How to Become Successful On Instagram (Follow these 6 Marketing Strategies)

A while back, Instagram was purely used as a photo-sharing social platform. Many would take selfies and other pictures, add captions and post them on Instagram for other people to see, like, and leave comments on. Primarily, it was seen as a celebrity platform, where users went to look for fame.

Fast-forward, Instagram has evolved, and it is now the place for every marketer to go. With over 800 million users on the platform, Instagram provides a very fertile ground for marketers.

However, as more and more brands and individuals realize the potential of Instagram in their marketing strategies, a lot of competition has sprouted up. This makes it quite difficult to succeed in your Instagram marketing.

This post provides some secrets that will help you beat the competition and succeed on Instagram.

How to Become Successful On Instagram

#1. Ensure you post quality content

The very first thing you need to know about Instagram’s success is that it has a lot to do with the quality of your posts. And the only way to get quality content that your followers will find useful is by spending time researching what they want.

One good way to ensure you consistently post quality and relevant posts is to focus on a single niche. If you choose to focus on women’s clothes, for example, then you must ensure that every other post is about women’s fashion.

This is essential as it makes it easy for your followers to know what to expect when they see a notification of your posts. But if you start posting pictures of everything you get, then some followers might even unsubscribe.

#2. Make use of branded hashtags

Hashtags provide the best way to market your business on Instagram. Hashtags provide an alternative route to that of promotion. Studies have shown that most Instagram users actually unsubscribe from brands or accounts that put too much focus on promotions.

Understanding how to skillfully utilize branded Instagram hashtags can provide you with an opportunity to enhance your marketing campaigns on this social platform. The hashtags you use need to be unique, memorable, and engaging. There are tools such as hashtag generator that can help you get these popular branded hashtags.

#3. Don’t stop hunting for more followers

The hunt for followers on Instagram is an unending one. You need to be prepared to continuously look for new followers to like your Instagram profile if you are to succeed.

But we all know that getting followers on Instagram is not an easy task. It takes more than just creating an account and waiting. You can start by looking for friends and relatives who are on Instagram and follow them. And then ask them also to follow you back.

Another quick way to get followers is to buy them simply. There are a lot of sellers online, such as, that can provide you with real and active Instagram followers at a very affordable price.

#4. Go live on IG

There is a lot of potentials to grow and succeed if you create time and go live with your content on Instagram. Studies show that going live on Instagram generates a lot of engagements that can result in one getting a lot of new followers.

Apart from getting followers, going live can also boost your sales. For those who have a lot of viewers on their Instagram posts, then you can easily convert the traffic into buyers by simply dropping in a Call-To-Action.

For example, while you are live, you can simply tell your viewers to click on the link in the bio for more content. Tools such as IGTV can be very effective at this.

#5. Spare time and engage your followers

How you engage your followers and targeted audience on Instagram is also critical for your success. Engaging your followers is essential, as it shows that you are an actual human being and that you value your followers.

You must have time to reply to the comments that your followers leave on your posts, reply to the many direct messages in your inbox, and make any clarification that your audience might want.

This way, the followers might want to also engage with your other posts, whether those that you already posted earlier or those that you plan to post in the future.

#6. Cross-promote your content

As an online marketer, you must have accounts on other social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and others. You need to utilize these other accounts to drive traffic to your Instagram profile, and hopefully convert them into customers.

You need to share your profile link on other platforms, and request people to follow you on Instagram. When you post some content, make sure you share the same content on other platforms, with a link back to Instagram. This way, you can be sure to get a lot of traffic that can generate meaningful engagements.

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