can get into the Explore tab by engaging with people in your niche to establish yourself as an authority figure.

Beauty and Music, like in the example are niche audiences and only recognized influencers from those niches will get featured on the Explore page.

#7. Brand AR Filters

Great brands are always looking for ways to stand out from the next and AR (Augmented Reality) filters are helping them do that.

A lot was said about them at the Facebook F8 conference so you know it’s something that will be incorporated fully into Instagram in years to come.

These filters are usually added with tags and you can click on the tag to get to the brand behind the filter so you can use this technique to grow your follower count.

#8. Crackdown On Bots

Bots ruin the user experience on Instagram because spammy pages can use them to fake engagement which will take them to the top of feeds and even the Explore tab.

That’s why Instagram is hitting pages that use these services, remember the huge crackdown of 2018? The algorithm is constantly being trained to spot spam pages taking part in like and comment schemes.

There are genuine services though that help you increase your follower count and the engagement on your page so you can still use those.

#9. Story Ads

Instagram Stories are the perfect places to put Ads on Instagram because it’s the only location where you can place a direct link to your landing page (if you’re verified or have at least 10,000 followers).

Here’s a tip to use with these ads:

Use A Catchy Text

The maximum length of a Story photo is 7 seconds and 15 seconds for a video. This means you have less than that to grab the attention of a viewer so you need a text that gets them hooked.

#10. IGTV

Finally, IGTV (Instagram TV) is one trend everyone’s jumping on, you can find it being used in posts and Stories.

You can use Insights for IGTV so you know the kind of videos your audience loves and produce more of them.


A successful marketer is one who evolves with the times. There are different Instagram marketing trends you need to watch if you want your business to remain relevant in 2020 and this post helps you with that.

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